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  1. The sounds of lone footsteps could be heard down the street where a young girl walked her head was lowered and a hood was pulled up over her head she was shivering and each breath she took would be followed a few seconds latter with a puff of white air. She kept walking she knew that she was close to her home just a few more blocks and she would enter the warm and comfortable apartment that she lived in. She walked down another 2 blocks and noticed something in the snow it stuck out like a sore thumb something black against the white snow. She knelled down and removed her glove covered hand from her pocket and picked up the notebook, she examined it and read the title and mumbled it to herself 'death note." Her eyebrows were raised and her interests were peaked and started to walk and opened up the first page and started to read the rules. 'There is no way that this is real" she thought to herself before putting the notebook into her bag and continued her walk home. When she got home she ate dinner and took a quick shower and started homework the notebook was laying on the corner of her desk not touched and waiting for its owner to be picked. She sighed and picked up the book and looked at the cover running her fingertips over to the cover before flipping t open and reading the rules over and over again in her head, she flipped though the empty pages thinking about all the names that she could put into the book. She shook her head and set the book down before she picked up her phone and texted her boyfriend and she texted him "if your up txt me."

    Sakura mumbled from the streets watching the girl with her book ignore it "kill somebody already so I will have your soul little girl" she mumbled before going inside the building and sitting on the bed knowing that the girl would not see her for a while. Sakura got up and walked around the room it was small but comfy she was happy and would be happy living hear with the girl. she went and she laid down on the bed making a little indent in the bed as she laid there and waited.
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  2. Hardly any light managed to pierce through the window shades in Logan's office. He ensured that it would be dark for what was about to happen. Aside his desk stood two bodyguards, each wielding a Thomson Model 1921, and attached to it was a Type C drum cartridge. It was the simplest kind of gun for any gangster to use these days, after all finding fancier firearms wasn't particularly easy these days. Footsteps tapped on outside the office. The smell of cigarettes followed close by. On Logan's desk was a deck of cards, accompanied with a chess board. Finally, beside those two things, was a gold-plated desert eagle pistol. Everything in the room was placed carefully to make sure that this person would break. A man walked in the dark and smokey room, and behind him was another gangster with a gun to his head. Logan smiled as they arrived. He picked up an ace card and flipped it around with his fingers, and it seemed as though he was more interested with the card then these visitors.

    "So, how did the sale go, Mr. Gilmer?" Logan asked with a grin that meant business.

    Mr. Gilmer was a salesman in the Chicago crime world. The police ignored him on the grounds that he never looked suspicious. From a single glance, most would guess that he worked as a bank-teller. Gilmer was perhaps the shortest person Logan ever knew. The sweat from the startled man stuck awkwardly to his official-looking business suit.

    "Uh, yeah... it did boss, but... umm," Gilmer began to stutter, and the man behind him whisked out a cigarette. "We lost about 300 hundred pounds of cocaine and heroin in a police raid, I'm afraid."

    Logan giggled as he put the card down, only to pull out a steel knife. He thrust down the blade into the desk and jolted up to respond. "YOU DID WHAT?!" he ran the sharp edge close to Gilmer's throat, his body placed on the table. "You should remember how much I dislike failure, Gilmer."

    "Wait! Don't kill me, we still got most of the shipment out in time. I can fill the rest of my quota by next week, I promise!" he was pathetic. Everyone in Chicago knew that pleading with the mafia was impossible. Logan ran a calculation in his head.

    "If what you're saying is true, then we lost $1,360,777.11 overnight. You know what this means..."

    "Please, NOO!"

    The knife went straight into the fragile man's heart. Logan twisted it, just to make sure that he suffered. The other men bore sickened expressions as their boss erupted in laughter. It wasn't until Gilmer collapsed when the guards finally dragged out the corpse, trying to avoid the same fate. The body twitched around in all sorts of delightful ways. The boss' face went blank, he turned his head and faced the wall. He was thinking deeply on the poetry of the murder he just committed. Logan spoke out to the two remaining guards.

    "Get out. I need time to fix Gilmer's little mistake."

