Death Note: A New Note

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  1. A year after Kira/Light Yagami's death, another Death Note has been dropped into the human world. The human who picks it up, deduces that this was Kira's method for killing. He/she decides to continue, but this time with more precautions. However, rather than Near leading the investigation himself, he chooses another child from the Wammy's House to catch this "New Kira".

    Name: Ery Bryins

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Black hair and light brown eyes. About 5"5' with a somewhat slim figure. Prefers wearing vests and polo shirts. Usually, she wears khaki pants or loose-fitting jeans. As for shoes, she wears Converse or boots. She has a generally professional look to her.

    Personality: A usually nice and cheery person. She takesu school and work seriously, but likes having fun.

    Basic Info: Her family moved to Japan two years ago, sometime during the Kira case. Even before moving, Ery had followed the Kira case in closely. She was a Kira supporter, thinking he had the right idea and a good sense of justice. She never voiced her opinion though, not even when Kira disappeared. Everyone figured that he had been caught and executed.

    Ery was sad to see the world fall back into its criminal ways. She wanted Kira back, or someone like Kira...


    Ery left the classroom and looked around, shading her eyes from the bright sunlight. She was a freshmen student at To-oh University. She started walking to her next class when she noticed something dark in the grass. Ery shrugged and decided to go check it out, she had a while before class started after all.

    "Hm?" She tilted her head as she saw the words on the cover of the notebook. "Death... Note...?" Ery laughed, "People these days." She opened it, hoping to find a name, but instead, she found a list of rules.
  2. Name: Haven Watson AKA Virus

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Around 5'6, with short cropped, slightly messy black, that has violet highlights, making her hair look slightly purple under harsh lighting. She usually dresses in black skinny jeans, and graphic t-shirts, her favorite being BOTDF band Tees. She wears a faded black leather jack, or stylish gloves that go at least past her wrists. Her eyes are an odd shade of teal, masked by thick black lashes. She prefers inside to being outside, so she has a very pale skin tone, with no freckles.

    Personality: Usually quiet person, who prefers to keep to herself. She's smart, but she doesn't like answering stupid questions. She can be very sarcastic, and in most cases she is. Has a good sense of humor, and can come across as bitchy or rude to most people, unless she likes them enough to go out of her way to be nice.


    Haven sat nestled in a deep corner of the Library. She had been stuck in the hellhole known as Wammy's House ever since she was a small girl. Her parents had died in a car accident, and she'd been shipped off to the orphanage the day after. She couldn't even remember what her parents had been like, or what they looked like for the matter. She snuggled further into the corner, and mouthed the words inside the book on her lap quietly.

    "Hey Virus." Some boy laughed when he found her in her hiding place. Last year Haven had been diagnosed with some alien virus, and the hospitals doctors had never seen anything like it before. They had squandered over her illness for weeks, running tests, and scans. Taking samples, and whatever else they felt necessary. It had been complete torture for Haven while she idly sat waiting in her hospital room. After about four weeks all the doctors could tell her was that it was an unknown terminal virus, eating away at hr nervous system rather quickly and violently. She'd been sent back to Wammy's house a few days after the news, and the rest of the orphans started avoiding her and called her Virus. The only one who hadn't ignored her was Near, he'd actually been quite intrigued by the discovery of a new disease, and had spent time with her whenever he visited Wammy's house, which wasn't often. He had some important job now, ever since some strange man with appallingly bad posture passed away a few years ago. Haven recalled his name was L, and remembered he'd been a little strange, but likeable enough.

    Haven flipped the boy off, than continued to ignore him, throwing her attention back into the pages of her book. The boy didn't go away though, instead her walked closer towards her and snatched her book away. "Hey, I was talking to you freak." He growled, scowling at Haven. She leaned back casually against the wall, and stared at the boy with cold eyes.

    "Careful now," She warned him, "don't wanna catch my virus, do you?" When she said virus, it came out sounding like a curse. The boy flinched back, believing that the disease was actually contagious, and Haven was glad it was useful for getting assholes like him to leave her alone. He distanced himself from her, looking almost disgusted. Everyone here looked at her like that, and Haven was sick of it.

