Death's Rattle: A Tale of a Fallen Queen

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Death's Rattle: A Tale of a Fallen Queen


All this occurred during the dark years following the fall of ancient Zeledin….

In the world of Mirabella, there was once a kingdom that was ruled by a generous, but naive faye queen named Mistlyn. While the world was far from being perfect, nobody had ever thought that this era of stability would have ended so soon.

Well they were wrong.....

An earthquake had happened on the day of the annual festival celebrating the Unnamed God. This single event had deeply rattled the kingdom and it's inhabitants. This was just the first of the Trying Times to come.

That's when HE showed up... The Man in Grey, or as he was better known, Y'ieth the Wizard. With him, he brought humans from the nation of Reliniana, which sought more influence in the region. The Reliniana Empire often clashed violently with the Faye nations in the west; land, wealth, power, these all blur together, obscuring the reasons for this war into a blood filled smear. For ages they have fought. Warlords and Generals were constantly struck down with each passing week!

But to invade Zeledin, this was a first.

The queen had gathered all her best knights, sages, and archers to defeat this monster. War had broken out and the queen's forces had lost for the first time in nearly hundred years.

Soon Zeledin was in chaos, Mistlyn now had to govern a people in exile while Y'ieth's forces still roamed the countryside. Her Paladins convinced the queen to flee to the mountains, where only the griffins roamed. There she studied ancient witchcraft, the art of the Soul Blade and would begin her quest to find the Living Goddess, a faye that is considered so powerful that her magic rivals that of the Unnamed God.

While she was gone, the people of Zeledin suffered miserably as the raiders tried taking over the exiled people. Some had escaped into the surrounding forest but they were very few. The rest was made as slaves or prisoners...

But a group called the Paldains decided to fight back with the help of an eccentric monk named Christian Glenhill. Y'ieth was defeated by this man, but the raiders remained.


Now three years later, Mistyln has made a come back. However, she was no longer the generous girl she once was. Her time in exile made her bitter. Her hair was no longer the stunning red of the Zeledin Faye; it was now a silverish grey. She had killed one of her own kind to created the fabled Sword of Embera, by placing the soul of a young girl named Chavvah inside of the weapon. For doing this, she has lost the support of her loyal Paladins led by her lover, Eldoin. She was forced to kill the man she loved, since he tried to strike her down.

Even with this corrupted past, she has not lost the support of her peoples, whom believe that she will one day liberate them from the invaders of their lands. To further complicate matters, the Sword has been wisped off to a small village on the sea by the rebelling Paladins with the support of an upstart High Priestess from the neighboring island kingdom of Chenoa.

What will be the outcome of this story? Let's find out.
Basic Plot Idea: Mirabella is a world in which science and magic have co-existed for generations and the world is witnessing impressive evolution from horse power to things such as airships and trains. Your character is a either a human or a faye living in an era of warlords and other baddies. This plot's protagonist is the Faye Queen named Rane. The first thing you will notice is that she is not a good guy. The idea of this plot is to explore the world of Mirabella in a more complex light than simply good vs. evil. Your character's actions and motivations will be based on if they support the queen or her rebelling Paladins. A basic summary of what Embera is, is explained in this link.

RP Style: Fantasy set in a future past that never was; ie early Industrial Revolution with elements of high fantasy intermingled, the basic feel of the RP is along the lines of Full Metal Alchemist, Last Exile, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.

Character sheet: (You may have up to two characters per player)




Race: I'd prefer players to select one of the races listed below, if you wish to play as something else, please ask me beforehand.

Humans: Same as beings as we are, can master all basic elements. Embera magic can be learned but only the wisest can control it.

Faye: Can be devided into smaller clans. Some believe that the Faye are descendants of elves though this is a misnomer since they are not related in any shape or form. Faye are very similar to humans, in every sense of the word, except that have a better connection with nature and elemental magic. Faye are more likely to dwell willingly with humans than the elves ever were. Males are called fauns, while females are nymphs. There are more faye tribes than these listed, but I would prefer that these groups be used since they are native to region the plot is set.

*Water: Most common and widespread of all the clans. They are the least effected by the political changes in Zeledin but are willing to work with the other tribes in a common cause against the invading armies. All water faye have blue hair and eyes. Spells tend to be water or ice based.

*Forest: The most human like and happy little gardeners, of the faye nations, they are the second most widespread. All these faye have earthen toned hair color and eyes. The most common color is green followed by browns or in rare cases sandy blonde. Spells tend to be plant based.