    They left. Only a minute of silence passed by when Logan heard a thump outside his window. He opened the shades and looked out. The building itself was an abandoned insurance office that remained empty for 5 years now. The boss himself kept his own office on the bottom floor, since it would be easier to escape in a crisis. The window gave way to the parking lot outside. There were no cars there. Instead there was black book on the concrete. His eyes became fixated on it for some reason. Logan would have known if there was anyone outside. As if possessed, he walked outside the small building. He went over to the parking lot, stretching over to pick up the notebook. There were two words carved onto it, written in white. Death Note. Logan flipped open the pages carelessly. His eyes traced around every word on the first page, but the first sentence caught his attention.

    "The human whose name is written in this note shall die."
  3. Hannah took a deep breath and she pushed her hands against the desk and pushed slightly causing herself to be spun around and facing the book and she picked it up with small delicate hands and used her finger tips to tease open the pages and she read over the instructions one more time before she reached out and grabbed a pen and spun it around on her fingers. An evil grin started to tease her lips and her eyes glazed over she licked her lips and giggled hysterically and clicked the pen to get the ink ready and she sat back and took a deep breath thinking about who she should kill and she closed her eyes and one of Logans body guards and she smirked to herself. "Adam michele" the man had touched her butt and that should have been enough for her to kill him right where he stood and she started to think about how to kill him she could make him kill himself in the worst way possible cutting himself, or skinning himself and just letting it happen. An evil grin appeared on her face and she wrote his name in the notebook on the first line and after his name she wrote blood boiling. Hannah set the pen down and looked at her watch and she pressed 1 on her phone and speedield the main office of Logans work and Adam answered.

    "yes Mam what do you need Miss. Hannah?"
    Hannah smirked "nothing just wanted to talk to Logan is he there."
    "Yes mam but hes busy I can tell him you called if you wish."
    "No that wont be needed though Adam are you feeling okay?"
    "yes mam why would." Hannah pulled the phone away from her ear after hearing Adam's screams of pain and she smirked to herself and she grabbed the book and licked her lips she could rule the world with the notebook and she could take over the mafia she could do anything she wanted and she would. But then it hit her she had killed a man she had never done it before she had never experienced that feeling she was always looking from a camera watching. She took deep breaths and started to shake before she heard a female giggle behind her and she spun around and screamed and fell of the chair. A women with blue skin and crazy hair and eyes looked down at her smirking.

    Sakura giggled as she looked down at Hannah and held out her hand and gave a bow "hello Hannah my name is Sakura I'm the queen shimigami and you found my book and killed somebody very nice I'm so proud of you but I am going to need my book back and since you did use the book when you die i own your soul." Sakura always got strait to the point and she giggled and sat down on the bed and crossed her legs over each other. Hannah slowly stood up and moved back to her chair and she grinned "so I can kill anybody I want." OF course" Sakura grinned "and I can do what ever I want" Yes of course." Hannah giggled and she stood up "that's so cool." She smirked and walked over to her phone and she picked it up and speedild Logan.
  4. Logan's hands flipped through the pages more. It all seemed so bizarre. Clearly this was some kind of sick joke, there simply was no other way to explain it. What kind of notebook can kill people? It was this kind of sick joke that Logan appreciated, it brightened up boring days. He walked back into the office, quick to give a sneer towards his guards, who were out by the door smoking. "I'll be in my office for a bit. Keep an eye out here." he said to them. As soon as Logan got back inside his room, he closed the window shades once more. He began to read the rules, most of them being easy to ignore. He simply had to try this 'Death Note'. Logan drew out an ink pen as quickly as he could pull out a knife. Though before he could test out this peculiar little book, a voice broke the steady silence.

    "About time a human found that thing." the sound came from some golden, jewel-encrusted skeleton.

    Logan fell back from his chair in horror. He pulled out his gun and aimed towards the thing's face, but Logan knew he couldn't kill whatever this creature was. The notebook mentioned something about Shinigami, or gods of death. There would be no point in trying to kill one of those. Slowly he put the gun down; with sweat dragging down his head.

    "You're... a Shinigami? I guess this is the part where you kill me for taking your notebook, eh?" he fought to surface a smile.

    "Not right now, foolish human. But when you reach the end of your lifespan, I will write your name in my Death Note. Perhaps you should have read those rules to completion." mocked the demonic being.

    "So you have your own? I guess that means I can keep this one."

    "Yeah, yeah. Do whatever you want with it, I don't care, human. My name is Armonia. I might be forced to follow you until you die, but when the time comes I'll have your soul."

