Deaths Carnival

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  1. Death or the Grim reaper has been around since the beginning and of time and now he has started a carnival. He is traveling with those who have power's and with this Carnival many seem to disappear. Will the inspectors catch them or will they to disappear.

    It has been years and this carnival still runs. Now a group of teens are investigating what is going on will they die or disappear or be turned and join the circus forever.

    So rough idea for now since this is and interest check
  2. This seems interesting and definitely an idea to be built further upon on.. Would other's be allowed to play as Member's of the circus or just the teen's?

    Also , if you need more people to come in and check this out and don't have a restriction on age I can bring a mix in of people to check it out.
  3. Sure bring people over to both this and Gotham check and there will be a limit on those in the circus but yes both can be played
  4. I think I might have an interest in this, as a member of the circus.
  5. Probably not the kind of circus you are a part of more supernatural and darker
  6. No no I mean as in my character would be a member of the circus XD I'm not in a circus myself.
  7. Oh okay

    And hey you never know I don't judge
  8. I do. I love judging, because you're either right about someone or pleasantly surprised.
  9. Not always true I just think judging someone is like judging a book by it's cover. I get judged by my looks all the time so does my fiancé
  10. Honestly, I can't really help but judge people, and since I pretty much always assume they're going to be a bad person that means that if they are a bad person, I'm right, and if they're not, then I'm pleasantly surprised.
  11. You have a very skewed view for a teen
    Not everyone is bad like me and my fiance that's us in the pic on my profile. I have tattoos and piercings doesn't make me a bad person. My fiancé has baggy pants and a hat that makes him look like a bad guy he isn't he is a super nerd with a perfect personality.
  12. Precisely. Since I judged that you two were probably rather unpleasant people, that's a pleasant surprise.
  13. Everyone assumes that about us though

    Okay so now we're way off subject
  14. My conversations tend to go off topic quite a lot.
  15. You can pm me and we can talk all you would like and if you want to join this rp please feel free
  16. I'm not great at initiating conversations though so if you want to discuss something, you should start it.
  17. Still looking
  18. Still Looking for this
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