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SIDE STORY Death Masks [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Ringmaster, Jul 6, 2016.

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  1. Jersey City.

    Like many others before it, hardly changed from another. The smell was still the same as was the language of the streets. He could feel it, something in the air that all but sung out to him as he walked the streets. A lone figure in a black coat, the white flash of a priestly collar now and then seen beneath his throat and a wide brimmed hat that covered his eyes. He greeted no one and didn't expect to be greeted in turn. What he did do, was slowly look around as he breathed in deeply once more.

    There was fear in the air, lingering and as he smelt it, a newspaper blew in the night breeze and hit his leg as he stood beneath the streetlamp. The headlines flashed before him, as though it were screaming.


    The priest cocked his head slightly and suddenly paused.

    He was close.

    The light flickered and when it returned, the priest was gone.

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  2. It didn't take much effort to become Ghostface. All one really needed was some extra cash and to be a little bit on the crazy side. Or rather, a lot on the crazy side. The first two people to wear the moniker were high school teens Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. Both of them terrorized Sidney Prescott. The same girl who Billy had been sleeping with and who's mother he had murdered in a sick revenge fantasy of Sidney's mother causing Billy's father to leave him and his mother. Sidney managed to defeat and kill both of them however and it seemed like Ghostface would have died with them. But given that Ghostface was just a typical Halloween costume, it didn't take long before someone else stepped up to bat.

    This time it was aspiring film major and college student Mickey Aliteri. Mickey was already crazy long before becoming Ghostface as he often browsed websites where potential serial killers could chat and hang out. It was through one of these sites that he ran into the mother of Billy Loomis who promised Mickey a great showy trial if he snuck into Sidney's group of friends and murdered her. Mickey got a little too ahead of himself however and ended up killing the head of a sorority. Or he would have killed her had another more experienced killer not been hanging around his neck of the woods at the time. Jesse Cromeans-AKA-ChromeSkull was the leader of a mysterious organization of serial killers and had been in Woodsboro to check up on the men he had stationed around in the area posing as civilians. It just so happened that he came across the Ghostface Killer as well.

    Usually not one for competition, ChromeSkull would have killed Mickey had the latter not convinced him that they should have been partners instead. The two worked together from that point on and Chrome tried his hardest to teach Mickey the ways of being a successful serial killer. But it seems that his efforts have been for naught as the two of them have ended up in a prison in Japan. With ChromeSkull awaiting execution and Mickey given life without a chance of parole. But the Ghostface moniker wouldn't go stagnate. In fact someone new has already picked up the moniker!

    Having called a random woman out of curisoity, the conversation started out innocent enough. With some playful flirting here and there. But as the conversation began to drew to a close, Ghostface began to speak up in a much more menacing tone.

    "I just have one question for you..."

    "Heh, sure what is it? Is it...I need to get some sleep because I got work tomorrow? Because if so you totally just read my mind-" The girl started before Ghostface quickly cut her off.

    "I want to know what your INSIDES look LIKE!"

    The girl froze and before she could even think of any kind of response to a comment like that, her back door was kicked open. The one who had kicked it? Seemed to be none other than Ghostface himself, hunting knife and all! Dropping her phone to the floor the girl quickly rushed for the door. Managing to pull it open right as Ghostface raised the knife to stab her in the back, she sprinted down the stairs and began to scream for her life. "HELP! SOMEBODY FUCKING HELP ME PLEASE! THE GHOSTFACE KILLER'S TRYING TO GET ME-MFMFMP!!!" The girl shrieked as Ghostface caught up with her and cupping one hand over her mouth, he dragged his knife across her cheek. Opening up a gash which began to run blood down her face and onto his mask as he sneered.


    "C'mon now, you're not falling to pieces on me, are you...? Heheheheeh..."


  3. There was a faint whistling sound and it was the only warning.

    A split second later, pain would radiate from Ghostface's shoulders and kneecaps as strange, straight looking knives or short swords with impossibly skinny blades stuck out in said areas. Meant to cause pain and prevent him from running or using his arms. In the dark, there was a creature. Man shaped, but that was where the resemblance ended as eyes blazed red in the shadows and the figure glided closer.

    As it did, enough detail came to light as a preacher man was revealed, hat and all like he had just rode in on a horse.

    But the eyes remained the same and there was no mercy as a hand roughly grabbed him by the back of the neck and dragged him off into the darkness, leaving the would be victim alone.


    Elsewhere, in an abandoned warehouse, Lucifer landed on its roof. His prey in hand as he undid the skylight and hopped down below. No more interruptions now and he took out the black keys and waited for the screams to subside before speaking.

    "I have here something to ease the pain and fix your wounds. Which I will give upon you answering me truthfully three times. Do you understand? 'Ghostface.'"

    Harsher, but life had done that to him. And it was a more unleashed persona he showed to enemies now.