    The gangster didn't even bother to continue the conversation. He tilted his head downward to face the Death Note. After the pages that held the rules, there were white pages that resembled any normal notebook. The rules themselves weren't particularly interesting, aside from Logan's soul now belonging to a golden Halloween decoration.

    "Are you listening, human? This is important information! Once you write a name, you can kiss the afterlife goodbye!"

    "Ah, please. For the life I've lived I would prefer that."

    Logan had the perfect idea. He would decide to kill a rival mafia boss. It would make his plans much simpler. The pen was dragged along the fine white paper, spelling out the name 'Vito Falsone'. That man was infamous in the mafia world for ordering more assassinations than any other person, and no doubt his own death would become one. Logan left the cause of death blank out of respect. A casual heart attack should do the trick. Forty seconds of nothing passed by, only to end when one of the guards burst in. They started ranting about how another mafia boss suddenly died, and how the news was raving about it. Logan's eyes opened wide. He now had the power to kill anyone. The moment would have been much better had his wall phone not started to ring. Logan picked it up with his left hand, while holding the Death Note in his right.
  5. Hannah took a deep breath when she heard Logan pick up the Phone "hey I think there is something wrong over there I was just on the other line with Adam and he just started to scream bloody murder I have no idea why or whats going on but you might want to go check it out" she added a hint of worry to her voice just enough to make it convincing. She spun around in her chair and turned on her laptop and signed in and started checking out the cameras all over town she stopped at one particular it was a rival mafia leaders house and people were crying she cleared her throat. "Seems like theirs something going on at Falsone place I cant see much just people crying watch yourself dear there seems to be a mafia killer out there." She kept clicking on the different cameras of the city and didn't seem anything ells. "Watch yourself Logan one screw up and you could die and I don't need that to happen anyways what time do you want me to come over." Her voice was dark and full of anger they were setting up for going after one of the Mafia lords in Chicago and she didn't want to miss this chance to get payback. The man had ruined her fathers life for almost 10 years now. She closed her eyes and growled a little bit thinking about the man before snapping her eyes open and waiting for Logan to respond.

    Sakura smirked as she sat on the bed "why don't you just kill this Logan guy"
    Hannah put the phone on mute so that she could hear him but he couldn't hear her. "because I need him alive"
    "But why hes just a stupid human"
    Hannah shock her head "no hes not some stupid human hes smart almost as smart as me but he lets his emotions get in the way sometimes and hes evil hes horrible and evil and sick."
    "But those are the kind of guys you like right since they are just as corrupt as you"
    Hannah grinned "exactly now shush." She clicked the mute button on her phone to turn it of and she leaned back in her seat resting her back and she waited.
  6. "Adam? I've known him long enough to know he'd never... wait a minute... HANNAH?!" Logan roared into the phone. She sounded worried. "You can go to my apartment in an hour." he was beyond furious. Armonia looked like he was smirking, despite having no facial muscles. The guards in the room didn't even notice the Shinigami. Logan figured that only he would be able to see him, probably because of some weird Death Note power that he didn't bother to learn. After all there were more important things to focus on. Logan never tried to think about Hannah very much, if only to save him the stress. But he knew that she was clever... too clever. The only thing Logan ever noticed about Adam that would normally concern Hannah were the stares he passed by to her. Adam was never chivalrous.

    "I want one of you guys to go over to the Falsone residence, and monitor police activity. The other stay and guard the office. Let me go check on Adam's quarters."

    Logan ambled along to the private quarters. More often than not it was a room for those hiding from the cops. Adam was living at the office lately since he robbed a gas station only a week ago. "Adam! Adam, you better get up before I send a bullet into your---" he paused. At his feet lay the corpse of Adam Michele. There were no cuts, bruises, or bullet wounds. Not even a sign of poisoning. Yet the body's skin looked cold and yellow. There wasn't even a drop of blood. Logan reached down and checked for a pulse, only to pull back his hand. The body was boiling from the inside! Disgusted, he kicked Adam's body. Armonia was floating over them both, laughing.

    "Hahaha! Now this doesn't seem particularly natural, hmm human? HAHAHA!" Armonia was holding on to his side in laughter.

    "Did you do this, Shinigami?"

    "Of course not. But I'm also not going to tell you who did. Just don't be surprised when someone else has one of those notebooks."