* Moon (Twilight): With the fall of Zeledin, the Moon tribe is now becoming the new political player in the world of the Faye, they are based out of the nation of Chenoa that is ruled by Queen Melissa. Their magic is healing and illusion based. All these faye have dark hair colors; purples being the most common, while black being a little less.

*Embera (Spirit): This clan is endangered, they are actively being hunted by the raiders. This is the tribe that Rane comes from and they look to her at their leader. Most of this tribe has stunning red hair, though elders are known to have silver hair as well. If a youth dyes their hair silver, it means they are morningTheir magic is based on holy spells for wandering off evil.

Magical Power:

Name:Mistlyn Banovic aka " Rane"

Race:Embera Faye.

Age:Around 24

Faction: Queen of the Embera Nation.


Rane wears a mix of silvers, reds, and blacks. Her main outfit is a black jacket with a white shirt underneath. When in combat, she wears the same armor she wore back when she was more stable, which is a chromed silver metal with red arm links. While she is no longer called the Ruby Queen, she still likes the color, maybe suggesting the old Mistlyn is located somewhere within.

Abilities: She has a skill which crystallizes pure energy which then can be used as a sword or thrown weapon. Rane also seems to like electrical discharges, as her magecraft involves flashes of Embera lightning. Rane can create "claws" which can cut through any form of metal. Like Fallen Rane, Mistlyn also has the Aura, which is a sign of her being a leader. It generally causes all loyal faye to come to her aid. It is believed this power can also phase humans.

Weaknesses: Rane's biggest weakness is her fear of being abandoned, betrayed, and let down. While, she is a queen she feels that she is very isolated from her community at large. This is because of the fact that as a child, her mother demanded her to be a prim and proper lady. Even at a young age, this caused a split between mother and daughter. While her father supports Mistlyn just the way she is, the nearly constant nagging of her mother has caused an emotional toil on her and often makes her lack confidence in herself. She became friends with El, believing that he'll somehow be able to make her feel safe.

Personality: Rane is best describe as a lawful evil villain. She methodically takes what she wants within the limits of her code of conduct without regard for whom she hurts. As the queen of a nation she cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. Rane plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. She condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank. Rane is loath to break laws or promises. She is cruel, vengeful, proud, callous, hostile, taciturn, malevolent, calculating, plotting, merciless, domineering, severe, tyrannical, commanding, organized, and respectful of authority and power.

Equipment:At the height of her power, Rane had the Sword of Embera as her own and an entire nation at her command. However this was not to last long when she lost it to El.

History: Rane's birth name was Mistlyn. Before she gave into her evil ways, she was a red haired faye that had a lot of potential for good. Living in an area of stability, she study complex magic under a wizard that worked for a group of nobles called the High Isgauls named Dedrick.

However, with the coming of more humans into faye realms, the new comers brought with them a wizard that they worshiped as a god causing much harm to the surrounding faye communities. After the death of her father to the hands of Y'ieth and the destruction of her kingdom, she became hyper focused on finding the Living Goddess of Embera and developed a deep hatred of humans. She respeceted the authority figures of her father and obied his mandates of recreating the Embera Kingdom. Her philosophy that the self is best advanced through the apparatus of the state.

However, this caused splits between her and the Paladins, the upholders of justice in the kingdom. Viewing this as a crime against the past and a personal attack against her, Rane became even more obsessive about finding the living goddess. It was a major shock to the queen when she found Eve, a simple dress maker, as the very being she was looking for. Believing hard work will pay off in the end, Rane continued to try and presaude Eve to help her recreate Zeledin. Eve refused time and time again, because she had no interests in being involved with any sort of government. Holding true to her father's philosophies, Rane continued to put more and more pressure on Eve to act.

Eve may have given in, but her brother kept moving his sister from locale to locale. Annoyed with all the evading, Rane finally found Eve and proceeded to attack when she was the most vulnerable (Eve has never revealed what happened the night she was transfered into the sword). Now with Eve under her control, Rane planned to use the Sword of Embera on Humans. This was prevented when Eve's brother halted Rane. A few months later, the Paladins made their attack. Eldion, her love, battled against her. He came close to overthrowing her but couldn't see himself killing the woman he loved. Broken hearted and distressed, Rane killed him with her Embera Claws. This event finally pushed her over the edge and she used the name Rane from this point on...
Clover Cypress



Forest Faye

A carefree spirit that likes nothing more than to lay in the plants and watch the day go by. Many view her as lazy, but that's because she's seen to be too fragile for anything useful. Clover ignores these hypocrites by spending lots of time alone with her animal friends, while she braids her hair and sings. Even though she acts like nothing bothers her, she is actually very sensitive and compassionate. The very sight of someone dying will make her burst into tears. The same reaction is made if someone pokes at her emotions enough. She loathes that she does this, but can't do anything about it.