  4. Tears ran down the poor woman's face. Was this really how she'd meet her end? Becoming another blurb on the eleven clock news? Hapless girl murdered by the third Ghostface Killer? Yeah, great way to go out. Becoming another statistic of girls who all met a similar fate. But before Ghostface could plunge the knife into her chest, she'd hear a scream. Truth be told, she had expected it to be hers! After all, weren't you supposed to scream when you were about to be murdered? Maybe someone could have found her body and stopped the killer before he got away. But aid came in from an angle that the woman would have never suspected. She saw the hunting knife fall to the ground at her feet and Ghostface's wailing in her ears began to grow unbearable.

    Pushing away from the killer, she clutched at her clothes and pulling her hands back, she nearly wretched. Where had all this blood come from?! Had she been stabbed and she hadn't noticed it yet due to shock? Or was she so caught up in surprise that she hadn't realized she was dying? In the end it was neither as she glanced over and saw the morbid display of knives sticking out of her assailant like a human pincushion. It was good that Ghostface Killers always wore the full costume while out on the 'hunt' otherwise she might have felt pity for whoever was behind the mask this time. Ghostface for his part was too caught up in trying to figure out exactly what had happened. He had followed all the right steps!

    He had got the costume which was easy enough. Just a couple bucks at a local costume store. He went and got himself an authentic hunting knife which costed a bit more than the costume had. He got the voice changing app on his smartphone which was free as a matter of fact! Then all he had to do was pick out a victim! How had it all gone so horribly wrong? Whoever had attacked him had prevented him from even reaching for his gun! As blood dripped from his shoulders and knees, Ghostface turned his direction of the figure gliding in from the shadows. Was this another killer like Jason? Had he stepped in on the wrong turf without realizing it?!

    "No, no, please! Don't kill me! I'm sorry!"

    But his pleas fell on deaf ears as he was scooped away and the woman was left with a bleeding cheek and was going to need to pay a LOT of therapy bills.
    At the warehouse, Ghostface continued to wail his head off like a banshee until he was reduced to merely sobbing. Unlike the other killers that the Ghostface Killers usually praised, most of the people behind the white mask were just regular people. Albeit regular people who were a bit nutters but all the same. The second he crossed paths with someone like Lucifer he was simply outclassed.

    Glancing over at Lucifer through the black fabric of his mask's eyeholes, Ghostface coughed out a response.

    "W-What the hell could you want from me?!"

  5. "Chromeskull."

    The name lingered in the warehouse like the shadow of a bad name, the reclusive, businesslike Slasher one Lucifer had obtained over the course of his own investigations as he continued.

    "I know you worked for him. I know he's allied himself, with others like you. Dressing up like....This."

    A hand waved vaguely in the dark, barely discernible through the shadows. Now Lucifer was primarily of a more paranormal bent when it came to the things he hunted. Ordinary killers if found, were stopped or he directed the proper authorities via anonymous calls. Such was the secrecy of his missions then and especially now. Except....Chromeskull was just like him. Alerted to a bigger world, to a greater universe. The M.E.U. case he had been working on led him here and from the looks of it, Chromeskull was the key.

    Word was, he had his base in Japan but his operations bulk was here. Lucifer wanted to know why.

    "What's he planning in Jersey that requires heavy assault weaponry and a professor of dead languages?"

  6. [​IMG]


    It seemed that's all the Ghostface Killer needed to hear. The sobbing stopped and he managed to slump himself up against a nearby crate. It wasn't the most pleasurable sitting position but the neither was having knives digging into your shoulders and knees. Was this how his victims felt?

    "...You seem to know an awful lot. But you don't strike me as another Jason type. You're too smart for that. Yeah.."

    Ghostface started before weakly snickering to himself. He was in intense pain but he couldn't help but find a little bit of humor at Lucifer's statement. "It's not ChromeSkull who brought all this weaponry here. He's in Japan with the 2nd Ghostface Killer awaiting execution. It's his fucker 2nd in command who's running the show now. Asshole. Didn't even humor the idea of breaking Chrome out. Said we all had to follow him or die." It was apparent at this point that the Ghostface Killer had forgotten Lucifer was trying to question him and was instead getting caught up in his ranting.

    "I'll tell you why he has all the gear. He's hunting a big rotten, machete wielding prize that's why. Hehehehe...ow." Ghostface coughed as his body shuddered involuntarily from the pain the knives were doing on him.

  7. "Jason?" Lucifer asked quizzically. Was he supposed to know that name? Regardless, he'd listen on as Ghostface continued to speak. Letting him fill the void with his words as he crossed his arms and leaned against a support pillar.
    Betrayal. Hardly anything new among these types. Still, the idea of a serial killer organization with offworld connections was...Disturbing. And he made a mental note to tell his organization to send in some long-term agents to watch this place.

    He then made a choice as he approached and yanked out the blades. Ripping off parts of the clothing, he then applied the quick-bacta patch heals so advanced and beyond the technology of this world. It would work in a couple of seconds as Lucifer leaned back and spoke.

    "What exactly is this prize and why is it so important to him?"

  8. [​IMG]


    Given that the mask hid Ghostface's true expression, it was a remarkable feat that with just a tilt of the head, he managed to convey quite clearly: Confusion. Shifting himself so he'd be sitting straight up with his back firmly pressed against the crate. Wasn't like he was in a position to do much of anything else.