    "Then I'll kill them too." Logan called in for one guard to throw the body in the dumpster outside. "In the meantime, I'm heading out to my apartment. Unfinished business."
  7. Hannah hid the end button and she walked over to her closet and opened the door and picked up her bag and she went and filled it with cloths and her computer and other things that she would need for the night. She glanced over at Sakura and raised her eyebrow "so are you going to stay hear or are you going to follow me over to his house." Sakura smirked "I'll go with you I want to see this guy and I bet he has found the body right now." Hannah shrugged "I honestly don't care if he did or didn't Adam deserves to die for what he did to me" she clenched her fists at her side and she sighed and took a deep breath calming down and she grabbed one of her pistol and she slid it into a secret compartment in her bag and she stood there thinking about what she was forgetting. She glanced over at the Death note and she picked it up and looked around her room trying to figure out where to out it she took a deep breath and she went into the closet and shut the door behind her it was pitch black and Logan had never been in hear it was where she prayed and she walked over to a space in the wall that she had cut out for hiding stuff it wasn't very big and if you didn't look closely she slid the book into the farthest corner and put a dress in front of it so nobody would notice the hole and she turned on her heels and walked out of the closet. She went and picked up her bag and looked at Sakura "well lets go." She grabbed her key and Logans appartment key and she walked down the stairs and got in her car and started to drive. It would take her 15 minutes to get there without traffic and luckily she was able to avoid any traffic on the way Hannah looked over at Sakura "so your a shimigami"

    Sakura nodded her head and she started to look out at the city around her
    "your a demon of death so when I die you get my soul"
    "yes exactly but I won;t kill you I'm not that mean"
    Hannah grinned "well I know that you seem really nice"
    "well of course I am and so does my husband"
    "your husband is he on earth as well?"
    "No hes back in our world but his jester and adviser are hear"
    "so there is another one of you on hear"
    "yes but hes just dumb"
    "a lot of guys are dumb"
    "you are correct about that"

    Hannah pulled up to the apartment and she parked the car and she got out and went up stairs and unlocked the door and went inside and set up her office with all her computers and cameras and she sat down on one of the chairs cross legged and she started to scan each camera all around the city and started to take notes. She new her job when ever she came hear and she always got done early.
  8. Logan chose to make the risky endeavor of walking back to his apartment, possibly out of fear for whatever dangers a vehicle often brings. Armonia floated close behind him, staring down like a raven. It would take some time getting used to always being watched. It was also concerning that Logan knew Armonia couldn't be trusted. With a Death Note in his possession, no one could be trusted. The sidewalk had less people than it usually did. Very rarely did such calm days pass by. Logan felt insulted by Adam's death. An attack made against a business partner was an attack against him. There had been many times previous when some lackey got killed and got sent back in several pieces, always as a warning. Such barbarism was commonplace in the mafia world.

    "Before we go back to my apartment, tell me Armonia, where are all Shinigami from?" Logan questioned.

    "The Shinigami Realm of course. It's a nice place for eternal boredom. I happen to find myself as the Shinigami King's personal adviser, one of the highest rankings my kind can receive." Armonia bragged.

    "Interesting. So do you know if there are any others of your kind here?"

    Armonia nodded his head. "Oh, uh, yeah... the Shinigami Queen. She's caused a ruckus in our world, just to spite her husband. You know, marriage things. If you want to know more, then that will cost you some apples." he let out a chuckle.

    "That's good to hear, I'll be asking plenty of questions," Logan scoffed. "But first I need to talk with Hannah. She knows something."