Magical Power:
Clover's powers are mostly healing magics. Using her own energy, she can cure a sickness, mend a wound and heal a broken bone. Should the target be too great, she could very well faint and need to recharge, since she's basically transmuting her own stamina. She also can communicate with animals, which proves to be handy if one has seen a person she's tracking down. She has offensive abilities, but prefers not to use them.


She carries a quiver of arrows and a bow she crafted herself. The arrow heads are poison tipped so those she strikes will be immobilized, but not killed. Clover aims for non-lethal strikes as often as she can. She has vials of more deadly poisons, though. Clover also has sharp animal teeth she harvested from beasts that died, which are highly effective for piercing. They're also a last resort if she runs out of arrows to dip into her poison.

Clover is from a village of Faye like herself. She took up the art of healing instead of the more dangerous techniques because ever sine she was a child, she wished not to hurt a single being. Everyone except her parents disproved of this, because they knew she had the great potential to be a warrior. She possesses skills that allow her to use deadly plants as a weapon, such as making a thorny vine into a whip or encouraging a toxic plant to fight for her.

Even so, she insisted on being a healer.

She is loyal to her Queen, but does not agree with the woman's choices for her kingdom. In time, she could tell she was being reeled into a war, so she prepared herself with weapons and vials of different poisons. Clover always hopes she'll never have to communicate much with Rane, because she knows they don't have much in common, sure to start a quarrel she'd rather avoid. Her Queen is harsh, while Clover is very much the opposite. In her mind, she has a "I'd make a much better Queen than you." scenario. All she can be is supportive though, because she does value her life and the safety of her peers.
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Name: Jaren Arsaren

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Embera Faye

Personality: A hollow shell of a man. Quiet, brooding, and introspective, but dutiful. He knows what needs to be done and will not hesitate to do it. He lives by the vow he made when became a knight: If by his life or death he can serve his Queen, so he will. And so he does, knowing what evil he has to do in fulfilling that vow.

Magical Power: He specialized in defensive magic, mainly protecting himself from attack, magical and physical. He knows little offensive or utility magic, preferring physical tools for those purposes.

Appearance: His red hair has gone from brilliant to dark, short and straight, extending down into his short and rough beard. His eyes are pinched, dark, and sunken back. It's easy to believe they haven't seen sun in years. His face is an impassive, stony mask, hiding any turmoil, doubt, and guilt deep inside. He's traded in his formal armor for something less conspicuous, a common leather armor, something he can wear out and on the run. The only thing he's kept from the old days is his sword, which is startingt show it's age through wear.

Weapons: A double-edged longsword, the kind owned by high-ranking knights, and a small, curved utility knife.

History: For all his life, Jaren has been devoted to his kingdom. He trained from a young age to be a knight, going through the motions, until he saw Mistlyn for the first time. Bards could call it love at first sight, the perfect tale of courtly love, a young knight pining away for a woman he could never have. Jaren threw himself wholeheartedly into his training, giving his all to be the perfect servant of the kingdom. Then came the war. Through every trial he stayed true to Mistlyn, obeying her without question, no matter what she did or ordered him to do. He's come to a realization, which has lead to his current state: He's done what the Paladins couldn't do, what Eldion couldn't do: Live with the fact that restoring their kingdom and saving their people may come at the cost of their souls. If by his life or death he can serve Rane, he will. With no question.
Name: Chevalier "Val" d'Hiver

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Water Faye

Personality: Despite hailing from a corner of the region that spends a majority of it's time in winter's grasp, Val is surprisingly sprite and warm-hearted. Charming and quick to smile, he is both highly loyal and extremely affectionate to those he trusts. However, this trust is hard-earned. He abhors un-calculated risks.

Magical Power: Ice magic, mainly in offensive and counter-offensive varieties. He knows simple healing magic that has a strong basis in Water magic.


-A hand-and-a-half "bastard" sword of high-quality steel, passed down through his family, named Glasson, which acts as an amplifier for his Water-based Magic.
-A double-barreled breach-loaded pistol with accompanying ammunition.


