Death of Darkness (Sign ups)

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  1. Welcome... You have been chosen. For the last few millennia, you have been led to believe that only humans roam this earth, and that in space, there is but emptiness. I am here to tell you that is all a lie...

    Present day: 2013. After six people have successfully signed up, the sign ups will be closed. There are currently 6 positions available.

    A youth of only sixteen years old, Cryrax, has come to each of your bedrooms during the night. Had he more time, he would have recruited more, alas time was short. He told you a story, and gave each of you a ring. Here is what he said.

    There were no windows open in the room, yet there before the bed was a young boy, hardly any older than sixteen years old. His expression was far from one of kindness either. It was as though he had forced himself to be there. For a few moments, he stood silent, waiting for the one who's bed he stood before to awaken. Then, he dove straight into his story. "You are pathetic... A mere mortal as you are. Though maybe that's a blessing. You'll need every inch of your humanity for what tasks lay ahead of you. The fate of your future rests with the past, a story not told by any book to this date. We start at the Bible, in the beginning of creation. Hear me out damn it, your bloody life depends on it! That snake, as we know, is the reason sin was created within man. It was the catalyst of all evil in the word... The utmost root of darkness. A vessel of Lucifers will, cursed by the creator. Tainted by two of the most powerful forces to ever exist, this changed that snake forever more."

    The youth stopped, asking if the one in their bed understood what he was saying so far, though he gave the impression that he had not a single care whether they did or not. He seemed agitated, if not a little depressed. Constantly he paced back and forth, toying with the cords from his hoodie hanging around his neck. Not once did he look into the others eyes, or give them an opportunity to speak. He seemed to walk wherever the shadows in the room were, purposely stepping around the pools of light given off by the window.

    "That snake grew... In size, and in power. If one is to truly study the Bible, they will find time gaps which don't add up, and the use of terms which imply a skip of generations. These are events which once happened... But were deemed as too contradictory to the laws of which God made. For he banned witchcraft itself because of this snake. Even he feared the being... It took both himself and his brother Lucifer to seal the monstrosity away. The Devil was most injured in the struggle, with wounds of which would not heal for many millennia to come. Even the Creator was injured, though his injuries were reoccurring, once a month during the full moon. This is the real reason behind the stories of the full moon, and how werewolves came to be. This is when people themselves become more... Sinful, for lack of a better word. Tomorrow, two things will happen. God will be at his weakest due to the full moon, and the seal holding the basilisk will have faded enough for it to break free. Japan is where it will rise, under Tokyo. It's body literally fits the whole city coiled up. Extended to full length, who knows... Perhaps it may even outdo the Great Wall of China. Though it usually keeps it's head and tail together. From its tail it fires volleys of magic, there is very little that can negate or deflect them. From its head... Is the most powerful magic. It's slow, and takes a good five minutes to charge. That needs to be used to get as far away from it as possible. You and five others, will aid me in fighting this monstrosity. I loathe the creator and the Devil for making such a creature... But this is priority. Tomorrow, watch your television. It will happen around high noon. Use these rings... You will be transported to Stonehenge. There, we will find out what your true power is." And with that, he left a ring beside the bedside table, and was gone.

    The storyline was inspired by the Bible itself, as well as my favourite characters loathing for God. It's going to be R rated, for it may include scenes of gore, crude language, traumatic experiences, etc. This story is a little different, you begin by finding out what your characters power is. One each, NO WEAPONRY ALLOWED! Why? You were previously normal, and no amount of human weaponry can harm this creature, as will actually be displayed on the television. (I will rp this) This is very easy to start in, all you need to do is rp your first post mulling over what Cryrax told you that night, before turning on the TV and watching.

    Please note, this is going to be a stretch of creativity. I want you to have a UNIQUE ability for your character, not something like fire magic or alchemy, or as unproductive as seeing ghosts. You ARE allowed to have overpowered abilities, AS LONG AS THEY ARE LOGICAL! Remember, it's an overpowered as hell beast you are facing.

    Now here's the lovely part, I'm going to show you the basilisk abilities.

    It is immune to almost all forms of physical damage, or nuclear. There is no mortal way to kill or injure it. It is completely immune to demonic powers, literally using it to make itself more powerful. Divine abilities, however, seem to be its weakness, though to destroy it with divine magic takes more than even God himself can muster.

    As usual, looking it in the eyes or a reflection of its eyes will turn one to stone. Though this as you will find out, will not be a problem for very much of the rp. However, this in itself will cause a new problem to arise.