    He opened the door, only to find her propped up on one of his decorative chairs, tapping away on a keyboard. Logan certainly didn't expect for Hannah to arrive this early. Armonia stared off into the distance, as if he was looking at someone. The crime lord's heart paced with ever-increasing speed. Hannah's eyes looked deadly.
  9. Hannah looked in the reflection of one of the cameras and saw Logan standing there and she spun around on the chair with a notepad in her hand and she set it down on the coffee table in front of her and she raised her eyebrow. "You got hear really early I'm impressed I thought I would show up early and get some work done, nothing crazy is really going on just the normal seem to be a lot of commotion on the police monitors though seems like your worst enemy had a heart attack and died." She stood up and walked past him to the kitchen where she grabed two sodas and came back into the living room and she set one on the table and the other one she kept in her hand and she popped the top off and held it up "cheers" she took a sip and went back to the chair and she crossed her legs. "You seem on edge tonight more jumpy and more evil any reason why?" She took another sip of her drink and set it down every once in a while she would glance at the computer monitor and click a button but always moved her eyes back to Logan. She sat right up and took a deep breath "what happened to Adam all I heard was screaming and I got scared is he okay." She already knew the answer but wanted to hear Logan say it say that he was dead and how he died. She got back up and hurried back to the kitchen and came out with an apple and she sat down again but this time her legs were under her and she looked like she was sitting on her toes and she started to eat the apple. She always sat like this when she was thinking about something and it was a habit that had formed over many years of thinking her eyes met Logans and hers were filled with evil lust and his she couldn't tell there was something there something deadly and something wrong she moved her eyes back to the computer screen a second latter and took another bite of her apple before setting it down next to her drink and she clicked a few buttons and frowned before turning it into a smile and she sat back "I just got my acceptance letter to Harvard."

    Sakura walked up to the golden shimigami and she smirked "we'll look who decided to show up are u hear to report me back to my husband little boy." She had an evil grin on her face as she floated over to her with her arms crossed over her chest and she sat next to him. "They won't hear us right now I can promise you that so you have the boy and I have the girl only seems right wonder who's going to win this, I mean my girl she may look innocent but I'll tell you what she's as deadly as a snake and as crazy as one of us it's impressive." She floated over to Logan and she ran her fingers through his hair and she tilted her head "he knows that she knows something but hes so scared to ask what it is me loves her and she loves him but they have a boundary these humans are so interesting I could play with them for eternity."
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  10. For some reason Logan felt angrier than usual. The loss of Adam, Gilmer, Falsone, and over one million dollars would be more than enough to complicate a day. The mafia respected Falsone and held him in high regard, the same kind of treatment Logan wanted. He nudged his eyes to view Armonia, who looked maddened by the apple Hannah was eating. Logan grabbed a soda, moved along to his couch, and sat down. Hannah looked... enticed, to say the least. He took a deep breath and shut his eyes. It was no mystery that Hannah preferred to keep her emotions to herself, yet the calmness she wore was almost disturbing. For whatever issue faced them both, she would be the one to stay rational. On the other hand, Logan would be the one to send a bullet storm into his problems. "Adam died today. This wouldn't surprise me, per se, but something was wrong when he died. Adam's skin was boiling! I've never seen any kind of disease or poison do that before." Logan paused, wondering if he should tell Hannah about the Death Note. He decided against it; there was no way she would believe him. He held the soda can to his lips, drank it to the last drop, and crushed the can. A wave of tiredness washed over him. "But I don't see why I should bug you with my job. Goin' to Harvard? At this rate I'm surprised you're not a professor there." he smiled. Logan was utterly filled with an inexplicable rage, yet he couldn't ever act on it towards Hannah. She could kill him easily, and vice-versa.

    Armonia was less than delighted to see Sakura in the human world. "Humans, interesting? You must be eating poisoned apples, Shinigami Queen. You're lucky I can't just tell your husband what you're up to." his golden teeth moved in a barking fashion. "I say we make a wager! My human is far stronger than yours, and also far less stable. Whichever human discovers the others' Death Note also has the better Shinigami!" Armonia's hunger for apples was driving him insane. "And hopefully I can get some apples before the withdrawal symptoms begin."
  11. Hannah sighed and she looked down at the apple she looked like she was trying to solve a problem with the apple before she set it down and she rested her chin on her knees and she shock her head and shut her laptop and she got up and glided over to Logan and she sat next to him and she moved her legs over his la and she leaned back. "That's really weird I wonder if he had some weird disease or something he always seemed kinda sick to me and I'm not just talking about physically." She narrowed her eyes thinking about the times when he would stare at her and she shock her head and grinned after he made the Harvard comment and she rolled her eyes and sighed. "If I was a professor none of the student's would learn anything since I would just go on a rant about something that I don't like that they are teaching or something like that. She sat up and tilted her head and she looked into his eyes and raised her eyebrow before she leaned so close to him that there noses were touching and she leaned back against the couch and she sighed. "your mad and your not just mad your furious about something want to talk about it or is it to top secret that you cant tell me" her voice sounded deadly and she kept eye contact with him the entire time that she talked to him and she smirked she enjoyed having these mental games with him it was fun but she always won and at this game she would win as well. She was more of a data analysis and level headed girl but Logan he would shoot anybody if they looked at him the wrong way and people had looked at him the wrong way before. She picked up her drink and took a few sips of it before setting it back down on the table and she tilted her head to the side watching him like a hawk watching its prey. Her face twisted with something that looked like disgust and she sneezed but in the middle of the sneeze she moved her eyes over to the spot where Logan had looked at only moments ago and she raised her eyebrow and went back to smiling at him. 'If he also has a death note then this is going to be fun' she hopped that he had a death note because it would have made her so happy to know that she wasn't alone.

