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    "The human whose name is written in this note shall die."

    A new age of mankind has dawned. The vast majority of the world's worst criminals are dead, all thanks to Light Yagami, also known as Kira. This golden age is seemingly perfect for the ignorant masses. Little do they know of the dark things done to keep their paradise. Little are they aware that their world was forged by the deaths of thousands in one of the greatest mass-murders in all of human history. Yet the human world isn't the only one going through a sudden change. There is also the Shinigami Realm. It is a place of darkness, and more importantly, boredom. The deformed beings that inhabit the realm are known only as Shinigami. They are the gods of death. The Shinigami have found themselves in a state of egregious boredom; no longer does gambling[​IMG] and watching the activities of humans appeal to them. And in mass defiance against the Shinigami King, a vast number of Death Notes have fallen into the human world through a dark portal. These wicked notebooks have the power to kill, only by writing the name of any human inside them. It was this very kind of weapon that Kira had used to forge his perfect world. However, it came with a price.

    There were many whom were disgusted with Kira's actions. The death toll for criminals had spiked at an unimaginable rate. The first person to actively defy this murder's will was none other than L, the greatest detective who ever lived. Although he may have died at the hands of the Death Note, L's legacy continues[​IMG] to live on. Humanity remains unaware that L ever died. Instead, the detective's memory lives on in his pupil Near. For a time after Kira's death, almost everyone had assumed that the killings would finally end and the world could go back to normal.

    They were wrong.

    In order to ease their boredom, the Shinigami had ensured that their Death Notes were found by only the most "interesting[​IMG]" of humans. What could happen when these individuals find the most destructive weapon ever created? What will they do to their fellow human beings? Shall the reign of Kira start anew[​IMG], or will the world be plunged in a different kind of domination? The choice is yours. But it must be said that your agenda will not go unnoticed. Those with an equal commitment to justice are fully dedicated to stopping the murders caused by the Death Note, even if they are not aware of the methods employed. Two years have passed since Kira's death, and two years have gone for those notes to be found. Humanity must define the nature of justice again as a war of intellect rages in the background.

    premise (open)
    This entire story revolves around the conflict between the note-users and those dedicated to stopping them. Players can choose to be a Death Note user, a detective, or a civilian. The setting is in 2015, so everything is placed within modern times. This RP is based off of the anime, not the manga. There can be story references between the two due to their similarities, but nothing extreme. In order to protect your own life, it is your task to outwit your opponents and defeat them through intellect.

    rules (open)

    1. No god-modding, bullying out-of-character, "Mary-Sue" characters, or spam.
    2. OP (me) always has the final say in rejecting applications or pointing out rule-breaking.
    3. No playing as official characters from the Death Note anime or Manga. Originals only.
    4. Characters can die. This is self-explanatory. Don't expect Deus-Ex-Machina to save you when the other characters figure out your name, but I'll still ensure no god-modding on their part.
    5. Romance is permitted, though smut must be kept in spoilers or private messages.
    6. All Death Note-users must have a Shinigami to accompany them.
    7. Shinigami cannot reveal the names of other characters.
    8. Investigators are not fully aware of the Death Note's existence initially.
    9. If you cannot continue playing due to boredom or other issues, please kill off your characters or end their story.
    10. Please be aware of all the official rules of the Death Note itself.
    11. No Shinigami Eyes. This is to prevent unfair RP'ing and god-modding.

    Accepted Players:
    @MilkyRamen (Time-Keeper) Status: Alive
    @Snowday Status: Alive (Co-OP)
    @Mei-Mei-Mei Status: Alive
    @N/A Status: Alive
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  2. Sachio's office was oddly quiet that Thursday morning. He had recently completed a case in which some car thief was going around Tokyo, and well... stealing cars. It was almost insulting that his superiors were always sending him off on the most idiotic of missions since the month began. But it wasn't all bad. For very peculiar reasons, Sachio was given a great deal of privacy in the J.N.P.A. headquarters. The police were satisfied with his alter-ego; the mysterious Oversight, known to others as O. He took inspiration from another detective in Japan who went by the name N. Whatever Sachio knew about this detective was scattered through dusty files and whispers from the older detectives. Granted, the only thing he knew was the alias N. Sachio had no understanding of who carried the name. As of 2015, he was stubborn enough to be responsible for over 1,215 unsolvable cases, with 1/3 of them taking place overseas. Even now Sachio thought that number was far too low. He had only been an investigator for four years now. Sitting comfortably in his wheelchair, Sachio rolled over to his bookshelf. Reaching over to the one that interested him most, the young investigator pulled it out and read the title aloud. It was titled The Kira Chronicles: A Record of The World's Deadliest Mass Murderer. The printing date was back from 2013. Within its pages was an absolute rabble of words. There were conspiracies of who Kira actually was and who was being targeted, mostly information people knew well enough already. There was a time when Sachio actually admired Kira, and it didn't take long for that time to fade. Looking back, he held nothing but hatred for that monster. It was ridiculous to even consider the body count. Of course Sachio was used to violent murder cases before, he solved plenty of them, but the idea that someone could evade the police for so long was agonizing. Sachio always told himself that, one day, he'd be like the famous L. Even if it was some obscure dream, he still felt as though it was his fate.
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  3. Poker was getting old.

    And yet, across the circle of disinterested shinigami, Yuu couldn't keep his eyes off Ryuk. He was dying to ask. Ryuk would know better than anyone how to do it. But he would have to be subtle - the guy didn't take kindly to interruption. He looked over his cards with indifference. They all did. Nothing interested them anymore. When Gouki, a shinigami with the look of a corpse thrice burned and lastly drowned, got a flush, even he seemed disappointed as he took his cut of worthless bones.

    "Say, Ryuk," Yuu said at last. His voice was like the unwanted touch of a suede glove. "Did you -"

    "Oh, for god's sake, Yuu," Ryuk barked back. "Yes. We found a human for you. Hisako Matsuo. Twenty. Tokyo. Seiko building. Go."

    Yuu was taken aback. He'd been waiting so long - such a long, boring time, and Ryuk hadn't bothered to tell him when his suffering could have certainly been staved off? "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" he demanded.

    "Because it wasn't convenient earlier. For us or you. Or her." Ryuk looked over his cards again, made a face, then laid them face down on the gray, dead earth. "I fold."

    "Didn't pawn me off with a dud, did you?" Yuu asked, suspicion tainting his words like bitter poison.