    Remember in the Bible how the snake 'persuaded' Eve to to eat the apple? In its growth of power, this persuasion had escalated, now it can communicate with any being mentally. To a human, it can turn it into a 'zombie' per say, though every trait of these people is amplified times five. Strength, speed, agility... The works. They will use human weaponry, and there will be thousands of them. Don't take them lightly. If cornered by a horde, either run, or give them a blast of everything you've got.

    As mentioned, from the tail, fast paced volleys of magic attacks. From the mouth, it takes a whole post for it to charge its attack, and these are one hit KOs. A weapon will be given later for help against the tails attacks.


    Character Skeleton

    Unique Ability:
    Ability Explanation:
    Short Character Bio:

    My own character bio will be in the first comment. Mine will be a little more lengthy than need be, so you don't need to copy it. Mine is just an already made bio.

    Character Name:
    Cryrax Forgotten

    Name Meaning:
    The Burning Rage
    March 23rd 1997
    Zodiac Sign:
    Place of Birth:
    Current Residence:
    Tokyo, Japan


    Jet Black
    Blue irises, black sclera
    Distinguishing Marks:
    Black sclera
    General Appearance:
    Young, handsome but weathered features, often wears little more than rags
    High intellect and very agile
    Immaturity and stubbornness


    Anyone who does him wrong
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To dethrone the creator
    None, he doesn’t want to be anything, nor does he believe he deserves to
    Visiting the gravestone of the only person he ever loved
    Just about everything
    He has a knack for figuring out highly advanced puzzles, and is very practiced in free running and parka
    He is very unsocial
    His own powers are his biggest fear
    General Personality:
    Being as young as he is, as one would expect, he can be quite immature. He is unreasonable with if things don't go his way, and very set in stone once he wants something. Neither a leader nor a follower, he finds the path of his own to be the only one he needs. Though he is immature, his intellect itself is commendable. Very easily angered, he can be a danger to others in the worst of situations
    Inner Personality:
    Torn at the seems, he wants to make a difference. He doesn’t want to be angry all the time. He can feel alone no matter where he is, or what’s going on, though for his messed up emotional inner it is a wonder he isn’t insane
    Fondest Memory:
    Those of the time spent with the one he loved
    Biggest Regret:
    The death of the one he loved
    It was Cryrax himself who is to blame for the death


    Special Items:
    Simple knives are all he’s ever needed
    Rage Limit
    Explanation of ability: Bear with me on this one, and feel free to ask questions, for this ability is unique. Rage limit, in essence, is the anger or "rage" of the user becoming tangible on a raw and highly destructive scale. The strength of this ability is determined by how angry the user is. Imagine the Hulk. The angrier he is, the stronger he becomes. The same logic applies here. The form of the ability takes the shape of how the user imagines their anger visually. For Cryrax's case, this is fire. So obviously, the ability would be seen as flames. Please do not confuse this with actual flames, for the two are unrelated. The color of the flames, due to the empathic nature, takes on that which holds the most significant value. For Cryrax, this is deep blue, the hair color of one deceased that made a huge impact on his life. So logically, we have blue flames. Now for what it actually does. I did mention it was highly destructive; it works in a similar way to say psi, except on an emotional level. These blue flames once produced viciously beat at the energy given off by objects or say magic, based on the universal energy law. To say it melts away what it touches is the most basic explanation I can possibly give. Due to it being empathic, it creates a shield for the user from such abilities that target the mind, aura, or emotions.


    General History:
    His parentage is unknown, in fact his whole existence up until the age of five is a mystery, one that even he could not recall. Put in foster cares immediately, he never stayed in one for long, due to his aggressive nature towards the others in care with him. This continued until he was nine, where he took to the streets. It was there he found someone to care for, that cared for him in return. Details of this individual are sketchy at best; the only description Cryrax will give is that they had blue hair, and that he loved them. Upon their death at fourteen years old, one could say he completely broke down, inside and out. As proof, the whites of his eyes have been replaced by an empty abyss of black. That is when the flames began...

    Present Life:
    To date, he walks among the world of the supernatural, his cursed power forcing him to distance himself from humanity. He has learnt that the sun itself is not just a source of life as humans had been led to believe, but also a trap of death for the creatures of the night… A perfect weapon to purge the land of the unlucky dwellers with each rotation of the earth. His goal, is to dethrone the creator himself, and bring order in his own vision to the world so that he may cleanse himself of his curse. Unfortunately, he knows his curse is necessary to achieve this, so he does nothing to rid himself of it.