Born first-and-only son to the Clan Chieftain of self-fashioned 'Ice Clan' enclave of Water Faye in the north-eastern reaches of Zeledin, his people saw little of the initial conflict with the invading humans of Reliniana. Chevalier was familiar with the coming and going conflicts growing up, and dreamed of questing south with the Clan's warriors to assist the Faye Queen against the marauding humans. Perhaps even become a Paladin Knight-Errant, or some other fantastic warrior of the stories. His father forbade it.

Val, as he came to be known, was always a gifted warrior and in his mid-teens became the Clan's chief warrior. While he was far from their best hunter, he always traveled with the hunting parties. It was during one of the hunting trips that they discovered one of the scouting bands of human warrior-soldiers, sent by one of Yi'eth's Generals. Many Water Faye were lost during the sorties across the tundra.

Eventually they were pushed back, but the proverbial genie had been let out of the bottle. Val attained his father's permission to travel south to learn more of what is going on and, perhaps, join the Queen in the coming battles, offering his sword arm to her cause.

It has been 2 years since he set out on his quest, and learned the Queen ruled in exile.
Fluffy, you're good. Spammy, you'll probably be working with me the most during this RP, overall I see much potential. Seiji, looks good as well so far. Just need a formal history before I accept the character.
Name: Viridiana Artenio

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Moon Faye

Personality: Mild and submissive but deeply caring and empathetic.
Magical Power: Illusion magic, namely creating a false scene to trick the mind or to create an illusory duplicate of herself while shrouding her actual body in order to protect her frail body.
Viridiana generally wears white, preferring furs and soft material over her skin for everyday dress.
Dual Blades

Viridiana was born and reared in a hamlet quite a distance from Chenoa because her parents were fearful that should the politics of the area turn sour, the would be able to flee to safety with their precious daughter. Viridiana grew up mostly alone, sometimes keeping company with the assortment of other people that lived in the hamlet but generally chose to play by herself instead of with other children. Viridiana's imagination was boundless and as soon as she realized that making friends with real children could be damaging, she began to create for herself perfect illusions of companions who always did the right thing and, in her games of play, said the best things.

Upon finding this out, Viridiana's parents worried for her mental stability and instilled in her a desire to please others as they pushed her to make friends with other children of her age group. Virdiana has since then tended to keep her usage of illusions as secret as possible. Being secreted away for so long meant that when Viridiana was old enough to choose, she began to roam the world to try and experience everything possible.
Name: Kara Magdalene
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: She's very innocent and childish. She often finds that people are a lot more aware about situations that might affect in her some way than she is. Most people tend to draw the conclusion upon first impression that she's quite the airhead, which is somewhat true; however, when pushed, she can become rather resourceful, even to her astonishment at times, to get things done. As such, most people tend not to take her too seriously until she's actually challenged by something.

She, not so surprisingly,though, tends to avoid challenges as much as possible. She's nice to people and keeps her opinions to herself so that people don't get mad at her, she works with others most of the time so that she's not forced to be by herself, etc.

Magical Power:
She has no decent grasp of the embera element, but can do okay with casting water and air magic. Within water magic, she can do simple healing spells and nothing else. Air magic is where she shows what she can do best. She knows air magic better than most other humans do, even being able to use it with her broom to fly up to 50 meters in the sky at around 50 kilometers per hour. Along with being able to enchant others with an air magic-based buff that doubles movement speed, she is well-versed in offensive and defensive air magic.



Her choice in clothing tends to revolve around things that are frilly and femenine. She actually likes being in dresses. Normally her outfits will be made up of white or any warm color in between red and orange. She dislikes dressing in dark colors, finding them slightly depressing. Here she is pictured flying on her broom in her favorite outfit.

Wooden Broom: A basic novice broom meant for beginning witches, she uses it to take flight.
Stella Wand: A silver wand with a star on the tip that she uses to sort of conduct the air around her, telling it where to move based on where she moves her staff. She could do the same thing with her hands but the wand helps her concetrate the magic so that it's stronger.

History: Kara was born to poor parents who hardly supported the Queen from even before the war broke out. However, because her parents could not afford to raise her and her older sister, they sent her off to her aunt and uncle-in-law. The two took in the young girl before she can even remember, most likely before she turned three or so. Her "parents" were quite wealthy, owning a nice property with a large house and a few acres of outdoor space to themselves.