    "Look," The boy said, still walking backwards away from him. "I'm just here to tell you that some guy with white hair is wandering around looking for you, says it's important." Haven looked up in surprise. Near was here, looking for her? She hadn't seen him in so long, she'd gotten lonely without him around. Haven pushed herself to her feet and shoved past the boy, a small smile pulling at the edges of her lips. Hopefully he would stick around for a while to keep her company. She couldn't wait to see him...All she had to do now was find him.
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    A week later, Ery sat in her classroom, jotting down names in the notebook.

    One week ago, she had found the notebook. After reading the rules, she decided it was either a prank, a project, or real. Naturally, curiousity got the best of her and she tested it out. She decided, if it was real, she'd kill someone who nobody would miss. So, she wrote the name of a man, accused of killing his wife and two baby girls. Ery was surprised when she heard of the man's death. A heart attack. Ery had frozen with fear, but only for a split second.

    -Kira...- she thought. -Is this how he worked?-

    The next day, a strange looking being, claiming to be Ryuk the Shinigami, appeared. After she went into a panic, hiding behind shelves and such, Ery allowed the Shinigami to explain everything. The being confirmed that the notebook was Kira's method. He didn't say it directly, he merely said, "I knew another human who kept me entertained for a few years."

    Now, Ery sat writing in the notebook day and night. She was slightly sleep deprived, but that didn't hinder the execution of those unworthy of living.

    Ery would finish Kira's job and take his place in the world.
  5. It had been a week since Near had come to Wammy's house, and a week since Near had made Haven an Offer. A very interesting, dangerous offer. There had been 47 deaths in the past week and Near was suspicious that it wasn't just some coincidence that each person who had been killed had some sort of disturbing police record, and death by heart attack. Near had told Haven that this was exactly how Kira had killed his victims. Haven recalled hearing about hearing about the famous Kira. He apparently was an idol to people Nation wide, and had held himself at the level of the gods, or so Near had said, and than one day he had just disappeared from the face of the Earth, but Near seemed to be hiding something about Kira, something that Haven was determined to discover.

    Near had come to her to discuss a proposition. He believed that someone out there was following in the footsteps of Kira, killing in what they thought was for the better good of the world, for justice, but in reality was just murder, making them no better then the scum they were killing off. Haven's stomach had turned when Near told her this. On one hand she was glad to be rid of the criminals out there, but on the other, she was ashamed that someone thought it was their decision on whether someone lived or died. They had sat in silence for a while, when a pretty blonde woman had barged in on the conversation, she had introduced herself as Halle Linder, and though she appeared calm and collected, Haven could see the pain and sadness burrowed deep in her eyes. They wanted Haven to join the SPK, a task force dedicated completely to the capture and disposal of Kira. In fact, Near wanted Haven in charge of the operation. She had accepted after a moments hesitation.

    Was this some kind of test? Were they really putting her in charge of capturing the new Kira? What if she couldn't find whoever was? The question had flowed freely through her head non-stop, and even now, as she sat in the SPK headquarters, she couldn't escape the flow of negative thoughts in her head. They had gotten nowhere with the Kira case, and 12 more convicts had dropped dead from heart attacks. Haven ironically had stopped giving out her name and used the alias Virus.

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    Virus gripped the sides of her head in irritation. Why couldn't Near just take over the operation, and let her help from the sidelines. She wasn't getting anywhere at all, and Kira was probably sitting back somewhere laughing at Virus's feudal attempts at trying to find some lead as to who the new Kira was. Near of course helped Virus, but he said that she needed to start taking more control. Why was he making her do this, what was the point when he could figure the case out ten times faster than she could?

    No, Virus thought stubbornly, slamming her balled fist against her thigh. She couldn't give up on this, not now. Near had told her of the Original Kira, Light Yagami, and how the power to kill had driven him to the brink of insanity, and the killing of innocents who stood in his way. Virus wasn't going to let that happen again, not if she could help it. She would find this new Kira, and she would make sure that this would be the last murdering psycho to take the name.
  6. "So you're telling me, that if I do the eye deal with you, I can see the name and life-span of everyone just by seeing their face?" Ery asked.

    Ryuk nodded, gobbling down yet another apple. "That's right. All I need in return is half of your remaining life-time."

    Ery smiled, continuing the killings as she spoke. "That's dumb. Think about it, what if I were destined to die tomorrow? Then I would die today. It would be a pointless trade. It would be helpful if you told me my lifespan right now."

    "It's against the rules."