    "Nah." Ryuk stood up. The other shinigami watched him with distant interest as he stretched his wings, throwing glances in his direction as if awaiting his reaction. "Here's hoping you fall in love and get yourself killed like Rem, moth boy."

    And then he was gone. A few of the shinigami still involved in the game chortled at the insult, watching Yuu as his face contorted with frustration and embarrassment. God, he hated it here. In the shinigami realm, popularity could go both ways - endless acclaim or hopeless jealousy. Yuu would take either one. At length, he stood up. The weight of the Death Note in his feathery hand was sheer perverse, but to a shinigami, that was merely comfort. It told of things to come. "To hell with you guys," he spat, then flew off, the parting words of the others trailing him like the ghosts of all those he'd killed - certainly there, but not quite audible or tangible. He ignored them. He had more important things to do. The portal was directly below him.

    Without a moment's hesitation, he plunged down, down.

    Into the human world.


    When Hisako went to work that morning, she knew she was ill. She shook and sweated and, right before she left, vomited. But she couldn't afford to miss days. Not during her training. She wasn't fortunate. There was no such thing as luck. There was only hard work and what came of it. Something had come of Hisako's work, but it wasn't enough. Not as long as she could go further. And thusly she walked to the Seiko building overcome by aches and chills and a fever that wouldn't quit. She dutifully ignored it all until she arrived at the Seiko building, where she spent part of the time before her shift sitting in a bathroom stall, huddled against the plastic wall. Her office was air-conditioned against the heat of the Japanese spring, but for once, she wished it was heated. She shook all over as she signed papers and checked statistics and answered calls. But she took care to conceal it as best she could, for she couldn't let weakness show. Not here, not now, not ever. She'd be going places one day, and that day couldn't come soon enough. Strong. Efficient. Smart. That was her, and she had to stay that way, or else she wouldn't go anywhere. If she so much as -

    "Good morning, Miss Matsuo!"

    Hisako shot a piercing look at the doorway, but it faded slightly when she realized who it was - their newest intern, Akio, with the beaming young face and the cheap but very clean suit. She offered him a curt nod and returned to work, but out of the corners of her eyes, she could see he hadn't left. "Say, Miss, you don't look so well," he said.

    Hisako didn't look up. "I'm fine."

    "You so sure about that, Hisako?" Another voice, deeper and older and painfully familiar, sounded just behind Akio. This time, she looked, her fevered eyes burning with vexation. Leaning against the door frame, Hideo was tall and spiff and haughty. He was always smirking, always smelling to high heaven of expensive cologne. "You look pretty sick. Go home and give the rest of us a chance."

    "That's Miss Matsuo to you, Hideo. I. Am. Fine." And she resumed working with a renewed vigor and renewed desire to pull a blanket over her head and sleep for a year. He heard Hideo whisper something in Akio's ear before leaving with the unwilling intern in tow. And so she continued working, the various aches in her body fading in and out of her consciousness, her fever rising and falling and rising again. Working and focusing was getting progressively harder, but harder and harder she forced herself until she heard a voice which she recognized immediately.

    "How are you feeling this morning, Hisako?" The door frame was filled by an older man, with a soft, kind face full of concern - Mr. Kobayashi, the executive director. Behind him, Hideo crossed his arms, leaning casually against Akio, who was looking a bit uncomfortable. A bit guilty. It was no secret that Hideo was after her position - he'd take any opportunity he could find to get her out of the way, even for only a few days. Mr. Kobayashi rarely paid any attention to him, but if Hideo told him about her condition, he probably would have made an exception. Mr. Kobayashi was a caring man, a kind man. He knew just how to treat every one of his employees, including Hisako, in the way which made them most comfortable, and therefore most efficient. A smart man, that Kobayashi.

    Hisako stood at attention, swaying slightly. "Fine, sir."

    "Hideo and Akio tell me otherwise. Come here, please." Suppressing a sigh of defeat, she stepped forward. Over his shoulder, she could see Hideo smile smugly, and Akio mouth the words sorry, miss. Poor kid. He wouldn't last. Mr. Kobayashi put the back of his hand to her forehead, a gesture she would have never submitted to by the hand of Hideo or Akio or anyone below her. She heard him give a small, sympathetic sigh. "You're not fine, Hisako. You're burning up. Please, go home and rest."

    How badly she wanted to worm her way out of this one. She couldn't give Hideo the satisfaction. She couldn't. "With all due respect, sir, I can continue in my present condition."

    Mr. Kobayashi shook his head. "I'm afraid I won't allow that. I have no doubt you could manage a full day's work, Hisako, but you're clearly miserable, and I wouldn't want the rest of the office catching the bug. Go home, Matsuo."

    Hisako's jaw clenched. "Yes, sir."

    As she started for the door, where Hideo had pulled Akio aside to let her leave, Mr. Kobayashi said to her back, "If you like, I could give you a ride home. You're not well."

    "I can manage, sir." Hideo was well out of her way, but she still found an excuse to shove him aside as she left.

    Halfway back to her apartment, Hisako had to stop. She was terribly nauseous, and it had begun to rain bullets of freezing water. Though the coolness was blessed relief against her burning skin, she was shaking too hard to go any further. Even as she stopped by a long-abandoned chain link fence to sit against it, her suit drenched and teeth chattering, she did not regret turning down Mr. Kobayashi's offer. Helping him avoid unwanted distractions made her look good. But as she sat there, drenched and fevered and miserable, she was tired of powerlessness. So very, very, tired.

    So she looked up into the driving rain and found her answer.

    A black dot, out of place in the torrent of gray rain, hovered over her head, far up in the sky. As she watched, it slowly grew like a black snowball. Gaining definition, it became a rectangle rather than a dot. Falling. Faster, faster. Growing, growing. Then, at long last, landing in a flutter of paper, right in her damp lap. She picked it up with a gloved hand - the rainwater ran smoothly from its leather front in rivulets over a title written in silvery bones. It read Death Note.

    Hisako looked up for any sort of explanation - a high-rise apartment, a drone, anything. But there was no rhyme nor reason to the morbid thing in her hands. Her interested piqued, she opened it.

    The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

    Strange. Creepy. Not the sort of thing Hisako would invest her time in. But interesting, certainly. Perhaps a novelty of some sort.

    This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

    If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.