    Sakura shrugged and she moved her hand under her dress and she moved her hand slightly to a bag that she kept and she pulled out a ruby read apple and she took a bite of it and she smirked after she swallowed "fine that's a bet but I will win your boy is unstable and will make a mistake that Hannah will pick up on I bet that she already has a idea that he has once since he looked right at you stupid human." She took another bite of her apple before she pulled one out and held it out to him "this is so that you wont tell my husband anything but if you wan't to you can tell him everything I won't stop you but I would discourage you from doing it." She took another bite and she diapered as she searched around the apartment.
  12. Logan's eyes were locked into Hannah's, he couldn't deny that. She was acting differently (either for better or for worse). There was a new-found sway in her that Logan never noticed before. He was nearly ready to kiss her when Hannah moved so close their noses where touching. When was the last time they were ever that intimate? His chest rose and fell rhythmically once she moved back. First Hannah started talking about Adam's death, and now it seemed like she was going to seduce him. Logan's anger took a mild rest when Hannah sneezed, as it distracted him oddly. "I'm trying to put the pieces together. Adam died after Falsone had a heart attack, but it happened so quickly that I don't think it was a revenge signal. Sure, he was a pervert but I don't see why anyone would kill him for that. It just... doesn't make any sense." Logan sighed deeply. He looked back into Hannah's hawk-like eyes, watching them pick up every minute detail. She was both careless and precise at the same time. Logan guessed that they enjoyed the same kind of games. "But I do know this; people don't normally die from being boiled from the inside-out."

    "Like I said, I'm stuck with this crazy human," Armonia paused and coughed. "But knowing you, you'll probably try to make one of them go insane. Being stuck in the human world does that for me already!" he started to think about whatever Sakura's plan was. Of course he knew that Logan was already insane. That was obvious. But the Shinigami Queen's human was a bit more relaxed. Either way this was going to be a fun wager.
  13. Hannah sighed and she closed her eyes and she tilted her head back and she took a deep breath it seemed like she was sleeping but when her eyes opened again she looked at Logan and she sat up and grabbed her computer and started to type away at it her face showed that her mind was thinking and she turned the computer over so that it was facing Logan, "hears a disease that makes your skin feel extremely hot due to extreme fervor and leads to yellowing of skin and death, maybe this it what killed him." She left the computer on her lap before she set it down so that it was facing both of them and she took a deep breath "and that is weird maybe it was just a coincidence that they both died I mean when my mom died her sister died only 2 days before and to tell you the truth Falsone wasn't really that healthy he ate more than you and I eat in a year in a single day so maybe he had it coming." She sighed and then flipped over so her head was in his lap and her feet where on the other end of the couch and she gave him a silly face and she stuck her tongue out at him. "But anyways why are you so stressed and don't avoid the question again Logan and don't lie to me I know you to well." She moved her hand up to his cheek and she rubbed her thumb over it and she sighed and her girlfriend side took over her which was rare enough "I worry about you and it worries me when you don't tell me whats going on because I can't help you and we both know that you don't think first when you take action."