    She lifted her hand, dropping her pen on the desk. She cracked her knuckles, curling and then uncurling her fingers. "Writer's cramp," she muttered, amused. "Anyway, I won't do it. I'm certain that Kira didn't do it... As a matter of fact, he must've had some of his loyal followers do it." Ery started laughing. "Oh, if only I could have another Death Note dropped into the human world. I could have the person who picked it up do the eye deal."

    Ryuk laughed as well, "You're as smart as the last one."

    Ery smiled and turned on her computer. "Actually, Ryuk, I might be smarter than Kira."

    No one had said it and there was no mention of it on the news, but Ery was sure people knew what was going on. Who wouldn'tbe able to make the connection? Kira was back. Ery was also sure that the police and all the special task forces were remobilizing their Anti-Kira tactics. They were already calling in their special investigators and such. Maybe Ery would even go up against the world-famous L.

    With a smile, Ery left names in the notebook, one death every hour for the next two days. She would be restarting her normal life-style and relax. This would make her seem like a normal student, "studying" then taking a break. There was nothing suspicious about her and she doubted anyone even had a suspect yet.
  7. Virus had spent the last couple of nights without sleep, relying on the caffeine of coffee to keep her system awake. Near had forced her to take sometime for sleep, which actually meant Virus locked herself in her room working on the case. Near said that Kira had gathered a large group of followers in Japan, which he suspected was where the new Kira was residing. How he got that, Virus didn't know, but she trusted him enough to take his word for it, and not waist her time suspecting every single country.

    The new Kira wasn't taking a break when it came to what they called Justice, and each and every new death weighed heavily on Virus's shoulders. Whoever this person was, they weren't going easy. Virus just needed to figure out who was in possession of a Death Note, something Near had tried explaining to her. Virus had found the whole idea ridiculous, but she couldn't argue with Near.
  8. Ery sat at her desk, her head in her hands. She was thoughtful as she slid her hands into her hair, pulling slightly. Ryuk's voice interrupted her thoughts. "You've been sitting there for an hour. What are you doing? You're not killing anyone."

    She turned to him a little. As usual, he was laying on her bed eating apples. That was one thing she thought might look suspicious. The Anti-Kira forces might've known about the Death Note and Ryuk, if they knew Ryuk, they knew he liked apples. Ery had been buying excessive amounts of apples lately, but she'd have to worry about that detail later. "Ryuk, I've made a mistake. Kira may have made the same mistake, but not as bad as me," Ery replied.

    Ryuk tilted his head to the side.

    She leaned back in her chair. Fear flashed in her eyes for a moment. "I've been killing criminals who are only from Japan. However, I've killed the most criminals from my city and region. Investigators might notice this soon," she told him. "I need to start killing more people in different regions and countries."
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    Virus sat at a small desk that was in the room Near had sent her too, going over everything and anything she could find, and than out of the blue. There it was, right in front of her. So simple she was surprised she had missed it so easily. They were the death certificates of all the recent murder victims, and the city in which they had all resided was the exact same. Virus had finally made a dent, and now she knew where to start. Whoever this mysterious person was, she at least knew what city they lived in now. Her heart lifted in her chest in excitement. Now she just needed to start going through everything and anything there was on the city and the people that were currently living in it.


    A wall. Virus had hit a wall. She pinched the bridge of her nose. She had school records, office records, hell she'd even made it a priority to get receipts from a sea of different stores. She almost decided to give up for the night, when something on one of the receipts caught her eye. It was a long list of purchased items, the majority of which being apples. Why did a list of apples hold any importance to Virus at all? She was missing something....Something important that was on the edges of her mind, than it hit her. Near had said something about a Shinigami named Ryuk, and his unhealthy addiction to apples.

    Virus swiped the receipt up and read through it's contents again. Yes. She stormed out of her room and make into the main area of the SPK. Near looked up in surprise when he saw her barge in, and watched as she hurried type something into the computer. It was a credit card number from the purchase, and credit card numbers were trackable. She pressed enter and a name popped up on the screen of the computer. Ery Bryins. Virus opened a new window and typed the name, the computer searching through it's database quickly before bringing up a picture of a girl, and a short biography, criminal records, and school files.

    "What has you so excited?" Near asked quietly, coming up behind Virus. She looked up at him with a smug smile, when she saw that he wore the same expression on his face. So he had figured it out before her, shocker.

