Death's Carnival

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  1. Deathor the Grim reaper has been around since the beginning and of time and now he has started a carnival. He is traveling with those who have power's and with this Carnival many seem to disappear. Will the inspectors catch them or will they to disappear.

    It has been years and this carnival still runs. Now a group of teens are investigating what is going on will they die or disappear or be turned and join the circus forever.

    So rough idea for now since this is an interest check
  2. I'm interested ^^ I'm new and still learning the lay out of the site but I will try my best if you will have me.
  3. I'd be interested in joining!
  4. Are we rping as the teen detectives ? Or ine of the carnival members?
  5. Teens, detectives and or carival
  6. Need a few more
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.