Death to Agasaria!

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  1. Two great nations lie upon the world of Arras, The Kingdom of Tarvanna, and The Agasarian Empire. These two nations are the most powerful of this world, and they have been fighting ever since they found each other. There have been four wars between these nations, and all but one has ended in a stalemate.
    Agasaria has recently gone through its first civil war, nearly obliterating the country in the process, but somehow it managed to pull through. The new government is now on an uneven platform, and has just now reestablished order, and Tarvanna has taken notice. In this time of uncertainy, rumors abound that Tarvanna intends to attack Agasaria before it regains any more strength. The uncertainty hangs in the air, and no one knows what will happen.

    The Agasarian Empire​
    For several thousand years, the Agasarian Empire has dominated the Eastern continent of Arras. Over the millenia, it has spread to cover half the world, and boasts the largest army, city, and economy in all of Arras. The provinces are divided by geographical regions, and are collectively associated with a cardinal direction. The Western Provinces boast the agricultural center of the empire. Spawling fields and lush green grass dominate the region and no soil is richer than that of these provinces. Pastures, horse breeders, all can be found here. The Eastern Provinces are the trade hub of the Empire, and can claim a tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, and numerous ports. Unfortunately, these coastal provinces are also famous for the Black Market, and while it provides a number of illegal, albeit popular, goods and services, it a very dangerous and sadly powerful organization. To the North are the provinces of snow and ice. While not heavily populated, it does hold three cities of crystal with populations over a million people. These provinces are also home to mines which provide iron, coal, gems, and the mysterious Northern Lights, odd stones that absorb solar energy and enable agriculture around the three cities made from this stone. To the South lie the great forests, home of rare and dangerous creatures, plants, and the last pagans on Arras. Here, the people are one with the forest, and will defend it to the last breath. Here, no city has a population over 15,000, and the two religions, Astrarianism and Christianity live side by side in peace and harmony.
    Finally, the Central province, being the only one, claims the mightiest and oldest remaining city in the world, nestled in a valley and surrounded by mountains. It holds over two hundred million souls, and protects the Church's High Temple, the most important building of Christianity. The city is split by a river, and surrounded by seven walls. The grand palace of the Emperor sprawls across twenty acres of land, with barracks, servants quarters, The Senate Chamber, and the main palace complex. All buildings of Musari are built with white stucco and terra cotta tiles of a variety of colors, from traditional red to deep greens blues and purples. The palace itself is a large square, with the throne room sticking out from the front, creating the effect of a Greek or Roman temple. A similar structure connects the rear hall to the front hall, and it is here where the Emperor and his family reside.
    The Kingdom of Tarvanna​
    The second most powerful nation and longtime rival of Agasaria. This nation boasts the strongest economy, the most exports, the strongest navy, racial slavery, and is the only known nation to force atheism upon its people, and this only with recently installed King Hrothulf Ontario IV. This is a totalitarian land, Hrothulf’s word is law, and none dare go against it. The kingdom is temperate, far smaller than Agasaria, but larger still than most other countries. It hosts a variety of forests and plains, and a few mountains to the west. The cities range from tiny straw hamlets to powerful walled citadels. The largest city, as well as the capital, is the wealthy port city of Imperia.
    Imperia is a long city running along a coastline on the east, and surrounded by farms in the north south and west. It holds over a million residents, and is home to the Royal Ontarian Palace, an ornate twenty acre wonder that pales even Agasaria’s palace. The entire city is surrounded by a large granite wall, made smooth from years of existence. The buildings range from wood and thatch to ornate brick with rooftop terraces and gardens. The port is large and eternally bustling with activity, ships docking and departing, and sailors gracing the many taverns and restaurants of the harbor.
    The entire palace complex is surrounded by an eight foot marble wall, inlaid with gold where each slab connects, and shined so brilliantly one can see oneself in it. The first building one will come to is a gazebo of sorts, made also of marble, with columns of pure gold. It stands fifteen feet tall, and has pathways leading to it from all directions. The main palace consists of the central throne room, connected to the kings library and bedchamber to the right, and the banquet hall to the left. There are several staircases leading to the expansive rooftop gardens, consisting of exotic plants, grapevine covered terraces. If one enters the palace, one will find ornate tapestries, rugs, statues, everything ornate to the point of gaudiness.