    If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

    After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

    As she skimmed the rules, Hisako felt strange. Childish. Who would buy such a useless novelty item as this? Garbage. But as she stood up to leave, she tucked it into the folds of her suit, holding it close as she hurried home.

    As soon as she reached her apartment, she tore away her suit and sank into her couch. The apartment was warm and dark and safe, but as she pulled a thermometer from her medicine cabinet, and lethargically putting away her drenched suit, and rummaging for acetaminophen, she found herself glancing at the strange notebook left on the counter. It simply drew her eye. She balanced the thermometer under her tongue, meaning to hold still for the advised two minutes, but was forced to get up again. Why? The notebook. She brought it back to the couch with her and sat staring at it for the entire two minutes. When the thermometer beeped, she took it out - 39 degrees celsius. Burning up, indeed. She wasn't going anywhere. Not for awhile.

    She had time. Time for indulgent foolishness.

    She picked up a pen.

    Who did she want dead? Perhaps her head was a bit muddled, but she immediately thought back to her childhood. Her mother had never been around - a french woman, supposedly, thus explaining her hair, but she'd never once met her. The only person in her little world was her stupid, stupid father.

    Stupid. The stupid were what held the human race back. Stupidity disgusted her. She wished that Kira had cleansed the world of idiocy rather than injustice. She would do just that, given the opportunity. For all her time spent in the Seiko company, the secondary fruits of her labor always went to the least deserving. The lowest common denominator. Because companies had to cater to society, but a society was only as strong as its weakest link. Every time the greatest idiot in the world died, the world got a little stronger. Too bad that didn't happen every day.

    That was it, then. She wanted the world's greatest idiot dead.

    Kenji Matsuo

    The name fit nicely in that little book, suited to such consequences. It would do nothing, but it was certainly nice to look at. Brought a small, rare smile to her face. Worthy of framing. She closed the book, set it aside, then retired to her bed.

    Several hours later, the ringing of the phone by her bedside jolted her awake. She groped into the darkness, her hand falling upon the plastic shaft of the phone, and she raised it to her ear. "Hello?" Her voice sounded awful, sandpapery, befitting someone as ill as she was. A little irritated, even.

    "Is this Hisako Matsuo?" The woman's voice on the other end was low and desolate. Worry struck Hisako like a bullet as she gave her confirmation. "Miss Matsuo, we at the Kawaguchi Police Department regret to inform you that your father, Mr. Kenji Matsuo, has been found dead in his home. We believe the cause of death was a heart attack, but we are investigating matters further. Sorry for your loss."

    Hisako couldn't breathe. Couldn't think. "Oh my god..."

    "Ma'am, if you'd please -" Hisako hung up the phone, and suddenly decided she'd slept enough. Throwing away the covers, she rushed to the living room, fighting dizziness all the way. Upon arrival, she found the Death Note sitting, unassuming, on her counter, but she filled with dread at the sight of it. This book - it killed people. It took lives. It might as well have been covered in the blood of her father - no. A coincidence. It was a coincidence.

    "A coincidence." She repeated to herself, and it sounded more real. More reasonable.

    "It was no coincidence, I'm afraid."

    If chloroform or a hundred sleeping pills had a voice, she imagined that would have been it, that voice - she spun around, and wished she hadn't. There, floating in midair, was a moth the size of a man, with feathery arms and eyes that glowed red. He breathing grew ragged with the effort of holding down a scream. "I see you found my Death Note."

    "What are you?" she demanded. It seemed a more fitting question than just who he was.

    "I am a god of death - a shinigami, if you will. You can call me Yuu." He floated a bit closer. Hisako backed into the counter. "Now, now, don't be afraid. I'm only here to make sure you know just what you're dealing with."

    Hisako glanced at the notebook, then back to Yuu. "Go on."

    Yuu began floating back and forth, as if pacing. "As you probably know, any person you record in this book shall die. You've read the rules. But there are some technicalities that you should be aware of, see. First off, you're not going to hell, so don't worry your sick, pretty little head over it. Second, you're not going to heaven, either, so get back to worrying. The user of the death note cannot go to heaven or hell, but you're free to use the note as you please while you're still here. I can't help you or work against you, but I can cut you a deal for some pretty nice things. Things that'll help you advance your cause, see? It'll only cost you half your lifespan -"

    "Not for sale," Hisako replied curtly.

    Yuu shrugged. "It's on the table. Whatever. Shinigami eyes, friend. You can see anyone's name and lifespan just by looking at their face. Useful, considering you need a name."

    Hisako picked up the note again, looked it over. So much power. The power of Kira. "This was what Kira used, wasn't it?"

    Yuu scoffed, inspecting an apple from a bowl in her kitchen. "Yes, smart girl. This was the source of Kira's power. Not to mention Zero."

    "Well, toss me a pen, Yuu." For a moment, Hisako thought she could see a smile form in the folds of fluff Yuu called a mouth before he threw her the pen that may as well write in her father's blood. He followed her back to her bedroom. "I can be better than either of those fools."

    Yuu watched her settle back into her bed and begin to write names - names upon names - into the book. A sound like a purr reverberated from his moth's mouth. "That's big talk for a newbie."

    "Please, Yuu," she dismissed him. "I know what I'm doing."
  4. The phone rang with enough ferocity to send Sachio out of his office window. It surprised him greatly, to say the least. He stood up from his chair and walked over to pick it up. It was an unwelcome distraction, as Sachio was looking forward to meditating. He never did it with much frequency in the comfort of his own office. The room itself was given the most soothing air-conditioning system in all of Tokyo. Sachio wasn't sure if that was exaggeration or not, but it certainly felt like it. Picking up the wall phone and holding up to his ear, Sachio gave a casual hello.

    "Uh-yes, is this Oversight?" it was the police chief who called him. "We have some important news for you."

    Sachio thought deeply as to what this important news would be. If this was some new case to solve, it would be sent through email, not a phone call. The others in the agency simply called him O, rarely Oversight. As Sachio thought further, he noticed that this was the first time he heard a human voice in two days. "Is this important, chief?"

    "Yes," the old man's voice was horribly shaky. "The J.N.P.A. has reviewed your case agenda this past month. Your quota is far lower than previous months, and I'm afraid we've had to hire someone to keep an eye on you."

