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  1. I've been out prowling and spying on the COMPETITION again. D:< I am seething with jealous at how they always get fresh new members to play with! Delicious newblings with new ideas! Lots of people to roleplay with! Choices! Everywhere!

    So I've decided they must all be destroyed. We will PILLAGE AND BURN THEIR VILLAGES!

    Now get your pitch forks and torches!
  2. John

    "Not unless they didn't have a choice. I've been looking for him since he died because there was always something about it that didn't seem right. Things didn't add up." He pulled three reports out of the his jacket pocket that were about the incident. "The top one is the cover story, the middle is what we were told really happened, but the bottom one tells a different story. It was written by someone who was there that day."


    He looked down. "I did what I was trained to do. I fought my way out for survival. If someone was in my way, I made sure they couldn't stand in my way ever again. I won't tell you any more than that."
  3. Belle

    She glanced at the top one "I remember this very vividly..." she squinted her eyes "Issue at the compound Morty was trying to interfere with...there were rumors of human experimentation and he went to investigate...didn't go very well. But the cover story claimed the compound happened to be...that's right. They claimed it happened to be storage house, which they weren't wrong, it was pretty roomy...especially for the people stuck, let's see there was something about a shoot out...two died one missing..." her head tilted "What I remember Hawthorne told us was that Mortimer went in there, pretended to be apart of the experimentations, freed the victims one by one and then...shoot out and we don't know what happened to Morty. It was assumed he killed the assailants, before getting taken out and buried elsewhere." She grimaced "That was a brutal day John."

    Her eyes did flicker down to the third one. "That's bizarre. Apparently this man had been walking near the compound, but he didn't hear any shots. He...what the hell..." her brow narrowed "Saw a man carrying someone out. He couldn't get a good description on either of them, but he claimed they were there one moment gone the next." She blinked again "that's bizarre. A man leaving the facility was never reported after the mission was botched, especially not carrying someone."


    She frowned having a feeling of what he meant. She took his hand and squeezed it "I'm sorry Jay. And again...if you ever, ever need to open up to me, you can."
  5. We get all the dumb ones.
  6. I do enjoy partaking of senseless murder and destruction of people who deserve it! Lead on, Diana! *holds up her torch!*
  7. I'm just making a public service announcement: The Asshat Farm had an early bumper crop this year and is releasing them into the wild. You have been warned
  8. (Ah. I should remember Ed Nygma from Gotham)


    "Okay." She nodded slowly "My guess is we can't just go find him today, we still got our team to worry about but still...I have a feeling I may not want to direct a team if we can't trust this place."


    She blinked in slight surprise as he pulled her to him. She smiled up at him and gave him a small hug "I love you too." She held him for a moment or two before letting go
  9. John chuckled. "He was a lot of fun. To think, he knew we'd be a couple before anyone else did, even us?"


    "That would be bad and inefficient." He grabbed her hand. "I got it, don't worry about it."
  10. (Holy cow I’m sorry I never meant to dip out for so long)


    “Ah, yes. My past certainly would be an interesting conversation piece. As for the near-avoidance of tragedy, that would make for a boring start to a conversation. I doubt anyone wishes to hear the pains I went through to get here when they have their own stories of excitement and injury fresh in their minds.”
  11. Err...couldn't you just give me a link to our rivals, and see if I can't "coerce" them to join?
    Unless you're scared I'll leave? =P
  12. She's scared I'll leave.
  13. Yeah I'll get right on that.

    *Goes to bed*
  15. we have rivals?
  16. Rivals, enemies, friends ... As long as we get to torch another forum, I'm good with that!
  17. This thread is why Paorou is no longer mod of Insanity.

    Or so everyone KNOWS.
  18. Jason

    "I don't know either. Where are John and Belle? You'd think someone would have come to intercept us by now."


    "Yes you were. He wasn't there the whole time. Remember? He wanted a room to himself so he was in a different part of the hotel from us." He nodded. "Of course, I didn't want anything to happen to you." He smiled at her.
  19. Belle

    "Why don't I like the sound of that..." she mumbled and she heard Gwen chuckle

    "What about something that won't make me bleed from...that." Belles head did tilt

    "Actually I think I might have something for you." Gwen blinked at Belles words. She didn't ask any more.
  20. Gwen

    "Oh how reassuring." She mumbled and Belle replied with

    "Don't worry. He's not a bad person. Just don't..."

    "Get in the way?" Gwen crossed her arms "Oh, I'll try not to."