    Sakura came back a moment latter and grinned and she closed her eyes and her body started to glow a light blue and she held out her hand to Logan and she smirked "lets play with them a little bit" She started to humm and she licked her lips using her lust ability on the couple and she giggled. "They are so cute together but she knows that already that's why she hasn't broken up with him yet."
  14. Even now Hannah seemed to have all the answers. Logan still didn't feel right, because everything still didn't add up. The disease that she brought up had a few problems from whatever Adam died of. Adam didn't look sick before he died. In fact, he looked healthier than ever, and there was also another issue. His skin felt boiling from merely touching it, rather than the simple warm of a fever. It was as if Adam was thrown into a vat of acid. Logan placed his hand to his chin in thought. At least the explanation for Falsone's death was reasonable. Logan nearly choked on his soda when Hannah placed her head on his lap. Again, when were they ever that intimate? Nevertheless Logan gently massaged her hair. He wanted to seem somewhat attentive. He also knew that he'd have to answer her questions. "Maybe I'm worried that something is going to kill me. I don't try to think about it most of the time. It'd be even worse for you to get caught in anything I do." for the first time (in basically ages) Logan exposed his affectionate side. Most would guess that it was as empty as his soul. "You still have an education to finish and a future to find." he slowly grit his teeth. Logan was trying desperately not to expose his anger. Hannah couldn't be scared easily, but there was no point in trying.

    Armonia was awfully bitter inside this boring apartment, in the boring human world. It felt like Sakura was more interested in his human than the female specimen was. Sure, they were acting all close and stuff, but humans normally did that. "Forget this. I'm going to search the room for apples. Tell me when they do something original." he barked. Shinigami never had any interests romantically, and that was among the many reasons Sakura felt like a radical. Surely the Shinigami King would agree.
  15. Hannah sighed and she sat up "screw all of that I know where my future is and its working for you and your company its all I have ever wanted to do and you know that" she stood up and walked over to the window and she stood at her and wrapped her arms around her body and she took a deep breath before she turned her head over her shoulder and she looked into his eyes with a glare. She then walked over to her computer in a stride and she picked it up and she walked back over to the window and she sat down on the ground and turned the cameras on to the surrounding area of his apartment. "Somebody's following you and your on edge and you wont tell me why so why invite me over hear if you wanted to lie to me and not tell me the truth." Her voice was bitter and full of anger as she stood up and walked back over to Logan and she dropped the computer in his lap a black van was sitting outside his apartment and she crossed her arms over her chest and she sighed. "Keep the laptop you need it more than me I'm out of hear come to my apartment when you figure out what you feel like telling me and not lying to me because you know I hate lying." She grabbed her bag and zipped it up and she walked over to the door and she stopped and with tears in her eyes she looked back at him and she whispered "all I have ever wanted to do is work for you and make you happy that's it but if you cant come to me and trust me enough and if you lie to me in my face again then I will tell the police everything." She had used the threat before when she got angry but she hated to be lied to and she new that he was mad and it was radiating off of him and she felt it but on top of it all he had lied strait to her face and she looked over to were Sakura was standing which was right next to a mirror so she looked like she was looking into a reflection of her. She was pretty her short brown hair fell to her shoulders and she looked pale a lot paler than she should have it wasn't a secret that she didn't eat much or that she was ill a lot do to stress from school and she took a deep breath and she pulled out a stack of papers from her bag and she set them on the table with a shaking hand "this is all the homework for the past moth call me when your done with it I have more." She walked to the door and she held her hand on the nob before she twisted it and stepped out for a second just to mimike like she was looking around and she checked her watch but kept her eyes were glued to the van and she took a step back in "there's nobody in the van could be in the bathroom or setting mines just be careful." She closed the door behind her and she leaned back against the door and cried silently to herself and she walked past the door and she grabbed a key and walked down the stairs and made a turn around the corner and went into the office and she walked back up the stairs and back to Logans room using the back door and she sat down back on the couch. "There not around hear so I'm guessing that they went out and there are no mines or bombs or anything." She was back to her normal self and she sighed and leaned back against the couch "I hate it when I have to yell at you but its to protect you but everything I said it true." She glared at him again before she crossed her legs over each other and she and she pointed to the papers "that's a lot of homework do you think that you will ever go back to school?"
  16. Shock, awe, and a swirl of other emotions circled in Logan's mind. Now there wasn't a single doubt he had that something was wrong. Hannah was perhaps the emotionally strongest person he ever knew, but for some reason that wasn't the case now. Guilt and shame washed over Logan as the sound of crying invaded his ears. He never wanted Hannah to get involved in the mafia world, not at all. Previously it felt like she was ready to have a normal life, outside of his presence. Logan looked over to the laptop and felt the need to throw it out a window. Of course he refrained, for the sake of politeness. Rage continued to build inside him. It was becoming harder and harder to control. Armonia had a smug look on his face, despite being nothing more than a metallic skeleton. Logan's eyes narrowed as his Shinigami held a crimson red apple in his hand. If Hannah saw that then she would also find out about the Death Note. It would be his job to keep her distracted. He listened carelessly as Hannah threatened to turn him in; both of them knew she never could. Logan shrugged off the threat. But the line was drawn when she held a stack of paper in her arms. Sure, it was nice that Hannah later went out to inspect the van, but bringing homework into his apartment was the maximum limit. Logan's face turned red, and his hand gripped the gun he carried with bestial strength. Without saying a word, Logan fired a bullet into the stack of papers that sat upon his coffee table. The shot passed through the paper and shattered the glass on the table. "Don't... ever... mention school in my own home." Logan's eyes were ready to turn red like the rest of his body. Looking across the room again, he saw that Armonia had left the room. It was obvious from the apple core left in the kitchen. He looked into Hannah's eyes apologetically. Words fell out his mouth with little correlation, but he needed to get away before the stress broke him. "I need some fresh air. We can talk later." Logan was trying to ignore his problems. Kicking the door open, he left his own apartment. He shot one of the van's tires without remorse. Letting the reality of the situation sink in, Logan also punched one of the windows just to add insult to injury. Well, aside from the scratches on his hand. There had to be a place that Logan could go to and just think.
  17. Hannah jumped when he had fired the bullet she always jumped at the sound of hun shots ever from a computer screen or a tv show. She sighed and after he left he picked up the pages of homework and she walked jnto the kitchen and she dropped the papers I to the trash can and she turned her head seeing an apple core on the counter and she picked it up and examined it. "Hu you weren't in hear a few minutes ago." She dropped it into the trash can and walked back out to her monitors and she glanced at each one. There were no vans no people trying to kill her and no Logan she sighed and grabed her bag and went to change. When she came back out she walked into the spare bed room and she sat down and signed in and she took a deep breath and watched the it's from her computer screen the death note was on her mind and what she should do with it and after a while the phone wrang and she answered "hello."
  18. (Sorry these next 2 days are going to be crazy will post when I can)
  19. Streetlamps flickered in a strange pattern, and a dense fog rolled through the night. Logan nearly forgot that he left his Death Note back at the office, free for anyone to take. The sound of a car gently rolled into earshot. He jumped over a wooden fence, managing stealth under the cover of night. The car drove past him. Logan exhaled, though he soon discovered that he landed in the city park. An unsuspecting moon rolled over his head, illuminating the grass beneath Logan's feet. It was comforting. Walking over to a wooden bench, he sat down, cold and conflicted. Once again the echoes of a vehicle came by. It approached and grew in frequency, and finally it stopped, and Logan was greeted with the sound of a door opening. Whispers filled the air as footsteps echoed on the ground. Logan could see waves of light, and their source were flashlights. He could listen to what was being said.