    "This is outrageous! I know I've been slow these past few days, but crime rates have been lower lately--"

    "Let me explain. The person we've hired is an F.B.I. agent in training. We figured an expert as yourself would benefit from having a partner. Her name is Amy Padilla, from California," the chief said firmly. He explained the situation further, speaking about some mutual benefit plan they've cooked up. Sachio would teach this Amy the process of chasing criminals, and in return she'd keep Sachio on a leash.

    It didn't quite feel like a fair process. Now he'd be under the supervision of both the Japanese and the Americans.

    Sachio questioned the chief. "I can't say I approve fully. When will I speak with this person?"

    "Ms. Padilla is currently on her way to Tokyo as we speak. I can arrange a phone call between you two right now, then we can move on with some more important news."

    Sachio felt a sense of dread run through his body. It was bad enough that they'd be chaining Japan's second greatest detective with a student, but now there would be even more to deal with! Excellent. His thought process cycled through all of its usual steps. Its pattern nearly mirrored the stages of grief, at least right now. Sachio sighed and tried to pull himself together.

    "Alright. Put her on the phone."

    In that simple sentence, the chief connected the two phone networks together. The phone hummed in Sachio's hand as it was calling Amy. Hopefully this person wouldn't be aggravating, but knowing past encounters with the F.B.I., that seemed unlikely.

    "Hello? This is Ms. Padilla. Umm... is this Chief Tomiyuki talking? He'd said I'd have to meet him when I get to Tokyo, but this plane is awfully slow."

    "No, this is your new teacher. Oversight." replied Sachio in fluent English.

    And then there was silence.

    "WHAT?! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's you!" Amy laughed with excitement. "We totally have to meet when I get to Tokyo! The J.N.P.A told me they needed someone to keep watch on you, it can totally be good-cop, bad-cop!"

    At the very least she didn't lack for enthusiasm. Of course Sachio still felt this was unnecessary, it could even lead to some kind of identity breach. Those F.B.I. agents tended to be shifty. Once the world learned of Kira's death, the top investigators around the world made an agreement to enforce aliases. And here was this woman, happy to give a surname to a possible liar. Sachio respected honesty. That much was true, but he didn't admire idiocy. They talked for only five minutes more. Oversight was anxious to end the conversation. Once Amy was satisfied in hearing unimportant details, Sachio turned his attention back to Chief Tomiyuki.

    "You've partnered me with death itself, boss." he sarcastically remarked. The chief erupted in humble laughter.

    "She may not seem like it, but Ms. Padilla is very intelligent. Her record confirms 57 murder cases have been solved by her, and over 246 other criminal actions throughout her career. But with that personality of hers, it's no wonder the Americans sent her over to us!" Even though Sachio couldn't see him, he was sure that Tomiyuki was grinning like the devil. "But let's get back to business. We need the talent of Oversight to investigate the death of Kenji Matsuo."

    That name felt ominous.

    Sachio didn't even bother to respond. Instead, he went over to his computer, which sat atop his desk. He searched through police records of this Mr. Matsuo. The name brought up one result. It seems as though this person died only a few moments ago, and the lower detectives confirmed a heart attack. Now Sachio felt betrayed. Once again he would be sent off on a mission that had no purpose. Then again, it would be better than staying in the office all day. Picking up the phone once more, he spoke into it with the voice of newfound determination.

    "Alright, I'll look into it."
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  5. Aku​
    "So BORED." Said Aku. And he really was, today was an extremely slow day at the bar. Only three people were at the place, and they weren't even ordering anything. They just sat there, either watching the tv or staring off into space.
    "Hey Chief, mind if I take a short break, nothings happening right now and I need some air." 'Chief' Aku's boss, a tall, burly man turned around from speaking to one of the waitresses to respond. "Eh, sure, in fact, I think were good for today, you can head home Aku." Chief and Aku were pretty close friends, even though he was Aku's boss.
    Aku smiled "Thanks Chief!" He waved, removing his nametag and bartender apron as he left the building. Aku was about to get in his car, a dark blue convertible (For which he only has the massive tips he's given by his drunken pals at the bar to thank), when he noticed a small, black notebook on the hood of the car. He walked up to it.
    "What's this?" He said as he picked up the notebook. Flipping it over, he saw the words "Death Note" written on the cover. "Weird.. who left this here?" Taking the book, Aku put it in the passenger seat of his car. Arriving home at about 3:00, he grabbed the notebook and walked into his condominium. The single, two story building shoulder-to-shoulder with two other condos of the exact same style. As he stepped inside, he kept looking at this odd notebook. "What is this thing anyway?" His rhetorical question suddenly being answered by a decrepid voice.
    "Why don't you open it and find out?"
    Aku instantly looked around looking for the source of the voice. And there, sitting on his couch, was the monstrous looking creature that had spoken.
    "The hell? Who the hell are you?!" Said Aku, whoever this was, their voice sure did match the body "I said open it and find out." His voice was sharp and to-the-point. "Umm...I.." Against his better judgement, Aku opened the book, and the first thing he saw was "The human whose name is written in this note shall die." Then, it hit him. All his memories of Kira and how he killed people. All those fantasies of being as strong as Kira. They had all come true in this moment...But wait, then who was mr. monster guy?
    "Then this is.... Wait, if this is what I think it is, then who are you?"
    The shinigami spoke "I am Kurakabuto, the original owner of that notebook. A Shinigami. Now, you have it, and you can use it."
    Aku's mind flooded with ideas, is this what Kira had? Was he the new Kira? One things for sure, he intended to find out more about this "Death Note"
    Hyomi [Libra]​
    "What do you mean I'm being re-assigned?" Hyomi spoke to Police Chief Tomiyuki.
    "Yes, you see Libra, I want you to work on a different set of cases than the petty crimes you are now. Now, don't think I doubt your capability, this is actually why I am re-assigning you."
    Hyomi sighed "Ok, fine. Where am I going and what am I doing?" She obviously wasn't happy, but she knew better than to argue with her superior.
    "Thats good to hear. You'll be working with two others for now, the Agency may assign more later, but for now, you will be working with the second greatest detective, O, and another member of the American F.B.I. Your first job is to meet the F.B.I. agent and take her to O's location so you all may meet. You are to give O this letter from me telling him he will be receiving you as another member of the investigation. Understood?"
    Hyomi nodded her head, accepting the letter and leaving the building. As she got in her car she could only think of two things, one that they must really respect her abilties to team her with O, and two, why in the world they did. Of course she knew she was intelligent, but she wasn't THAT intelligent. These thoughts dominated her mind as she drove to the airport. Arriving quickly, she began to wait for the F.B.I. agent, armed with a description of her and her cell phone number in case she REALLY can't find her.​
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  6. Amy Padilla (open)

