Death Note MxM: L x Light RP Request!

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Always looking for MxM rps!
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Hello and welcome to my thread, I have been watching Death Note and I absolutely love the anime. I am almost done with it, though I am not quite finished with it, but hopefully by the end today I will be or the next. ^.^ Anyways, I'd really love to rp L x Light, I love this pairing and it's hard to find people who would like to rp it!

I just want to make more of, that I do not mind that you can't play the characters exactly as they are, I know that can be quite stressful and difficult. However, please make sure you take some of the characters personality into account, I know this is a fandom based rp so of course they'd never do a lot of the things they will be doing in this rp, but try your best to think like them! I'm not saying it has to be perfect in any way though!

I am looking for someone to play L and the top/seme/dominant in the relationship. I'd like to play Light and the bottom/uke/submissive.
2) Third person only please. Also, if like at least one paragraph, but more is definitely welcomed and encouraged! But you don't have to give me a book! :)
3) Please try to have correct grammar and punctuation, I understand a few mistakes but I don't want to be deciphering your replies!
4) I do not mind making the topic or starting the rp, just ask me. :)
5) If you have a storyline or a suggestion please tell me, or we can brainstorm together! :)
6) Most importantly have fun! ^.^ Comment below or pm me if interested. ^.^​
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