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  1. Murder the unicorns with the space marine guns at the end of the rainbow and season them with the sparkles!
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  2. The only thing more delicious than murder is murdered unicorns covered in sparkles.
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  3. Fernando doesn't like to be murdered. : I
  4. If this is serious then let me say this:

    The reason why debates went to shit, is because people couldn't debate. Personal attacks were flung around (and even liked by moderators), as well as the trolling.

    Had those posts simply been deleted, the debates would have been fine.

    You can look at my Second Amendment thread to see what happens when personal attacks/trolling doesn't get the better of people.

    Debates by definition get heated, just look at some of the synonyms for it. That can't be avoided.

    But if troll and personal attack posts are simply deleted, things would be just fine. n.n

    If this is not serious:

    I'm going to continue to sulk in the corner without being able to debate and learn about how others think.
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  5. I think it's plainly obvious that we need to destroy all present forms of communication between members on this site. Then we should only let them communicate with each other through scheduled, moderated channels where we can make sure no one's feelings are hurt and that the rules are followed to a T.
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  6. Don't care. I always watched things go to shit anyway. It was fun whike it lasted. Maybe someday I can watch debates go to shit again.
  7. Can't the thread starter delete posts in their own thread or is that a DONATOR PRIVILEDGE?
  8. Even if that's true, I'm pretty sure these fights often started in threads he didn't start himself.
  9. Jared y u do dis
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  10. Make me Overlord of the entire site and all your problems will go away.
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  11. Just because you remove the debate tag doesn't mean people can't disagree and start arguments. By removing the debate tag, you've simply removed people's ability to disagree in an organized fashion, and it'll just spill into other shit, but that's just my two cents. This is coming from a guy who still wishes we had negative marks though, so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.
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  12. We already have Rory for that, silly.
  13. I didn't even know you could.

    Probably should just report personal attacks and trolling anyway, since its already against the rules I guess.

    So I guess everything I am saying might be considered moot.
  14. What's that? People want some place online to sling opinions about, misread what others are saying, quote things out of context excessively to make someone else look bad and generally act like assholes to each other?


    This a roleplaying site. It's for telling stories together, first and foremost. Now everyone get off Jared's ruse cruise, before he takes you on a lap round the Asmo Bait Islands.
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  16. Yes. Other shit.

    Like Reddit.

    Which is shit.
  17. Whatever man. Arguments will happen on this site regardless. You can choose to stick your head in the sand and pretend it won't happen until it does, and that's all cool, but you're still going to have to clean up the mess whenever it does happen.
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  18. Look at you funny people that have no idea how hard it is to allow freedom of expression while simultaneously keeping things under control and civil when you have 2000+ active members and several open reports at any given time. XD


    =waves her stick of oppression!=
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  19. Wait, for serious? I dunno whether to laugh or be kinda sad.

    I actually had a neopet thing about 10 years ago or something around that time. I remember the pet being a dog or something. It's probably dead now.
  20. Which is why I'm not on it.

    Like I said before. If people followed the rules already on the site (and enforced), the threads wouldn't have even hit that point.

    I mean, how hard is it to delete a post that you see in front of you for being a personal attack? I mean, at least in one case a Moderator actually hit the LIKE button on it instead of deleting a post that clearly had no place being where it was.

    But I suppose that makes me unreasonable. So I am probably just wasting my time trying to get one of my favorite features of this site brought back.
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