    C.S. for Investigator:
    Alias (required): Praetor
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very friendly and kindhearted, and an outright hatred for anything listless. Honest and polite to a fault, Amy has a tendency to say what's on her mind like a child would. Despite this, she is very well-meaning and doesn't take things seriously most of the time. Patience tends to be a lacking value.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Amy Padilla was born in 1994 into one of the more poorer families of Los Angeles. As a child, she became accustomed to the frequent spikes in crime rates. Although never harmed from all the pandemonium, Amy learned quick of the troubles of criminal activity. This virtue was deepened when her house was robbed by a common thug in 2003. Amy developed a mild paranoia over being a victim, and she studied to become a police officer. This dream saw the light of day in 2012. It was then that her dream took the form of Amy joining the L.A.P.D. as a sheriff. A sense of pride bloomed in her when her first arrest was the same man who robbed her all those years ago. In a twist of fate, that same thug died at the hands of Kira only a few days after the arrest. Amy was stunned. She believed that Kira had stolen her accomplishment unfairly. Knowing that most detectives had given up on catching him, Amy redirected her efforts to becoming an investigator. After two years of hard work and an unthinkable number of cases solved, she was finally accepted into the FBI. Much to her disappointment, Kira was found dead without any kind of help from her. At least the world could finally forget about being under the thumb of a madman. Amy chose to continue being an investigator, always ready to track down the scum of the earth.
    Law enforcement organization (ex.-CIA/FBI): FBI

    Amy's Perspective
    Excitement poured into Amy's mind as the plane's wheels touched the runway with unexpected gentleness. This was her first time in Tokyo, and unlike other visitors her age, this was a critical 'need-to-know-basis' type of mission. Tokyo was certainly a beautiful city, which only added to the experience. Amy couldn't wait to finally meet Oversight. It was a little strange that his reputation was far more public than L's. She knew that this person wouldn't be the stereotypical modern detective that hides in the shadows 24/7. It was also odd that the Japanese needed an American to actually keep watch on one of the world's greatest detectives. Tomiyuki never explained much in detail, casting most of the job's information as 'confidential'. Was he suspecting Oversight of something? Was Amy being sent in to prevent O from turning on the police? The sheer amount of conspiracies dazzled her brain. Stepping onto the stairs that led off the plane, Amy entered the airport with a childlike ideal of wonder. Her knowledge of Japanese was a little rusty on the downside. She looked across the crowd and saw a woman with pink hair, wearing a somewhat similar outfit to hers. It was a bit of a stretch to assume that this person would be her escort to the J.N.P.A. building, as Tomiyuki did mention something about an escort. Nevertheless, Amy figured that she could ask her for directions.

    "Hello, may I ask you for directions to the J.N.P.A. building in Tokyo?" Amy questioned in softly broken Japanese.
  7. Aku
    Aku had been reading the rules of this Death Note for about twenty minutes. He looked at Kurakabuto "So, anyone who's name I put in here will die, and I can specify how they die?"
    "That's the gist of it."
    "All right, let's test this.." A dark smile came onto Akuma's face he knew so many peoples names, and a good amount he disliked. At 3:30 p.m., Aku wrote the names 'Zeki Altos' and 'Higara Kitomi', Zeki was undefined as to how he died. But Higara's definition wrote "Dies of stab wound exactly 20 feet away from body of Zeki Altos"
    "All right, time to sit back and see how this goes.." Aku was laughing to himself slightly, if this worked, he was going to have fun with this.
    Hyomi [Libra]​
    Hyomi noticed a woman approaching her, she matched the description of the agent. She had asked for directions, which means she didn't know who Hyomi was. "You the woman with the F.B.I.?" She said such information so nonchalantly, but she felt pretty confident this was her.​
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  8. Sachio's Perspective
    After two hours worth of file searching and email conversations with other investigators, the only thing that came across O's mind was his desire for something sweet. The occasional craving for something other than the common fruits he devoured with pride was not unusual. The police officers told Sachio everything he needed to know. Mr. Matsuo died of a heart attack inside his own home. The man wasn't particularly wealthy, or exactly young. Surely it must have been a natural death, tragic as it must be for the man's family. Sachio never took any pleasure when someone with a family died. But O was a detective, and one that couldn't waste time on sentiment. The real world can't be fixed with magic or by wishing the world's troubled away, he thought. Pulling out a small chocolate bar from a shelf in his desk, Sachio took a bite and sat back in his chair. He felt that his talents were being wasted. In this chair sat a man who would never leave the office if he still had a case to solve. Why was Sachio being cast off on such smaller cases? Maybe the chief was warming Sachio up for something, after all O still had to look forward to receiving a partner. Undoubtedly Mr. Tomiyuki always kept surprises. The office greatly enjoyed the old man's presence, never a dull moment crossed by when the chief helped out. "I can't believe it's 4:00PM already. Maybe tomorrow I'll get something interesting to solve. First I was chasing down a car thief and now I only had to confirm a poorer man's natural death. This place gets boring sometimes." Sachio grumbled aloud to himself.

    Amy's Perspective
    Amy felt quick shock when the woman approached her and confirmed her task. There should have been no one in Japan actually expecting her, aside from Tomiyuki and Oversight. Did either of them inform the rest of the police agency? For all Amy remembered her job was to be kept secret at all costs. Terrible at keeping either calm or secretive, Amy's face blushed in embarrassment. "I-uh... well, you see," she muttered "Ugh! You got me. Yes, I work for the FBI. Please tell me you work for the JNPA or at least know Chief Tomiyuki?" Amy asked both quickly and childishly.
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  9. TIME SKIP: 1 Day, by order of the GM
  10. Repost
    2:52 AM

