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    Kira has gone and passed, Near became L, and eventually he too passed. Their struggle went hidden and only noticed in whatever they chose to make public in the human world. However, in the Shinigami world, it provided a rare distraction and new form of entertainment. Ryuk, intentionally or not, showed the Shinigami a new way to pass the time, something more interesting than the normal gambling on skulls and bones. So, it's time for a new game.

    Who will find the notes this time? The next Kira? Someone who uses the Death Note for personal gain, or uses it as a weapon against the other users? Who knows, after all, humans are so interesting...
    After having read the extra chapter to Death Note, this idea came into my head. Years after the battle between Kira, L, Near, and Mello, all evidence of the Kira case was buried. The public still knew that he had indeed existed, but the details of how he killed, and who he was, has been hidden away. However, Ryuk had inadvertently made the Shinigami world interested in humans again. And now, various Shinigami, for reasons each to their own, have dropped their notes to see what the human who picks them up does. A new war emerges, each owner now using the Death Note they obtain for their own reasons.

    Other characters would be perfect to have as well, maybe one of the police officers on the case has a Death Note, but attempts to use his to help the investigation in full, or in hidden view of them. Maybe the next L owns a Death Note of their own, having just discovered it perhaps. I'd love to have player Shinigami's as well, following the rules they must obey, but each interacting with their human in a unique way. So who's in for a game of Shinigami, Death Notes, and intrigue?​
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  2. I would be all over this :)
  3. I would absolutely love to be part of a new-world DN roleplay...
    If possible, I'd love to play a role similar to Matt, Mello's loyal buddy. I want to be someone who isn't directly, but indirectly, involved. Possibly one of the trouble maker's sidekicks of sorts. But that's if the group got big enough. If not, that's fine. I'm still not turning a DN rp down. :cool:
  4. Well thats a start, but keep in mind I plan on having quite a few more people, and only a few death notes to go around.
  5. I'd definitely love this! Death Note is/was one of my favorites! I'd really like to be a part of this if it takes off :D
  6. I'm in! I love Death Note!
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