    Elven Kingdom of Darconia​
    The elves are a proud race, to say the least. They are also a warrior race, with the better a warrior one is, the higher they are in elven society. They are ruled by the Illustrious Dai-San, Hareti Shai-ve. The Darconian land is not what one would expect, as many sections of forest have been cleared by the elves for agriculture, and thus the landscape is similar to that of Tarvanna, but far more mountainous. However, far to the North the land still holds to the evergreen forests native to this land, and sparse villages inhabit this region. Darconia is a landlocked nation, and so you will find no coasts or ports to be had here, but roads crisscross the land, connecting the Eastern world to the Western. There is no true capital, as the capital is considered wherever the Dai-San’s new heir is located. The cities, however, are constructed in an open air style, with a roof, a floor, and columns, with the only true walls being tapestries or clothes drifting in the wind. Their temples resemble those of the Aztecs, step pyramids that have alters as close to the sky as possible, with an eternal flame burning in each.
    The city most consistently being the capital is that of Sho-Vani, the only walled city in Darconia. The “palace” is a large complex consisting mostly of gardens, with an open throne room at its center. The rooms are connected by covered roads, not halls, and only have walls on them half way up the columns, with an empty place being the only door.
    Queendom of Desera​
    This nation is the first of the desert realms, and arguably the most powerful of them. It is ruled by Queen Shazuk, known to most of the world as the “Desert Whore” due to her multiple husbands (and generally rude disposition), a practice highly scorned by even Tarvanna. The nation runs along the Eastern coastline, where most of the population is concentrated. There are no other population centers until the West, where a river makes up the Western border of the country. Here, the land is lush and green, but quickly gives way the barren deserts that make up the center of the country. However, irrigation makes the land closest to the canals lush and fertile, and a complex series of canals leads the water to the Easter coastlines, but for the most part leaves the deserts to themselves.
    The capital city is that of Sha’ruk, a wealthy port, similar to Imperia. The buildings are composted of reddish-brown sandstone, and are surprisingly cool inside. The wall surrounding the city is made of yellow sandstone, still rough, even with its long age. The roads are inlaid cobblestone, some covered in the sands.
    The Queen’s Keep is more of a fortress than a palace. The citadel sits atop a man-made hill, overlooking the sea and the rest of the city. In the Eastern top corner lies the keep, a large tower where a last stand would be made. The keep held the throne room, and connected by a series of halls to the towers at the Southwest and Northwestern Towers. Within the Southwestern tower lies the states rooms, where business is discussed and carried out. The other is the Barracks for the palace guard. Across from the keep is the Queens bedchamber, as well as the private rooms for her family. Surrounding the entire complex is a wall, which several stable and other such buildings were built in to.
    The Republic of the Dwarves​
    The strong and stocky dwarves are by far the most advanced race, and have been very willing to sell their ideas. The dwarves live both above and below ground, but the population centers are generally found deep within the mountains, which there are plenty of in this rugged, but lush land. The capital has two section, the above layer, and the below layer. The above layer is little more than a tiny village with a few towers to protect stables and nearby farms, but below ground is where the true metropolis is.
    In the center of the village is a massive steam driven elevator, and for a small fee you go down and up once, or with a pass you can go infinitely. When one enters the underground capital, the illumination is just as good as the light above from the sun, as millions of glowing yellow gems hang from the ceiling of the cave. Along the outer edge, one can see tunnels leading to mines and other underground cities, as well as steel buildings that help to support the outer edges. Along the center, buildings made of metal and obsidian rise above one’s head to further support the roof above, and the streets bustle with steam driven carriages and mechanical golems alike.
    There is no palace here, merely a senate chamber, that is simply a round Crystal Room with rows of chairs and a raised dais in the center. This place is completely off limits, unless one has permission from a Senator.
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    The Ports
    Imperia, Tarvanna.
    Month of Flowers (April) 13, 1315