    The girl sighed as she laid in her bed. The sheets were all taken out, and all that remained was a blanket and a pillow as the only thing that lit up her room full of boxes was coming from her laptop which was propped over her lap. The female grinned, scrolling through with her left hand as with her right she was scribbling very fast and neatly, jotting down names on each line with a choice of death beside it. Beside her, a laugh was heard which belonged to a man who seemed to be enjoying the beautiful scene laying right before him. It has been 2 hours since his Human master had been jotting names down--'One more name!' she kept whispering every half hour, However she would end up writing 100 more names. She was stressed, and this was a pleasurable reliever for her--and before the Shinigami knew it, she was sitting there staring between the screen and her notebook with such a dark smile of sadism."Hahaha..." She quietly giggled."Ok--Last one... ten--No! Twenty! There has to be more!" Hana whispered to herself as she bit the pen in her lips, hair all frizzy. Exhausted, and stressed--Insomnia got to her lately and she seemed jumpy and jittery."No, no, no!" She hissed quietly."V-Voo-doo! W--Where are you!?" She yelled distressed as she tossed her laptop aside frantically, biting on the pen with such a look of insanity. The eyes of tiredness, breaths of exhaustion, and the nervousness. Her Shinigami could feel her behavior and he was rather perplexed by the sight with a grin plastered across his face."More criminals.. Gotta stop--Dont want to!" she said quickly twitching her eye. Voodoo picked up the laptop, closing it and placing it on the bed, beside her leg before he crawled over transforming into a large wolf-like creature shrouded by darkness and laying over her."W-What are you doing?" She asked maniacally with the pen in her hand. Her hand seemed to be twitching uncontrollably--like writing in the air while the other one was also twitching scrolling on the laptop despite the laptop not actually being there. Voodoo laughed through their connection similar to telekinesis before sighing."OH--You're an interesting girl~You've clearly done enough for me. Get some rest for Japan." He said dryly in his mind. But Hana shook her head through a grin as her hands were raised up twitching."Hehehehe...." She giggled before laughing rather manically for a few seconds."REST? JAPAN? I CANT!" She shouted."THIS STRESS-RELIEVER--I FEEL POWERFUL!" the girl added.

    The large wolf-like creature merely pinned her down through her maniacal shouting in the darkness and laughing before eventually things went to black and the sun finally came up.


    It has been a few days since Hana had been living in Japan. Precisely 3 days, and today happened to be one of those days where she would be starting school--A new school. Before the move she killed a mixture of american and japanese criminals and she was snoring on the floor before feeling something being thrown at her."Wakey, wakey crazy baby." Said Voodoo in a growly voice as he tossed pieces of crumpled up newspaper across the room. The girl who was on the floor with her legs on the bed remained sleeping, and turned to her other side before her legs fell off with a soft,'Thump!' until Voodoo came closer."Hana. Hana. Hana. Hana--HANA...HAAAAANNNNNNAA." he annoyed."Wake up! You stupid brat--" The shinigami swung open the curtains where sun rays slapped Hana in the face and it was then that she pinched up her face before adjusting to the sun."Shut up.." she groaned turning to her other side yet again."School starts--You ordered me to wake you up." he scoffed with a shrug before shrugging and standing there. Shinigami's didn't sleep. In fact they never did and didn't need to. Just imagine waking up to someone wide awake in the middle of darkness creepily staring at you till morning. Hana was always greeted by those obnoxious glowing red eyes and she slowly sat up yawning, stretching, and groaning before laying back down."Ehh....hold on.." she muttered, scratching her butt before falling asleep immediately. This lead to voodoo tossing books at the girl very hard, not caring about bruises and causing her to sit right up in irritation.

    "OK, OK. You're so annoying...." She complained crawling to the door and slowly standing up, opening the door and walking out. She did her morning routine in the shower, brushing her teeth and whatnot as the door was wide open. At this point modesty between her and her shinigami was out the window and she remained in the shower before turning it off."TOWEL. TOWEL." she yelled at VooDoo, who tossed a towel over the shower without looking. The shinigami then disappeared through the door--fading through it as he stood against the wall next to the door and waiting. He didn't wait long, and by then the door was opened before VooDoo peeked in."Gee, I thought normal girls take long in the bathroom?" He asked seeing his human master brushing her golden locks through. She was in school uniform and a large light tan sweater before he received a pink hair brush phase through his head as she stomped away in irritation--The Shinigami only cackling.

    Hana walked her way downstairs to the kitchen, opening the fridge to freshly cut watermelons before VooDoo appeared behind the refrigerator door once it shut and eyed the plate when Hana walked away."Melons?!" He asked with delight. Shinigamis seemed to have a love for fruit. Apples were like cigarette, its colors like a different type of strongness or brand, Watermelons were like 'the good stuff' and Hana can only assume pot or something since VooDoo said it wasn't like alcohol. The girl sat on a high chair as she ate and fed the Shinigami with her other hand as he sat on the floor beside her."Oooh... Sweet and juicy." He complimented with delight before Hana looked away."Thats the only one you get." She said harshly. Immediately Voodoo froze staring up at her."ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS!?"

    "You get the crusts... Leftovers when I'm done."
    "Oh.. this fine-- but it would've been better with the red."
    "To bad."

    and with that Hana ate all of the watermelons, feeding the green crusts to VooDoo. She assumed her mom had to leave much more earlier than her but was fine with that and eventually she gathered her supplies and put on her shoes--walking out the house.

    - SCHOOL -
    School was a twenty minute walk, only because she was walking slow but in a peaceful way. When she made it to the school, Hana had to go through the staff before receiving help and was thus lead to a door of a class as the teacher was pulled out while the headmaster explained about Hana being a transfer student."Oooh. Have fun~" Purred the Shinigami before he took the form of a bird and flew out the school, resting on a tree near the window in a nest.

    Eventually the teacher walked back into the class, calming the students down."We have a new student." He announced before standing behind his desk as Hana walked in--Catching VooDoo and turning to the class. She--was interesting and almost immediately the class lost control at her adoring looks and such before quieting down. Playing an act, she bit her lower lip before quickly bowing."M..MY NAME IS HANA LAFAYETTE SUZUKI!" she softly shouted then looked back up straight but immediately looked down awkwardly."I.. ah..." She squeaked."I'm.. I'M a foreign exchange student transferred here! My mother is Kimiko Suzuki--Please t-take care of me!" She frantically squeaked. At first some classmates giggled. But they simply just greeted Hana with appreciation, as her nervous behavior was also cute and she immediately felt embarrassed and regretted the introduction and she didn't quite know where to take a seat. Everyone seemed to want her or not want her, so she just stood there awkwardly--Very shyly.

    The class was already excited and rowdy either way.

