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  1. So its been over 30 years since the last death note incident and 2 new death notes have been dropped the problem is that one of the death notes was dropped by the shimigami king and the other the queen so while the world of the human is going well a war has raged between the two sides the king believes that the shimigami should use and kill all humans with the death note while the queen believes that all the death notes should be destroyed or only used for specific targets. Now the war is ragging in the human world to people a boy and a girl find the death notes and the fate of the shimigami world and there world rests in there hands.

    cs sheet:

    how did you lose your death note:
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  2. Before we start, are we supposed to use the Shinigami king or queen as our own shinigami?
  3. name: Hannah Michelle
    age: 17
    gender: female
    personality: Hannah is very quiet and keeps to herself she is very observant of things going on around her even the little things she is not stupid she is very smart and has a short temper. She speaks her mind in a situation and is very cold hearted and dosnt care if she hurts somebody's feelings if they are to weak to accept the truth them they are nothing to her. When she is determined to do something she will walk over whoever needs to be walked over and dosnt care what it takes the job will be done.
    history: Hannah grew up in a family with 3 older brothers and a father who was the ceo of the mental institution and had never gotten close to him since he traveled a lot. When she was alone with her brothers they would abuse her and that caused her to become cold and short tempered. Now she is living by herself in a small apartment and works a job and is preparing to go to college the following semester.
    strengths: Hannah is very good at keeping her emotions in check and can manipulate people and keep a secret. She is also very good at acting and dosn't take no for an answer.
    weakness: Hannah has a short temper and when she loses that temper she sees red and dosnt reason. She also allows her mind to wonder and cant deal with being in large groups even if its just 5 people she freaks out.
    family: She has 3 brothers named Kakashi,Kazuko, and Zach and her father named Itachi.
    looks: [​IMG]

    name: Sakura
    gender: female
    how did you lose your death note: my husband threw it into the portal if he cant have one then I cant
    abilities: she can read peoples mind and control there lust.
    looks: [​IMG]
  4. Human
    Name: Logan Patrick
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Logan is a fine example of a passive-aggressive sociopath. Everything is a game, and one that often results in a casualty in one way or another. Anything he does is done with the intent of either making a sick joke or some horrid philosophy. Those who don't humor him die first. Logan is frighteningly brilliant, being able to hunt down and torment those who are unwilling to participate in his game of madness. Wherever chaos strays off to, he is sure to follow with a grin.
    History: The madman known as Logan Patrick was born in 2025 to one of the poorest families in all of Glasgow. This took a happier turn when his family chose to become stowaways on a cargo ship that was heading for America. Although Logan was only two years old at the time, his family went through excruciating effort to find a decent home. This journey ended when the Patrick family reached Chicago, during an organized crime war. While walking in the street, Logan's parents were gunned down when a violent street skirmish broke out. The only members of his family to survive was his older brother and sister. Ultimately they were adopted by a mafia boss, though Logan's siblings ended up neglected due to their age. This new father took an interest in him for the purpose of having him become a successful crime lord himself one day. This mentality also led to harsh treatment. Years of discipline and criminal behavior turned Logan into the perfect killing machine, along with being a respectable leader in the crime world. He left his own mob before becoming its leader, simply because he wanted to prove himself as a capable mafia crime lord. Now Logan desires to undergo something that would forever deepen his infamy, something historic. Ultimate chaos is the only thing he follows.
    Strengths: Can intimidate others very easily, and he is also very physically skilled in strength.
    Weakness: Acts suspicious in basically every setting, and is easily insulted.
    Family: 'Father'- Marco Alighieri, Brother-Luag Patrick, Sister- Caitir Patrick
    Looks: [​IMG]

    Name: Armonia
    Age: Unknown (possibly 15,046)
    Gender: Male
    How did you lose your death note?: Armonia had lost his notebook as a result of a failed wager. After losing a card game to another Shinigami, his death note was thrown down the portal for a human to retrieve, per the bet.
    Abilities: He is the Shinigami King's personal adviser, though in name only. He can mildly control a human's anger level, either for sadistic entertainment for simply in an attempt to get his human master killed.
    Looks: [​IMG]
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  5. Hang on, I have a few edits to make now.
  6. i love both of them so much

    so what do you want there relationship to be first just so that we have a starting point ?
  7. Their relationship... hmm...

    Logan's only real goal is to cause as much damage and chaos as possible, so Hannah could be his only rival. They might have to use an alias to ensure that the story doesn't end too quickly.
  8. what if we do something like L and light did they they work together as villains but they are enemies to each other with out realizing who they really are to each other
  9. I think that would be a good idea. What should the main setting be?
  10. hmmm

    maybe they are going after a "killer" who is taking down members of the mafia and they have to kill them and maybe Hannah is a hacker and hes the main guy that goes and finds evidence and stuff plus they share the same class and maybe they are lovers so they spend all this time together and then reality hits them that they arn't the people they thought they were.
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  11. Awesome!
    Now we just need to decide what city the story is in.
  12. Chicago :)
  13. should they already have there death notes or no
  14. I'd say our character introductions should be about our initial receiving of the Death Note, rather than having them previously.
    Just to ensure that the characters don't make themselves over-powered by having a heavy knowledge of the notebook so soon.
  15. got it ill go work on the first post
  16. Nice initial post, I'll have mine up in a bit (hopefully before I go to sleep)
  17. Writing new posts might be a bit more difficult this week. I'll still try to put them up when I have the time.
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