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  1. Hi I'm Deathie and this is my Seeking Roleplay thread ~

    Here I will state the sort of roleplays I'm looking for and any plot bunnies I would not mind roleplaying.

    I am a new member and have been roleplaying for years and am really looking forward to finding serious roleplayers who enjoy writing complicated and plot driven stories together. I like to write larger replies and am often online once every few days. I like small group Roleplays and can do onexones.

    Now for the plot ideas ~

    Group Roleplays

    Organ Hunters – a group of people survive in a dystopian landscape stealing the organs of the newly dead and soon to be dead to make a profit.

    Warlock Waters – in a land of floating islands and flying ships a world living in the wake of a once great civilization is terrorized by the sudden revival of widespread magic and strange disappearances.


    Fairy Forest - a lone traveller in a strange woods finds themselves trapped in the midst of strange fairy magic.

    Betta Mermaid - in a world where mermaids have recently been discovered many are kept in small tanks and sold in upscale fish stores as the most exotic of 'betta'f fish. One person decides to change all that. Possible romantic storyline.

    Things I like ~

    *Anything to do with mermaids, nagas or underwater creatures.

    *Fantasy and magical stories.

    Things I do not like ~

    *Anything furry orientated

    *Fandom roleplays – I like to do original stuff only.

    Please feel free to respond here for any minor questions, but for any serious roleplay requests please PM me and we can discuss a proper idea.

    I will be editing this thread and adding new ideas often, thanks for looking~
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