  11. Aku was overjoyed, the pair he had written down died in exactly the same way as he had specified. He thought to himself how he was to go about this all day yesterday and he still wasn't sure. Then it hit him, "I'll be like Kira, I'll kill criminals!" He said this to himself while Kurakabuto layed across his couch. He turned the television to a news channel and sat on the chair next to the couch. He watched and waited until it was 8:30 A.M. Overall, he had seen 4 different criminals and written down their names. Two were unspecified while the other two were to do as follows. "Walk into home, write note saying 'I've been bitten' then kill self." Already Aku was starting to leave a calling card. He even knew what he wanted to be called. Serpent.
    Hyomi woke with a bit of a start. She had booked her and the F.B.I. agent rooms at a nearby hotel, allowing the other woman to get used to Japan's timezone. Today, they would go and meet their new accomplice, O. Getting out of bed, she began preparing herself. Finally, she exited her room and checked the hallway for the F.B.I. Agent, when she wasn't there, she went to her room and lightly knocked on her door. "You awake?" She spoke to the woman within.​
  12. Sachio's Perspective
    Noise... noise... there was only a violent explosion of sound. Alerts from his computer, fax machine, and wall phones exploded and created a concurrent agony. Sachio was overwhelmed, trying to get all the information he could and then sorting it. But the noise itself wasn't the source of all this pain. It was what they were saying. Each and every notification brought the same thing. A mighty bang went off inside Sachio's mind when the clock struck 8:35AM for some reason. He hadn't gotten any sleep that night.

    All reports confirmed that criminals were dying.

    These reports weren't coming in individual events, or even units of tens, but in the hundreds. Some were notorious murders, while others could be petty thieves. Mob bosses, drug cartel members, terrorists, and everything in between. Each and every person, guilty of something different, in vastly different locations all over the world had died with the same lack of impunity. Yet, in every death report, two things remained the same.

    The time of death, and the cause. Nearly all victims died of heart attacks.

    Sweat trickled down Sachio's forhead. The stress of seeing the body count this high in only a matter of seconds was horrible. So far there were only two instances of criminals dying of heart attacks today, most of the others died yesterday at the exact same time. Two other reports were suicides, though it wasn't uncommon for criminals to kill themselves. Sachio noticed something oddly peculiar about those two suicides, among all the chaos in his office. Both victims left behind a note which read the exact same thing. Neither of them had any form of communication from what police have confirmed. I've been bitten. Sachio's breath came in violent gasps. He only had one answer for what could be causing this.

    Could there be another Kira? O knew well of all the trouble one caused over the course of several years, but this one is being far more active in a short amount of time. It was at this point Sachio was expecting a phone call from one of two things. One of those things was Chief Tomiyuki, and the other was the ICPO. Surely enough Sachio held his personal cell phone close to his ear. Only Tomiyuki knew his personal number. Ring ring.

    "O, I hope you've been getting the same news we have." the chief sounded panicked, and with good reason.

    "Indeed I have. This is almost parallel to what happened in the Kira Case a few years back. I don't think the public will be able to take this news lightly."

    "Are you kidding me? The news has been rambling on about it for two hours straight! Turn to Sakura TV, right now!" roared Tomiyuki. Sachio followed the old man's orders. His eyes were caught by the look of despair in the reporters' eyes. Kira, or at least someone claiming to be him, once killed a sizable portion of those involved in the media. The detective listened closely to what was being said on the news. Sakura TV had a reputation for sensationalizing everything. There was a big debate going onscreen between the show hosts, deciding whether or not Kira had come back.

    "It hasn't even been a full day and there jumping to Kira. Chief, I don't believe it's Kira. We know for certain that the original one was killed by a police officer back in 2013. This person is an imitation," O said nonchalantly. "And more importantly, one without a god complex. Send the American FBI agent as fast as you can, I'll need all the help I can get."

    Amy's Perspective
    Yawns escaped from Amy's mouth like animals from a cage. The bed she slept on felt like a bed of nails. A jolt of energy coursed through Amy when she heard a knock on her door, responding with a "Next time don't let me have wine before bed!". Of course she had to spoil herself with a bottle of wine from such an exhausting day in Tokyo. Even now it felt strange getting used to the new time zones. Amy rushed into the bathroom and quickly fortified herself in her FBI uniform. She packed her bags with great haste, hoping to see what O looked like as soon as possible. Opening the door (whilst forgetting that her hair resembled a tangle of snakes in the morning) Amy felt giddier than ever. "Hopefully on the way to the office we can talk about something important. Are you working for O as well?" she felt puzzled from the extra detective.
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  13. "Hmmm." By the following day, Hisako was still bedridden, and only feeling worse. She didn't bother to take her temperature. She already knew it would be high, and she had more important things to do. She was hunched over her laptop, white light spilling out over her face in the dark room, her features tight with focus.

    Yuu appeared directly behind her, sitting on her headboard. "What're you doing there, Hisako?"

    Hisako smiled placidly. "Covering my tracks, Yuu." Yuu looked past her shoulder to see the computer screen. She'd opened up some kind of protected tab, one that wouldn't appear on her history, and Yuu assumed that the NSA wouldn't be able to see it, either. But for all the precautions she had taken, it all seemed pointless, for the only thing on her screen was facebook. Yuu made a small, purring noise of interest as she browsed through the profiles of her co workers. "See, I can no longer kill with the note, as I am now connected to it by reason of my father's death. Any more heart-attack deaths would naturally be linked to me, as it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to determine that I resented my father, and would have killed him given an easy, discreet opportunity." She opened up the facebook profile of the assistant executive director, Ren Akahashi, then that of his father's, and opened her death note. "But it also wouldn't be hard to determine that Hideo wanted my job, and the job above mine, and so on. He wouldn't be stupid enough to kill us directly, but he wouldn't be above killing those closest to us in hopes of crippling our performance." At 10:42, she wrote the name of Ren's father into the note, then began browsing Hideo's profile. "And while we're at it, let's make it good and obvious that all this was Hideo's doing." Hisako made her way through Hideo's chat history until she stumbled upon something interesting - an argument between Hideo and someone named Daisuke Hamada over some sort of political issue. But as she read through the chat, which was upwards of fifty posts long and quite recent - less than a week old - she found Daisuke and Hideo lapsed into bitter personal insults and accusations. Perfect. She wrote Daisuke Hamada into the note, followed by instructions for the death to occur at 11:39 the following day. While she was at it, she browsed Hideo's status history until he found him to be complaining about an ex girlfriend, who'd cheated on him with a filipino model. Kiyoku Ite went into the note, right below Daisuke's name, with the added detail that the death should be at 9:56 in two days.