    My ship had made port in Imperia, and the city looked as prosperous as ever, of course, the entire profit was going into the hands of Hrothulf and his nobles. I sighed as I walked off the ship and onto the gnagplank, eight heavily armored spear-men behind me. We weren't exactly trusting of Tarvanna, but diplomacy was diplomacy, no more than eight guards , Hrothulf had said, and so be it. I made my way to the edge of the port district, waiting for the escort to Hrothulf's gaudy palace.

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    Seeing that the Agasarian, Rokku Hizori had finally arrived. I clapped. "Alright! Some of you go down and kindly escort him into the kingdom!" This diplomacy thing didn't really phase me, but perhaps I could grow something out of this meeting.
  4. I eyed the soldiers that approached me, narrowing my eyes. There were many more than I had, which was slightly offensive. No matter, my job was to deal with other leaders, pleasant or otherwise. I walked forward and bowed to them. "I am Rokku Hizori, and I've come as promised to discuss maintaining the peace that has evolved between our two nations...I trust His Majesty has been informed of my arrival? I am ready to begin discussions when he is." I said, maintaining a polite, but empty tone.

  5. The guards looked at the diplomat and turned. "Follow us."As they continued to march into the Kingdom of Tarvanna. Tarvanna being the most the wealthiest of the providences, had the most top-notch buildings and supplies. Reaching the castle of the King, Hrothulf, all you could see inside was nothing but gold and valuable gems used for decorations. Upon reaching the throne room, Hrothulf rose from his chair and smile "Welcome Rokku, Please make yourself comfortable!"
  6. I sat in the chair provided, looking at the king. He himself seemed to be making the most of the situation, and at least maintained a guise of politeness and cooperation, even if that was all it was. "A pleasure, King Hrothulf. I trust all things have gone well since last we met?" I said, in reference to the last time I was here, asking for his aid during the civil war, which had certainly come, but the price was paid, in both gold and land. We lost half the territory we had gained from Tarvanna on the West Continent. The price was its return. "There were no problems in securing the land paid to you, yes?" Curious as to whether or not people had actually tried to revolt upon falling under Tarvannan rule.

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  7. "Things have been marvelous! The land provided has been helping us grow even more. Not just in size but also in more wealth" As Hrothulf grinned with such accomplishment in taking the land. But he decided to rub it in the face of the diplomat "How has Agasaria been fairing lately?.. Sure your land is still prosperous yes?"
  8. I looked at the man, carefully picking the words that came out of my mouth next. "I am glad to hear of your success. Our deal provided both Tarvanna and Agasaria with much needed aid and support...the land is unified once again under Emperor Kilvan, and so things will progress fruitfully from there. The ports flow freely, as it were...Now then, the matter I am here to discuss, is keeping the alliance between our two nations."
  9. Hrothulf raised his eyebrow at Rokku, carefully placing his chin atop his hands. "An alliance you say?...Tell me more about this, 'alliance.'
  10. I nodded. "Yes, Emperor Kilvan wishes to continue the military support alliance that we signed and agreed upon a year ago...when the civil war was in full momentum...There is no reason to end the union between Tarvanna and Agasaria, all we ask to maintain this is that you lift the ban upon religion in your lands. We are willing to pay a sum to attain this, of course..." I said, knowing Hrothulf's love and adoration of anything that even remotely smelled of gold.
  11. Hrothulf gave a foul look at the use of the world 'religion' he wasn't for it at all and would never lift the ban. However, the sound of money did sound rather nice."You know how I feel abo.." The King stopped in mid speech, he began to think and formed an evil idea. "About religion...However..If you have the money upfront, I'd be more than...happily to life the ban upon..Religion." The King grinned with such slyness and cunning hoping that this plan would work.
  12. I did not like the look upon the king's face, but I did have the sum we were willing to pay. "Agasaria offers 200,000 sil, and five gold ingots. Is this sum to your liking?" I said, having more money if reserve if necessary.
  13. The King smiled. "Yes, that will suffice. Hand it over and I'll personally stand on that balcony and tell everyone they're free to believe in what they believe..Religion will not be a thing of this providence no longer!"
  14. I nodded, smiling at the king's statement though I didn't believe a single word of it, but all I could do was to have faith. I gave the chest to a guard, as he walked forward and placed it before Hrothulf with a bow, quickly returning to his station. "Agasaria is pleased that you have chosen to maintain this new friendship. May the peace last a thousand years..." I said, maintaining the smile on my face.
  15. Hrothulf opened the chest, eyeing the gold that was given to him. The King stood from his chair and walked out the balcony. "CITIZENS OF TARVANNA! Today we begin a new style of life, one that has never really ever existed in this city..Today.. WE BEGIN TO PREPARE FOR THE DOWNFALL OF AGASARIA! The land with its pure morals and subjecting the people to believe in nonsense that doesn't exist! I shall not stand for it, and I, Hrothfulf The Wealthiest King in all the lands, shal lmake sure that you people see better days and be able to never work a day in your lives again!"The King turned around and walked back inside the throne room chuckling. "There, everything is settled, now if you guards will please escort Mr. Hizori out of my lands! Our wonderful meeting is adjourned."As the guards grabbed Rokku by the arms and lifted him out of the chair and out of the castle. While the last thing Rokku could see was the greedy King waving and laughing.
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    Road from Saturive to Arimasnu
    Agasarian West
    Month of Flowers (April) 21, 1315