    "He's got to be around here somewhere."

    "We'll find him."

    The voices belonged to common mafia thugs. None of them were Logan's men, thankfully. However he had no idea if they were after him, or someone else. But it all became clear when one of the lights struck Logan's sensitive eyes. The men became animals, so to speak. He could see the grins they wore, even in the darkness. All of them carried melee weapons; baseball bats, crowbars, knives, etc.

    "There he is! Ain't it Mr. Shootout himself, HAHAHA!" one of the grunts mocked poorly. Even now Logan sat calmly on the bench, unhappy that these hooligans interrupted his train of thought.

    "Good evening, gentlemen. I take it that each of you are ready to die?" Logan's devious smile revealed wolf-like teeth.
  20. Hannah pulled the phone up to her ear and she said "hello" the males voice on the other end of the phone and she swallowed hard. "That took you to long to answer Hannah your getting rusty on me so how are things going". Hahahahaha sighed and she moved away from the computers and she walked over to the corner of the room and she hissed "things are going fine it would help if you didn't send a fucking white van to watch him like I said during out last conversation he's fine we are fine." The man was silent for a few seconds and Hannah heared the sound of a computer Starting up and the sound of a keyboard being used "so do you think he's ready." Hannah Sat down back at the computers and she scanned everything and stopped at the garden seeing Logan being confronted by some mafia men but he could handle himself "I do but he's crazy like insane he's worse than me he enjoys the killing." Hannah could hear the smile in the voice of he man "just how I like him you have 2 days to get him ready."the man hung up and hannah set the phone down and she sighed.
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