    "See, Yuu," she said, closing her laptop. "All evidence points to Hideo in this situation. The police would be stupid not to look into him. I was tempted to leave the time of death alone, but then the time difference between the initial death and the odd cluster of deaths would lend the authorities to believe that whoever was behind the killings had not been killing long, and it might be suspected that the culprit was trying to hastily cover their tracks after their first experimental murder. But now, the murders are occurring at a fairly regular interval, just random enough to fit the profile of stupidity I've set for Hideo. Which, I must say, he fits quite well already. My job here is done." And she stowed the laptop under her bed, and the death note in her nightstand drawer. The exertion alone of sitting up had left her slightly winded, and wondered exactly what was wrong with her. Before Yuu could reply, she sank back into the sheets and began drifting off to sleep again.
  14. Aku had been thinking about how Kira did things. He managed to make a grand appearence in the media, supposedly by giving them tapes and threatening their lives. Aku however had a different plan. You see, when you are left alone without much else to do at a bar where people are constantly on their phones and computers. You take the time to learn how to mess with those items. Aku at this point considered himself a fairly proficient hacker, enough that he could easily cover his tracks after doing his work. and interruption of a live newscast wasn't unheard of. The hackers known as Anonymous have done such things much more than once. So, he did what Kira did, drew a symbol for himself. Since he wished to be known as serpent, he made himself this symbol.
    Symbol (open)
    Now he began his work of hacking into the news network. Ironically, they weren't very well protected against this, then again, they were more used to physical attacks, not cyber ones. It was 10:00 A.M. when he had finally finished hacking into the network. Now, his video would play in 3...2...1...
    *Distorted Voice* "Attention everyone. You may have noticed that there are criminals dying recently. Allow me to confirm your thinking. I, am Serpent. I have come to pick up where Kira failed to finish. My desire is to follow Kira's original wishes, with one minor adjustment...I don't plan on taking so long. To those who have secretly been supporting Kira's thoughts, and in turn, mine. I ask that you do what you can to help our cause. To those who would oppose me, such as our resident police. I will say this... Corner the snake, and he shall bite." *Cuts to Static then returns to newscast*
    Hyomi saw the woman, with her hair somewhat of a mess. But she wasn't one to judge. "Yes I am" She began walking down the hall to the elevator with her "I am very interested to find out more about O.. Who wouldn't want to meet the apparent second best detective in the world? I just hope there isn't some..."The elevator stopped in the lobby. It was 9:12 A.M. She made her way to her car after checking out of the hotel, chatting with Amy about how she was wondering why they were assigned now. Hoping there wasn't something bad going down.

    (Sorry for the massive wall of text, but I felt it necessary)
  15. Sachio's Perspective
    In only a single moment, all of Sachio's worst fears were confirmed. This wasn't Kira, but something new. Sakura TV began to broadcast footage of nothing but an S-shaped snake. Sachio's head was filled with noise once more. He hadn't even hung up the phone on Tomiyuku; both were there watching the news. As this Serpent began to speak, Sachio flipped out his laptop. Already social networking began to explode with questions. There was one thing that remained the same here. Serpent was just as evil as Kira, and Sachio would never let himself forget that. His thumb moved over to the off button on the phone, turning it off as the chief was about to rant. Afraid as he was, Sachio already found a minor flaw. This new killer acted quicker. Heck, the first one didn't even become public until Lind L. Tailor died. O didn't need this advantage. The motive was already clear: Serpent wanted to avenge Kira. Yet the broadcast was only made on Sakura TV. This channel was primarily shown in Tokyo, thus, whoever this person was had to be Japanese. Thank you, Serpent, this is a useful hint. Another peculiarity sprang up. Sakura TV, being the fame-seeking dogs they are, would want to announce any message from a new Kira. This was unplanned. Either Serpent was at their studio hijacking the place (which would be horribly unwise) or maybe hacking from another location. If only the voice wasn't distorted, then Sachio could run a confirmation from vocal identity. The time would come when O would have to make an appearance on TV to respond. Hopefully Serpent was ready to follow on his threats.

    Amy's Perspective
    At least the car ride was comfortable. Hyomi was a fairly nice person, though perhaps that was because Amy acted so childish. Tokyo looked simply gorgeous this time of year (or any time of year). Amy looked at her watch and scowled. It read 9:29AM. She was well aware that she couldn't be a tourist as long as O needed watching. It was still odd that such a detective needed to be watched at all. Hyomi could do the job far better, and she was certainly helping. Amy crossed her fingers and hoped that O could speak English as fluently as he did earlier. That way she wouldn't need to embarrass her new co-worker when needing a translation. "Well, I think we can talk more about O when we meet him. So when did you become a detective, ma'am?"
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  16. [welp, feel I've waited long enough for the others to respond...]

    "Whoo" Aku sighed, it had worked. Now he had directly issued a challenge tp the police. But, there was other work to do, he needed to make sure he couldn't get caught with the notebook in case the police even started going door-to-door. He needed a hiding place. A bank? No, too public. Here in his house is probably the best option, but where? Aku wasn't exactly the best at making things, so a hidden room or something like that was out of the question. "Hmm..." Aku snaps his fingers "Aha!" With that he got up and grabbed a notebook he had in college, he hadnever ended up using this one, as the class he had it for's students put their notes on a student-made website. [He loved his classmates for this] The Death Note and the notebook both were the same shade of black, it was perfect. He would make this fake and have it hidden, if the police found it, they would take the fake, leaving him with the real one. But how was he to hide the real one? Suddenly, Aku felt the urge to look up.
    "Of course..." Aku peered at the ceiling, in the corner right above his bed, there was a single, removable tile, it blended in very well, but Aku had found out about it when he was attempting to put a poster on the ceiling. The ceiling was probably the only bland surface in the whole house, anyone snooping would look behind all the pictures, posters and furniture! Now all he had to do was make was find a less hard to find but still not obvious spot for the fake. He would continue with this until 11:30 A.M.
    Hyomi heard her ask about when she joined. "I joined the JNPA when I was Didn't make much of a name for myself till I was 25 though. Been solving crimes ever since, especially organized crime." She turned a corner and the building O was in came into view. "Looks like were almost there, what about you, when did you join?" It was now 10:03 as she parked her car and opened the door for the other agent. Walking inside with her to meet O.
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