    The carriage ride from Saturive to Armasnu was quiet, to say the least. News had likely already reached the throne of Horthulf's declaration of war, and I would bet that several Senators were already looking to remove me from my position and have Emperor Kilvan bestow it upon themselves. It was likely best to enjoy the last moments of peace I would have before getting to Musari, as from then on it would be war planning, death and agony for quite some time. Another hour or so passed and we came across no other caravans or travelers, and all was quiet, not that this was a bad thing. My thoughts wandered from one thing to another, until shouting came to my ears and the carriage stopped. I looked out the window to see what was going on, and popped back in the second an arrow flew into the side of the carriage. "This is the VERY last thing I need..." I mumbled.
  18. Calanthe stood on the hilltop, watching as the large group of bandits approached a small caravan. Even from here, she could pick out eight guards and knew there was only one or two people inside the carriage. She did nothing but watch as the bandits got closer, outnumbering the guards easily by three to one. One would assume that a caravan making its way through this territory in such an unstable time would bring along better trained people. Apparently this was not the case, as she realized while watching three of the guards fall within the first five minutes.

    Finally she decided to intervene, though she was tempted to let the raid continue. Normally she did not interfere in such things, but this was a time of new war, and she had every intention of fighting in it. She took a giant leap from the hilltop and plummeted to the ground, hitting the dirt on one knee with her sword plunging into the dirt as though cutting butter.

    A crack in the ground formed and raced over toward the carriage, echoing like thunder as the ground split. Thick black tendrils of smoke rose from the cracks and grabbed the bandits, hauling them into the ground in a matter of moments. The ground snapped shut with a fierce slam, leaving the guards, carriage, and all of the horses behind and unharmed. Now there were over twenty empty horses, plus supplies just sitting around.

    She straightened and pulled the sword from the ground easily, cleaning the five foot blade with her hand. It had an ornate, bronze hilt plenty wide enough for both of her hands, and the steel was polished and etched with symbols of an ancient language. She slid the sword into the specially made sheath on her belt that was angled in such a way that it did not touch the ground. Her belt, like her pants, was a pure black. She wore solid black boots and a strapless black corset that seemed formed to her body. On her arms, soft black sleeves topped with gray wolf fur and ornate armbands shimmering with onyx stones and bronze. What was interesting, however, and what marked her for what she was, was her skin. It was smooth and flawless, but tinged with gray as though she had rubbed ash all over herself in a thin layer. Even her lips were pale, and her hair looked like it had once been brown but had grayed - though she looked far too young for such a thing to happen. Her most colorful feature were her eyes, a beautiful shade of blue.

    Walking over to the carriage, she brushed her long braid over her back and folded her soft gray and white wings behind her. No need to threaten whatever poor soul was trapped inside. Not yet, anyway.

    Calanthe (open)
    Calanthe (open)
  19. I emerged from the carriage to view the damage, hearing no more sounds from outside. I surveyed the scene to see all my guards dead, and the axle that held the horses shattered to a thousand splinters. The bandits, however, were just as dead as my guards. I was astounded as to how, until I saw the woman. Her skin and the symbols showed her for what she was, a daimun, a being older than some rock formations, I was sure. This woman was a powerful warrior, and likely a powerful magician as well. "I trust that you are the one who slew these bandits?"
  20. It seemed that the guards who hadn't been slain by the original onslaught of the bandits had fallen victim to their own stupidity. Most had fallen into the cracks that ate the bandits, leaving behind not a single trace of their bodies. Oh well, less to clean up, she supposed. The horses were strong, clean beasts. They would do well if given new riders. None had run off during her attack, which was good. Done surveying the horses, her gaze turned to the man now emerging from the carriage and looking all around as if seeing what had happened. Few dead bodies were left, but they told a rather colorful story. She remained still and silent until he looked at her, amusement showing in her eyes for a moment as he spoke.

    "That I am," she acknowledged, her voice smooth and pleasant to listen to even though it held a deep undertone that was almost like an echo of a different voice. "You were overrun and would have had your throat slit in another moment or two," she added, tilting her head a fraction as she examined him. Agasarian, somebody of import, but nobody that she recognized immediately.