    "Well I believe we've found our first suspect, but I'm guessing you've already figured that out?"
  10. "Ryuk... All these apples are going to start attracting attention to me," Ery muttered as she walked home. She held about two dozen apples in her arms and was feeling subconcious. "It's only a matter of time before people start wondering why I buy so many. I think the police are already suspecting those in my city."

    "I'll start having withdrawl systems if I don't eat apples!" Ryuk argued.

    Ery turned to him, glaring. "Hush you! Only for a few days, maybe a week. I'll buy two apples a day, with cash, one for me, one for you. Okay?" She looked up at her house, then down at the messenger bag she carried. "I'm going to move into an apartment soon. I'll hide the notebook for a while, with names written. I'll keep my routine of one criminal per hour everyday."

    She gave her family a quick greeting before going up to her room. "I'll... I'll have to hide the notebook somewhere where no one will expect." She looked around before a thought came to her mind. -Perfect- she thought. "I'll tear out pages and keep them in a binder with normal papers from my school-work." Ery turned to Ryuk with a smile. "I get the feeling that things will get more exciting soon."
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  13. Virus was going to go undercover. No one would suspect someone like her as a cop, or so everyone had reassured her, but if this new Kira was as smart as the last one than they were going to suspect anyone and everyone they met to be working against them, which was going to make getting close to Ery a lot more difficult if she was in fact the new Kira. The SPK was taking extensive measures to keep Virus's identity a secret. They'd made it a priority to re-construct her face with artificial rubber, and very well placed make-up. When they had finished with her she looked completely different from her original self, they'd even forced her to wear a very secure blonde wig. She looked completely different, which meant that even if Ery, or whoever Kira was figured out her name, they wouldn't be able to kill her off because they wouldn't know what her actual face looked like. It was genius, and it made Virus feel ten times safer.

    Near had arranged for Virus to be in a lot of the same classes as Ery, and would just keep using her strange alias, even if it would cause suspicion amongst the students, considering no one in their right mind would nae their child Virus. She would just introduce herself to her classmates as Vee.
  14. "You're unusually relaxed today," Ryuk mentioned.

    Ery leaned back in her chair. She couldn't reply, since she was in class, but she did glance at him slightly. She had hidden the Death Note in a safe place, she had a few pages of it in her normal notebook, as well as having written several names. Now, all Ery had to do was look like a normal college student.

    She went out for coffee with friends on weekends and went out for lunch on weekdays. Nothing was abnormal about her, aside from the two apples a day. But who could judge her for having a healthy diet? Not only Shinigami liked apples, plenty of humans liked apples too.

    However, Ery almost fell from her chair when the teacher announced a new student. -Vee...- Ery thought, the new girl's name running through her mind. It was a strange time of year for them to be getting a new student, that made Ery suspicious. Especially since Kira killings were becoming a popular topic once again. Worst case scenario, this student was an undercover investigator.

    Ery smiled a little. She wouldn't change her routine. She would remain cool and casual. If the new student engaged her, she would reply politely. Maybe they would even become friends. Ery could kill her if she was undercover, and if she wasn't, maybe she could become an accomplice.
  15. Virus walked into the classroom and smiled pleasantly, she wasn't going to give herself away. She introduced herself to the classroom, her smile everlasting, and looked at each student for the exact same length of time, being sure not to draw attention to herself. When he eyes passed over Ery she acted as if she were just another unfamiliar face in a new school. Virus needed to pull this off so there could be no mistakes, she would not engage Ery today, instead she was just going to act as a normal student as not to draw attention to herself. She quickly sat down, doing a swell job at acting like an uncomfortable new student, taking her seat at the front of the classroom. Fortunately her desk was right behind Ery's which meant she could keep an eye on her without Ery noticing unless she turned around. Virus smiled a little to herself, this was going to get interesting.

    She bowed her head down like a good student and started taking notes, all the while looking around the classroom casually as if she were trying to asses who would accept them into their social circle, but really she was watching Ery.
  16. As the new girl sat behind her, Ery became slightly nervous. She became fidgety, glancing up at the clock every now and then.

    -Calm down, that was one of the only seats left, it doesn't mean she's watching you- Ery thought, taking a deep breath. She calmed down again and sat casually, her legs crossed. Ery fought the urge to turn and glance at the new student, that would be simply weird.

