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  1. So what I personally think would be really nice is a debate board where controversial topics can be discussed in a civilized and mature manner. My opinions are heavily influenced by the people around me, but I would love to see the opinions of others who have grown up in different circumstances, in different places and with different people.

    Anybody else fine this idea appealing?
  2. A whole forum? Why not just post a topic you're interested in in General? Not everything is silly in there. Or are you just thinking of starting a Group? If so you'd need to set up basic rules of decorum beyond normal site rules because passions heat up on some topics where sense would suggest using less inflamitory words.
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  3. I think General Chatting is really the debate central. It has to do with how you phrase a topic that starts it as a debate.
  4. I saw another roleplay site - I think RpNation - who had both a General Discussion Board, and a Debate board. Like your idea, it was where controversial topics could be brought up. The board had specific rules about how to conduct yourself and what not, and while I found discussions about religion/politics/marriage/life, there were other topics brought up that weren't so passionate. Some of the other ones I saw were about whether members were comfortable with zoos, what made you American, and a host of other intellectually stimulating topics.

    The forum handled the board rather well from what I saw and I was impressed by it. But again, that depends on how well our members conduct themselves and if our Staff wouldn't mind the extra workload of moderating.
  5. When we consider adding something to the site we have to think:
    - Do we NEED this? Is it superfluous? Is it something that can't be done another way?
    - Is this going to appeal to our mass demographic, relate to our topic and add to it? (Our demographic/target is Roleplaying)
    - Do we have the resources to manage and maintain this addition?

    With all of that in mind, a Debate section is always a fun addition for a community, but it's not something we can do right now. Iwaku is understaffed and we currently in the middle of a massive member-base growth and having a hard time keeping up with just the basics of site maintenance. We had to cut OUT a lot of our non-rp related projects for the sake of keeping things going smoothly. D: So we're avoiding any site additions that aren't directly roleplay related until we can handle that.

    HOWEVER, this reminds me that people have been requesting prefixes for General for a long time now. >> Now sounds like a good time to add those! We can have a Debate prefix amongst other things and you could lable your serious discussion topics to keep the lolrandom people at bay.
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