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  1. Sida sat in the music room looking out the window at the sun set it had already been a long day for her but to make it worse she had to stay and practice the piano for the next 3 hours she had to get better she had to get into her dream college. Well that's what she told herself anyway she looked down at the bleach white piano keys and her fingertips rubbed lightly on the keys she took a deep breath and closed her eyes regaining focus and she started to play. Over and over faster and faster her hands moved on the piano it sounded so soft and peaceful but inside she was really expressing her pain and anger this had been the only way for her to express anything anymore. She had no friends she had nobody left in her world.

    Kadala smiled as she watched all the humans move around her she was at the track field waiting for her master to finsih up she had been with him all day and she wanted to go home she was tired of people. All these people where nothing to her and she couldn't wait to see them all burn. She grinned to herself as she looked at a happy couple with just one word she could end both of them the temptation was so strong so free but she wouldn't hurt anybody not yet anyway.
  2. Sygil Listened to Sida's playing. "Are you practicing again? You don't need that college, I can teach you everything you need to know."
    He didn't want to admit that something someone else did impressed him, He actually really enjoyed listening to her play.
    I can't tell her that though, She'd let it go to her head. It wasn't exactly rational thinking on his part but, hey, he's a Shinigami, what can you do.

    Oreiko was pulling up on his last lap. Why try, they couldn't catch me anyway. What they do doesn't matter, show them how much better we are than them. They are worms compared to us, useless. Oreiko shook the thoughts from his head as he finished his last lap. "Great job, as usual." Said Coach Herrings. That idiot, who is he to tell us how we did, it's not like he's even in our league, who is he to judge us? He should die next.. "Thanks Coach, I try." Oreiko said with a smile before walking off and drying his neck with a towel. Finally another runner finished and ran over to Oreiko. "Good run buddy, I almost had you there in the second lap." The boy laughed. Imbecile.. He was close to us? We were jogging. He still didn't have a chance, walk away worm. "Yeah, almost maybe next time you'll catch me." Oreiko said honestly to the boy. "Anyway, I have to head home, tell all the other guys they did well." He said as he flashed another smile and started jogging home. Where is Kadala? No idea, I haven't seen her yet, she'll come soon though.
  3. Sida opened her eyes and glanced in the direction of Sygil and she stopped playing and raised her eyebrow at him and gave him a "are you serious look before she went back to play "you know you could say one thing nice about me playing you don;t always have to be so mean." She slowed down and completely stopped she looked over at him again "why are you hear anyways did you get board at home?" She already new the answer but enjoyed teasing him.

    Kadala watched at Oreiko headed home smile smiled as she appeared next to him floating "well well look who it is hi Oreiko" she kissed his cheek and giggled as she floated next to him she had always enjoyed flirting with him it was much better when he flirted back. She kept following him not caring if people where walking threw her, She raised her hands up to her hair and fixed the bow. "much better so what are we doing tonight" she giggled again.
  4. Sygil flashed the girl a grin. "Well, I could be nice.. But where's the fun in that?" He slid next to her on the small bench in front of the piano.
    "Of course I got bored, there was no one to admire my greatness there." He said seriously. He looked at the girl. "Still no boyfriend I see. The offer still stands, you can call me your boyfriend as long as you praise me, oh! And you need a statue of me on top of this piano."

    Oreiko laughed as Kadala kissed his cheek and returned it. "Honey.. I told you.. Not in public. Save it for home." He winked at his Shinigami. You two need to stop acting a fool. Oreiko slowed down as they reached his home. "That's up to you Kadala." Seriously, you disgust me... and you are me, why must you act like this? Ohh calm down, we're just playing, what's the harm in that? The harm is that I'm not into women who are over 30, she's over a hundred times that.. Imbecile.
  5. Sida punched Sygil in the should and then pushed him of the bench before she went back to playing "I would never date a man as obnoxiousness as you syngil". She winked at him and continued to play "and I'm fine being single it's better this way." She stopped playing and got a sad look on her face she was thinking about her father and the heart break she had fine through with that. Even though they weren't dating because that would be really gross he was her rock and that was gone a single tear fell from her eye and her lower lip started to quiver.

    Kadala looked over at oreiko and sighed "you know I can hear everything you two discuss" with that she walke inside the house with an agrivated look in her face. She went up stairs and say down on his bed pouting she always got this way when somebody talked about her age. The scorpion tail that covered her eye started to away and she sighed "stop eating it's getting annoying" with that it stopped.
  6. Sygil watched her start crying. "Hey.. Hey.. Look, I didn't mean to make you cry. How about you just do the statue, the other stuff is optional,
    how's that for something to cheer you up?"It was worth a try, I don't want to see her sad.. He wiped the tear from her eye. "And none of that."
    He pulled himself back onto the bench and put an arm around her.

    Oreiko raised his arms as if to say it wasn't his fault. "Sorry, I can't really control what he says." Damn right you can't. You can hardly control what you say. No need to be rude.. He continued this mental argument as they entered the home and started heading up the stairs to his bedroom.
  7. Sida got up and smiled "ow speaking of statues I made you something" she hurriedly walked over to her bag pack and she pulled out a small statue and went back over to Sygil and sat down in front him she held a miniature statue of him and she smiled "I stayed up late last night while you where sleeping working on it I hope you like it." Sida set the statue on the piano "see your wish came true."

    Kadala floated up into his room and she laid down on his bed "what do you want for dinner?" She looked over at Oreiko and the tail started to saw back and forth exposing her missing eye socket and she looked at the ceiling and she sighed "and how much homework do you have I don;t want to be board for the rest of the night." She rolled onto her stomach and held one of her stuffed rabbits.