Death Note: Search for a Madman

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Should I use actual days as in-rp days?

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  1. Hello. You may call me The Puppeteer. I have come to have a Death Note in my possesion, as such, every third day, I will kill one of my "Puppets". Your Job is to stop me. Good Luck! -The Puppeteer's Message to YOU

    The basis of this rp is for you, the rp-er to stop me, the murderer. You need to find me first, but I won't make that easy. I have a Death Note and thus will kill people every 3rd day. (Days will pass with a simple message made by me.) You can anything from an extremely intelligent student, to a proffesional sent from the government. The Puppeteer made his first "calling-Card killing" a week ago. Another death has occured since then. What will you do? Create your OC and prepare for mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with a conundrum.
    Character Sheet
    Age: (Minimum 17)
    Job: (Or are you a student? )
    Physical Description: (Can be a picture or description)
    Reason for coming after The Puppeteer:
    Morality: (Are you on a dark path of revenge, do you plan on taking the Death Note for yourself, or are you heroic and good?)
    Personal Note: (Write a note!)
    1. Your pefectly human so no Godmodding
    2. No one but the antagonist gets a Death Note (Unless you win and take it for yourself)
    3. Try to look at this logically, try to solve the mystery.
    4. If you read this far... good. Now put the word Puppet in your personal note section.
    5.Have fun!
    The World
    We are in Japan in the city of Kyoto. Nice and big, lots of different places The Puppeteer could be. Don't beleive me? Google a map of Kyoto, but that aside. Utilize the environment. Describe things! Does your family live in a two story house with a garden? Or do you live alone in a condo? If you go to school, what does it look like. Etc.

    The events of the Canon series have not ocurred.
    The Police are aware of he deaths happening, and they know the Puppeteer is behind them as he leves a calling card with each of he dead.
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  2. There's a good bit of information you could provide to help people make characters. With so many unanswered questions, it is ambiguous what makes sense and what doesn't.

    Have the events of the canon series taken place (so the populace has some knowledge of how the deathnote works in a quick and dirty way) or is this in another universe?

    Are the police aware and if they are, arecthey taking action?

    Has the kill every third day part been broadcast to the public or is that a statement to the RPers?

    Does the L organization exist?

    How large scale do you expect this to be? In other words, are we looking at os8me average students or some professionals brought in? Their resouces would be very different.

    etc, etc.
  3. I've taken your advice and added a few details to the original post.
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