    Ery listened to the teacher quietly, jotting down notes. By the end of class, Ery breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to the girl sitting next to her. "About time, I thought class would never end," Ery mentioned. The girl smiled and nodded, then walked away. Ery decided that now would be a good time to casually look at the new student.

    She smiled politely to the new girl, but decided that she wouldn't initiate conversation just yet.
  17. Vee watched as Ery fidgeted in front of her. If it hadn't been so close to the bell ringing, when every student became twitchy with anticipation, Vee would have been suspicious, but fidgeting wasn't exactly evidence of a murderer, so instead Vee let it slid. She sighed inwardly when she heard the bell ring. Of course she hadn't been expecting for a full out confession from the girl, but something, even the littlest thing would have been better than nothing. She pretended not to be listening when Ery leaned over to the girl next to her and said something about the class ending. When Vee stood to leave, she saw Ery smiling at her politely. Vee smiled back, and felt her cheeks warm. Hopefully Ery would just take that as nerves of the new girl being noticed.

    Vee left the classroom and went the completely opposite direction of Ery, as not to draw attention to herself. It was lunch at the moment, so Vee would be able to keep her eye on the girl in the lunchroom. When she got there she groaned, remembering that she hated school even if she was undercover. A petite brunette walked up to Vee and introduced herself as Alma, asking if Vee wanted to sit with her and her friends. Of course Vee smiled and nodded politely at the girl, and her grinned widen when Alma led her straight for a table where she saw a group of the girls Ery had been talking to after class. If these were her friends, than this was probably where she sat.

  18. Ery got to the lunchroom a little while after Virus had sat down. She heard Ryuk laugh a little as they saw her sitting with Ery's friends. "Too bad, eh? I think they saw you already, if you suddenly turn and leave, you'll seem suspicious." Ery bit her tongue, forcing back a reply and walking to the table. -I'll be suspicious if she's undercover, but if she's not, I'll seem rude. I have no choice, unless I want to gain a bad reputation.- Ery thought.

    She sat down, smiling. "Hello!" she greeted her friends.

    "Remember my eye deal," Ryuk said, chuckling.

    She glanced slightly to her side, willing the Shinigami to stop talking. Ery kept feeling the need to reply to him, but she couldn't when she was in public. "Hey, Ery, what're you looking at?" she heard one of her friends ask.

    Ery turned back to them. "Heh, sorry, I was looking for that guy I was talking to yesterday." She laughed with the group of girls as they started talking about the topic of boys and such.
  19. Virus looked up when she heard someone sit down, and wasn't surprised to see that is was Ery. So, she'd been correct in assuming that this was where she sat with her friends. Virus smiled pleasantly, keeping her mouth shut while the girls chattered. She saw Ery look over her shoulder as if someone had said her name, which Virus found a little strange. Near had told Virus of the Shinigami, and how they only appeared to someone who has touched the pages of a Death Note, but Virus wasn't about to one, accuse Ery of talking to a Shinigami, or two, believe that there was even one standing there to begin with, instead she folded her fingers together under the table and remained silent. When Ery said she'd been looking for a guy from yesterday, Virus nodded to herself, though she was still a little suspicious by the way Ery had looked over her shoulder, as if she wanted something to shut up.

    Virus almost gagged on the milk she was sipping when the conversation rounded to guys. She had never been one to invest her opinion in this sort of thing, and she hoped no one at the table asked for it, or else she would be left babbling like a moron. Virus kept her eyes on the table and smiled when a girl wrapped her arm around her shoulder and said she was welcome to sit with them any time. Good, no she at least had a place where she knew Ery wouldn't escape her sight.

    Virus sipped on her milk and looked at Ery a moment before acting like she was paying attention to a conversation Alma was having with a girl next to her.
  20. Ery kept her eye on the new girl. She had to watch this girl for signs, at least, until she was sure the girl wasn't an undercover investigator. She smiled and talked as if she were a normal college-student, all the while looking at Vee from the corner of her eye.

    The bell rang for the end of lunch and Ery stood up. "Hey Vee, was it? What class do you have next?" she asked casually.

    Though she kept a normal expression, Ery was beginning a series of tests that would help her find out who the girl really was. The first test was: How many classes does this girl have in common with me? Sure, it could be coincidence, but Ery wasn't going to let her guard down. Kira killings had just re-started, the media was already talking about it again, and on top of that they got a new girl in the middle of the semester.