Her childhood was spent with her two cousins, Theodora and Edward. Both were trained in basic elemental magics. When she turned 13 she soon was convinced to begin training by her aunt and uncle, who did not really see her as battlefield material. Not wanting to cause trouble for herself and her family, she went along with their wishes and soon became well versed in wind magic and flying using a broom with the help of a tutor that her family had hired. When training with her cousins, she soon found that they were able to do much more than her, and became slightly jealous.

Keeping this secret desire to be something more than just some nomadic witch to herself, her aunt and uncle eventually let her set out on her own about the world while they began drifting about Mirabella in an attempt to stay safe. In the year that she drifted about Mirabella, she found that the place seemed pretty wartorn. Her aunt and uncle had also failed to explain to her why they had to move very abruptly in a few instances throughout the war. While she does not know a ton about Queen Rane, Kara has come to the conclusion that she is simply a "meanyhead!"
Okay, we have enough players to start the RP. My normal rules to RPs, still apply. I want you to be as active as possible, one to two posts a week are desirable. If you are gone for long periods of time, your characters will be removed from play in order to keep the story moving along. Enjoy your time with this plot and thanks for joining.
Name: Benjamin Pierce

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Title: Tycoon

Abilities: Benjamin is very charismatic, and has gained considerable experience in combat over the past 3 years.

Weaknesses: Benjamin arrived in Zeledin as a raider. That, coupled with his philosophy that success is to be achieved at any cost, has left him with many enemies. He also has trouble genuinely relating to others.

Personality: Benjamin is a charismatic and seemingly friendly individual. Don't let his friendly demeanor fool you, however; Benjamin is a pragmatist who is as ambitious as he is greedy. Ultimately almost every decision he makes is fueled by his own self-interest. It's worth mentioning that he is not completely without a sense of honor or guilt, however.


History: Benjamin was dumped at an orphanage in Reliniana as a baby. His stay there was a miserable one; the orphanage had little money, the children were mean, and the caretakers were generally apathetic. Benjamin was taken in by a wealthy merchant at the age of eleven. While Benjamin no longer went hungry, his new parents were no more caring then the caretakers at the orphanage, and after spending his life there he had a hard time relating to the upper-class children. His adoption was not an act of compassion; the merchant needed a child to secure his fortune.

Twenty-six years later and Benjamin has made quite a name for himself in Reliniana, and now in Zeledin. He joined the raiders in the invasion three years ago, but his ambitious nature left his dissatisfied. After three years, he has made a fortune capitalizing on various industrial projects in Zeledin. Benjamin has personally spearheaded an effort to develop a rail line connecting Zeledin to Reliniana.

He sees the return of Rane as a threat to all he has accomplished so far, and is actively looking for a way to take her out of the picture.
The RP has been started in the Misc Section. This will be a short chapter, but basically I'm having you guys show us a little bit about how your characters live their lives before we start up a major plot arch. Like my other RPs, each chapter will be around 15 posts long.
Posted. I had a feeling we could be in separate places before all of the plot important stuff happened, so I just kind of put my chara in a desert to enhance the whole nomadic, drifting aspect of her life.
Okay, eventually your character will have to cross the mountains that separate the region the plot is set in from the desert. Of course following a coast line will also help.

If people are confused, the background of this RP is similar to that of Yugoslavia during the Second World War, where it is a three way political and military conflict. Keep this in mind for your character, because it'll be impossible for you to be a "fence sitter" in this sort of setting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Character sheet # 2

Name: Shadiyah Samaha

Age: around 23

Gender: Female

Race: Water Nymph

Personality: She is generally the kind of person who does not like conflict. She tries to reach out to people on their terms almost always unless they have the intent of killing her or harming her. In this sense, she only acts agressively out of self-defense, and is otherwise friendly to people. She takes an interest in learning that most others do not. She is very open-minded and willing to adapt to others' ways if need be. Her feelings regarding humans and their worship of Y'ieth are quite ambivalent, because she is unsure of the man's divine qualities; however, she can't help but want to learn about him. Because of this, some might think of her as being a human sympathist.

Abilities: She can speak and sing in many tongues. Also, she can play many instruments, most notably the mandolin. This resulted from her travels over the years where she learned from many different tribes, some not even native to the place where this story is set. Other than having a pretty voice, she also has a good grasp of defensive and counter-offensive water magic. She even uses her singing and her mandolin playing to heal others, calling upon the healing forces of water with her music.

Weaknesses: In a time like this, her open-mindedness often earns her suspicion among fellow fayes. Also, she dislikes fighting, which could get her in difficult situations considering how slow she is out of the water. Melee combat is also not a forte of hers, making her easily overpowered by brute physical force. Her magic cannot injure people that much, but just annoy them, so she's also not much of a threat when it comes to magical combat.


