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  1. Who likes Death note!?
  2. it you?
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  3. what do you mean?
  4. Is it you who likes Death Note?

    Did I win?
  5. uhm... it was directed towards everyone else not me but i suppose yea i do like it

  6. Oh stop Ashmedai.
    You're practically stating the obvious.

    I only read 5 volumes before getting distracted =_=
  7. I knew he liked it.
  8. I read all of the manga many many many years ago and I liked it! 8D
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  9. im not in the right place to gather a legit conversation with death note fans am i?
  10. its one of my favorite animes, mostly because its one of those serious animes not like the ones now a days that show nothing but perverted stuff
  11. I adore the series. O_O It's also intriguing that there are different endings to the anime. Personally I prefer what happened in the live action film versus the manga/anime.
  12. i never watched the live action film but i might just have to now... Also, why are all the big names of iwaku replying to my thread? O_o
  13. Big names...?

    And I think you should give it a chance. I think the majority of my friends preferred the live action film and they watched the anime.
  14. yea like the popular people or the people who would be near the top of the list for most likes or whatever, you guys make my likes and messages look like nothing. A honor to have such people replying to my thread!
  15. The show was one of the few animes I actually watched, and it was surprisingly good. My biggest gripe against it (other than Miss Misa having one of those really high pitched screechy voices that makes me tend to avoid anime in general) was that every. Single. Female character was basically subservient to a male character in some way and incapable of acting on their own accord. Some effectively become disposable puppets by a manipulative sociopath asshole at the drop of a hat and don't question the fact that they're murdering on his behalf while giving up or jeopardizing promising careers, one was apparently one of the FBI's best investigators who got involved with the murder cases to find out who murdered her husband knowing that the killer needs her picture and real ID to kill somebody and then proceeds to give that right to the guy who keeps asking her really suspicious questions and asking her to reveal her real name which gets her killed, and a few other notable examples. The only moments of brilliance in the show are demonstrated by male characters (And I'm not just talking about Kira and L/ Near). Hell, Rem's entire purpose was basically do everything to make Misa happy, which allowed her to basically become Kira's puppet and her ultimate sacrifice basically tied into that.

    Other than that, I enjoyed the show a lot and it did keep me guessing quite a bit. Other than those two gripes, I thought it was great.
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  16. Death Note. *-*

    SPOILER ALERT (open)

    I didn't want L to die but I also didn't want Light to lose. :I
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  17. You forgot the [bracket] behind the first tag. ^^;
  18. i feel the same way!
  19. I edited it. But yes, that was very embarrassing. xD!
  20. Yeah, I will agree. The women in the series are just... Bad. It's interesting how they added a female cop in the live action film. I wonder if they did that because of the bad press.
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