Death's Story

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    Sir Draco was what they called him, a wise man more then a wise man but still. He was trotting around outside the city with the black stallion he named Desrtio. he was emotionless as many souls where collected today and he was tired. but that when he felt it , some human was going to die before his time. galloping his horse toward the shadows of the gates saw a man ready to hurl himself off a building. This would not do for death, this was not his time to die, so death broke a rule but he had to.

    Death got off his horse with speeds unseen by humans and as the human fell the arms of death caught him swiftly and crotched to the ground swiftly and made sure the man was ok and alive. "Never try anything so stupid again human. This is your only and last warning" the cloaked figure said placing the man down and then got back onto his horse and galloped off swiftly into the darkness of the night. It had been a long day and his work was never done, but he couldn't help but think about this human.
  2. Chane was dazed and disoriented. He didnt ecpect anything to happen now. He excpected darkness or a bright light rather than a voice. As he was laid on the ground he felt the cold stone against his skin. waking him from his daze. He saw someone ride off into the darkness of the night. "Who the hell was that" He muttered to himsel before standing up. "Did he just tell me not to die?" He asked himself. Rubbing and haking his head he bagan walking back to his home. a small attic room where he met his landlord who aske him about rent.
  3. The man watched him from a hill on his blazing horse and watched him carefully. He then turned his horse around and galloped off trusting this man to not try this again. he went off to put the souls in the right place and put them in heaven and two are in hell. He sat down on the horses back as they went off to collect more souls from the dying.
  4. Chane ignored his landlord and went straight to bed. As he slept for several hours he saw the strange horseman come back in his dreams. When he woke up he couldnt stop thinking about this person. He, she or it had caught him while he jumped from a building several stories high. Not ssomething a regular human would be able to. There were so many questions he needed answered but where would he begin?
  5. The male was aroudn that city the next morning getting a small bit of food to help him. Course death being death didn't need human food he prefered to act like a human around people. his horse fallowed silently and he went to where his fellow late night human was and watched him carefully before walking past him. Death walked around taking two souls one from a homeless man and another one from a young girl who had been stabbed.
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    Chane decided to start where most knowledge about everything was gathered. The library. Though he had no clue where it was. He approached the first guard he saw "Excuse me, sir. But would you be so kind as to tell me where i can find this city's library?"
  9. The young girl watched him she was a helper at the libary and walked over slowly "i can take you there good sir my sister runs the place" she smiles politely and walked with him to the large building "what would you like to find a book on ? I can help you find a book" she said smiling gently.
  10. Chane smiled back showing a row of white teeth. something very rare in the medieval times. "Its a bit strange but im looking for something very specific. Some strange horseman who saves lives. He saved a um.. friend of mine who tried t commit suicide. but after the act he just disappeared, vanished. Rode into the darkness on his black horse."
  11. She blinked gently "well there is only one thing that you might want to look into-" she was cut off as her sister came forward "emily please go check up on Mrs, Lucio and Mr, Gesi. Hello you are looking for a strange horseman you say? Interesting we have many myths but they are only myths. One horseman that has a black horse goes by the name of death, Never said to save anyone" She said her long brown hair shines in the window.
  12. Chane frowned "Could you please bring me the book anyway. It could still give me a clue or two on this. i just need clarity. I need to know who this person was. If myths help me somehow ill take it. somewhere to start from is always handy"
  13. The girl sighed nodding gently as she walked into the back og the libary and gave him the black book with golden case and red letters that you could have sworn was written in blood .
  14. Chane frowned "Well this is one eerie looking... and feeling book. When was this written?" He asked slightly shocked by the way the book felt between his fingers. Chane blushed at his next request "Also im not a star at reading.. so if you dont mind could i ask you to help me read when i dont understand a sentence completely?
  15. "i can help with that" she smiles gently looking at him slowly. She thinks "we don't really know one of the knights named Knight Draco came in and gave us this book he never said when the book was written errire male" said slowly and smiles gently "so want to read it now or later ?"
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    "Now please" He answered "I wanna find out as much as possible as quickly as possible about this person. And who was it again.. the person who gave you this book?"
  19. She smiles nodding and went to a table and opens the book. the lights blew out in the library , a chill filled the air and spoke slowly "Alright Death, the horseman to bring the souls to their resting place. His voice is that of a whisper. His eyes of that of the blue sky. His face was said to be that of a skeleton and his horse a black stallion with golden hair and eyes glowing red as the blood. Said to protect those who's death was never to come at that time. Lord of the unknown and mage of the afterlife. Pray before he who rides on his black horse in the shadows of the moonlight. For one day you shall meet him again and see his true might"
  20. Chane was shocked by this revelation "So you're saying this death guy prevents people from meeting an untimely end?.. So my..friend.. met death?" He asked half ridiculing the idea.

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