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Death of Me - Looking For Partner?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by DamienKryn, Apr 21, 2015.


Does the plot line sounds like a book you'd be interested in?

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  1. A young man, in his late teens to early twenties, stood with confidence on a large wooden box. His short black hair ruffled with the cold wind as his green eyes narrowed over the crowd in front of him. His rough, scarred hands were clenched in tight fists at his sides. He had a fighter's spirit, it was obvious not only with his body, but with his words.
    "This world needs to be fixed! The magic that rules this land is tainted in blood and perversion. What happened to the beautiful flora and fauna that used to grace our plane of existence? How come they all been converted to blood thirsty beasts? Even the trees that once stood so tall and mighty, offering life to everyone, has been twisted to fit Their love of violence. Will no one retaliate against Their unrighteous tyranny, against the cruelty of Their rule," he cried out. He gritted his teeth together as he watched the downtrodden people sadly shake their heads and move on, once more ignoring his attempts to start a rebellion against their overlords.
    Except, one person stood until the very end. As the other slaves dispersed, going back to the positions as they left him to his usual nonsense. But one person stayed, and walked up to him. That person held out their hand, and he took it- and the beginning of a new era was born.


    Two hundred years ago, in 2019 B.J. (Before Justice), human civilization was laced with violent crimes, war, blood shed- horrors everywhere. At that time, a world wide coven of witches had become well known. They practiced Wiccan magic, and believed in the basic principle of, "do what you want, as long as you harm none." They were known as the Daughters of Tara. In mythology, Tara was also known as Mother Nature, being the goddess of life, peace, and protection. This sisterhood of Wiccans sought enlightenment through the teachings and mythology of goddesses and other beings that resembled Tara.

    About a year after they became so well known, areas where these witches held their meetings were suddenly having a problem: child sacrifices. Children around the age of 5 years old were being cut open, their hearts taken out, and then their bodies burned. In each site these children were found, there were pieces of paper that pointed these awful crimes to the Daughters of Tara. This peaceful coven had been framed by others who did not agree with their practices. Because of the amount of evidence that surfaces at each scene of sacrifice, it was easy to convict the members with murder.

    But they were innocent. None of them had ever even thought about hurting others, let alone sacrificing children. So when they were convicted guilty, and given the death penalty, you can imagine they were upset. So much so that they over reacted. In their anger and hurt of being framed, they decided to live up to their new reputation- and destroy the world. Using the magic they had honed, the nine members of the Daughters of Tara destroyed civilization. They changed the landscape, the animals, even the plants, turning them into vicious beings that would attempt to kill anything that got too close. That day became known as The Day Of Justice.

    After creating the tainted realm that they did, the coven of witches soon found themselves obsessed with power. To exert their dominance, they created a city- a safe haven of sorts- that any being that wished to survive would need to live in. The City had many rules, and the biggest one was loyalty to the Daughters of Tara. For any being to live in the safety and protection of the City, they had to swear undying loyalty to their overlords, the witches. By doing so, they were promised protection from the magically perverted world they lived in, with the comforts of a home, and somewhat reasonable freedom.

    Those who did not bow to the tyrants found themselves shunned and left for dead in the tainted wilds, no food, water, or weapons given to them- they had to fend for themselves. Many rivers were poisoned, edible plants were hard to find, and if you were able to best one of the beasts of the land, you had to know how to prepare it as well, in case the food was rotten or otherwise inedible. It was practically impossible, but some did it. They did not want to give in to the power hungry coven.

    Now, 198 A.J. (After Justice), most people of the world had found themselves, one way or another, forced to live under the rule of the Daughters of Tara. Those who did not come willingly became slaves, doing the hard work including hunting, gathering, cooking, building, etc. They were not given good clothes, reasonable sized portions of food, or anything else they should be given. Most of these slaves have come to either accept this as their fate, or have decided to join the others in alliance with the coven.

    One tiny group of youth decided they were done with this. They were ready for a change, and they were going to create it. No matter what it cost them.

    Hello, and welcome to my search thread! As you can see, I already have the basics of a plot lined out, and my character ready to go. I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to go along with the basic story line, and who is dedicated to character depth and originality. Their character is totally, 100% theirs to do what they will. It takes place in a medieval-based setting because the 'apocalypse' destroyed advanced technology. This role play will require my partner to play their main character, as well as some basic side characters as the need arises. I too will be doing this. Also, at least match my grammar and spelling capabilities. I will not accept 'txt tlk.'

    I'd love to roleplay this, and am excited to hear responses!
  2. It sounds really interesting. If your still searching for a partner I would love to do it with you. :)
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