(Disregard the wings there xD)

She typically dresses in clothes that are looser and more flowy below the waste. She really dislikes wearing more than one or two layers of clothing or clothing that covers her from neck to toe. Other than those preferences, neither color nor fabric matters a ton to her.

Weapons: Her voice, her mandolin, and Two blue tessen (basically, fans made of iron. Samurai would often use them in places where overt weapons such as swords were not allowed. They're good for deflecting arrows and as throwing weapons.)

History: Shadiyah was born in a tribe that lived in the sub-tropical regions of Zeledin. Ever since she was a little girl in her small tribe of fellow Faye, they all noted her beautiful voice. In fact, her name, Shadiyah, means singer in one of the tongues that the south-eastern tribes spoke. Her education was unlike most of the other fayes, who learned a variety of offensive magics; instead, she was taught how to play many instruments and how to sing. Eventually, her parents bought her the mandolin that she still uses today.

One day, though, the time for her to leave her tribe and set out on her own came. Her tribe was sad to see her, go, but knew that they could not keep such a talented musician hidden from Mirabella. At the age of 18, she began travelling all of Mirabella. During this time, she lived in various places for periods ranging from weeks to months at a time. In each place, she took in all she could, trying to learn everything outside of the small, sea-side village that she used to live near.

When the invasions began in Zeledin, she found a need to know how to defend herself in the case that someone dares to attack her. First and foremost, she bought the pair of tessen that she owns today. Then she began to train under a water faye in Elroot who taught her the water magic and healing magic that she knows today. When Rane returned, Shadiyah finally started travelling throughout the Embera nation again, making a living off of her singing and her mandolin playing. Today, she is known by both humans and faye alike as a very talented musician for her age.

She is currently supportive of Rane for own sake and the sake of the fayes that listen to her. Rane and her would probably disagree strongly on some issues regarding humans and the invaders, but Shadiyah simply acknowledges that she would probably not do much better given the position that Rane has been put in.
Sorry for being so inattentive. I've updated Val's history and will be making a post, um... When I wake up. I need sleep nao.

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Name: Celestine "Cannon" Moonmirror

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Twilight Faye

Personality: Cannon is more of a background player in most scenarios. She has a general apathetic view towards morality makes her seem detached and aloof. When it comes down to it Cannon protects and focuses on herself. She has no problems with turning on her allies if it furthers her own goals and ultimately works solely for herself. Every once in a while she'll have a glimmer or charity or kindness but it typically is masking another hidden motivation.


Amethyst Bullets: Cannon's pistols fire bullets made out of Embera Amethyst bullets. She has the ability to control the strength of the bullets impact from standard bullet to being able to level an entire city block, the latter of which she uses only in the most extreme circumstances. For the most part she likes to keep her kills quiet.

Overclock Tracking: Using overclock Cannon can keep an eye on multiple enemies and shoot at them with the same accuracy as if she were focusing on only them.

Moonlight Shadows: Cannon darken nearby shadows and use them to cloak herself to hide in.

Weaknesses: Cannon has a frail body being easily injured but she is skilled at protecting herself, her guns practically glued to her hands, in the even that they are unusable/missing she is relatively harmless, using her shadow powers to hide and escape.


She wears outfits that are show her shoulders and longer legs a lot of the time. She bears no marks that link her to any organization and typically looks just like a standard citizen.

Weapons: Twin flintlock pistols

History: Celestine was raised in a village not far from where the Queen's castle sat. As such she constantly encountered the queen from a distance. Once the war broke out her parents attempted to take her into the forest to keep her safe but her and her mother were taken captive, her father escaping in what appeared to be a completely selfish way. It was then that Celestine realized that she had to keep herself safe and not care about others.

Her mother was sold off into slavery to one family on the other side of the continent and Celestine was sold to another family in her old village. There she worked under squalid conditions until one night she used her shadow magic to disappear into the woods, taking with her a couple of pistols from her "masters." A month later she returned with her guns filled with amethyst bullets and exploded the house of her former masters, disappearing once again into the night.

Closing that chapter of her life and gathering information about the Queen she decided that the Queen had the right idea about destroying the invaders and reclaiming their land, of course she hoped that if she were to do that she'd gain a place of power to work her own schemes.
Alrighty then. I reckon I'll have a post in pretty soon. How are you all?