Death to Us All

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  1. Note: This would be 18+, Libertine, Majority would be MxM (Like, one or two females would be allowed)

    We are the Unfortunate.


    You've heard of the things that go bump in the night.
    Nasty, scary, monstrous things.
    And very, very evil things.
    But not all of them are monsters.
    Some are the victims.


    The Blessed. The Cursed.


    There are fates worse than death.
    And that's something witches are best at figuring out.

    Supernatural society has evolved from simply killing the humans that anger them.
    It's too easy.
    Now ruining their lives has become a sport.

    Witches all around are hired to curse irritating, puny humans.
    Curses that make their lives hell.
    Sometimes they're given superhuman abilities, but these abilities always, always come with a gruesome cost.

    Some struggle to live with the thing they've become.
    Some go insane.
    Some use their curse to do bad.

    And all are faced with a new question.

    Where do they lie?

    As a human?
    As a supernatural being?
    Or is it something in between?


    We are the Messengers, the Prophets of Doom.


    One witch is tired. So, so very tired.
    Of the strife, of the shadow wars that have plagued her kind against humanity.
    She wants all of it to just end.

    Her plan is to pitch one final war. One that will not hide in the shadows.
    But the supernaturals will not give human kind a fighting chance.
    The odds are weighed in their favor.
    It will be the end.

    There's one problem though.

    The Cursed, what to do with them?
    They're strung between creature and man.
    So on what side to they fall?

    Fearful of the threat they could pose, the witch traps them, along with those who oppose her in an asylum.
    And decides to make it a little game.
    But it's no ordinary asylum.
    Those who go in, can't come out unless granted permission by it's creator.
    It's a prison. A maze.
    Hallways shift and change.
    Traps and monsters await around every corner.

    This is where you die.

    That is, unless you find true love.
    Ironic though.
    For no such thing exists.


    We are the Ones that Will Save all of You.


    And what the witch hasn't told anyone?

    Is that the Unfortunates, the Cursed, the ones hanging between man and beast;
    they're the only ones that can stop her.
  2. This sounds awesome c:
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  3. I would so do this one... Amazing thing right here! I'd more than likely take the one female spot you have set aside. Might change my mind to a guy though if I get a really good idea on one.
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  4. Never played this concept before but I really want to see how this would play out
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  5. Great! I'll start setting all the stuff up later today ;)
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  6. Oooo! I would be interested too :D
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  7. If you're still in need of people, I'd be happy to be cursed
  8. This sounds awesome!
  9. Alright! It's up! I just want to get my character sheet up as a kind of example for the curses before anyone does anything. You can take a look though ;)

    I kept the name 'Death to Us All' but I'm thinking about changing it. Does anybody have any ideas or do you guys think we should keep it?
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