    "Jason's like you, pal. He's a true and utter freak and we love him for it. He's the kind of guy that the people who adopt the Ghostface moniker can look up to. Truth be told, I wasn't exactly planning on putting these robes and mask on. But after the schism between the 2nd in command the older folks, I split and thought it'd be the ultimate fuck you to dress up like this. I got along pretty far. Got maybe around...Five kills? Not too shabby, probably would have gotten more. But then I made the misfortune of coming out while the circus was in town."

    One might have thought it incredibly stupid of Ghostface to taunt the clearly supernatural being who had easily bested him as if he were nothing but dirt on his shoe. But then Ghostface figured he was boned no matter what so why not be defiant to the end.
    "If you want my professional opinon. Then you should get the hell out of dodge before Jason comes-AGGH! FUCK!" Ghostface yelped as his train of thought was derailed, set ablaze and then blown up as the knives were removed. It wasn't until the wounds were patched up that he calmed down and tried to recollect his thoughts. But not before giving Lucifer the bird.

    "...Figure that makes us about even." The serial killer growled in regards to the gesture before leaning back against the crate. "...Jason's like you but he isn't like you. You're smart, he's dumb. You're all...shadowy, he's all misty, you're average, he's gigantic, you're in one piece, and he's a walking corpse. But he's a walking corpse with a bodycount in the hundreds and he's in possession of a very important tape. Not like the big retard knows what to do with it. But ChromeSkull and the 2nd Ghostface tried getting it off him. He nearly killed em. Turns out though there's someone else who wants a piece of the Jason action. I...dunno why but they just want Jason. I may be a fan of the guy but I can't understand why you'd want a 6'6 undead serial killer that you can't control..." Ghostface shook his head before throwing up his hands.

    "Whatever the reason, the guy was offering a shitton of cash for us retrieving Jason and sending him overseas. I said it was a retarded idea and we should focus on getting Chrome out. I got some death threats thrown my way and got kicked out of the group. Fine by me! Let Jason kill em! No skin off my nose!"

  9. "Revenant."

    Lucifer had heard enough and he'd ponder this thoughtfully. Whoever and whatever Jason had started out as? Now, he had become what sounded like a Revenant. A spirit of vengeance in a body long since dead, powered by intense hatred and the need to kill. There were some in the greater multiverse who managed to overcome these disabilities- A student of his for example, named Tarantula back at the Torch. But on the whole, they were mindless monsters, which was not a slur on them in the slightest. It was merely a fact. If he had such a body count, then it was clear this one in particular was exceedingly experienced and old.

    He turned to look at Ghostface before speaking.

    "Where can I find him?"

  10. "I just always called him a zombie. But, yeah I guess that works too."


    "..I'm sorry but fuckin what?"

    Ghostface leaned forward and held a hand to his head as if he were checking his temperature. Which given that he didn't want to believe he heard what Lucifer had said? Might not have been too far off the mark. Removing his hand after a moment or two of finally coming to terms with it, Ghostface rose to his feet and raised an eyebrow behind his mask.

    "...You want to find Jason? What the hell for? He's gonna save you the trouble of having to arrest these guys! Sure, it'll be by ripping their limbs off and mutilating them until they're not recognizable anymore but still! You really don't want to fight this guy! People have tried to stop him and no one can. Explosions, fire, water, chains, bullets, electricity, some...kinda weird demon thing? The point is if you want to find him, you're not doing yourself any favors! But if you wanna head to Crystal Lake and skip out on the whole have premartial sex and do drugs part and get straight to the being killed part then sure! Be my guest."

  11. "Who said I was going alone?"

    Lucifer raised an eyebrow but where another would have smiled, there was nothing but utter seriousness as he looked at him and spoke.

    "I'm going to need more information....And it occurred to me, someone who knows how they worked....Dresses like they do and knows the local dangers would be perfect. It'll also save me from simply delivering you to the police....Or bar that, finishing you off myself."

    It was settled and a clapped a hand on his shoulder and squeezed hard.

    "Starting today, you've been temporarily deputized for the duration of my investigation, to be released when you have paid your debt to society as a whole. So. Which way to Crystal Lake?"

  12. [​IMG]

    "Eh? What, you gonna call in your sidekick or something? Heh, heh.."

    Ghostface's laughter came to an end very abruptly as he was clapped on the shoulder and Lucifer explained his motives. Sweat began pouring down like buckets behind Ghostface's mask. He had heard all about how ChromeSkull and Mickey had been left badly injured by some crazy girl and a boxer guy as Jason approached. It was through sheer luck and tenacity that they managed to escape from the Crystal Lake Killer. But now this guy was expecting him to come with him to Jason's home turf?!

    "W-Wait, you've got it all wrong! I-I mean yeah I hate these guys as much as you do! Maybe even more because where do they get off throwing Chrome under the bus? Those folks in Japan haven't even gotten the noose around his neck yet! But haven't you heard of the expression 'all bark and no bite?' that's me! I'm not made up to be like these other killers! I was just a low ranking grunt who got kicked out and wanted to fight against the powers that be! Don't make me fight Jason, man! You may as well let me shoot myself!" Which if Lucifer hadn't taken the pistol off his person was an alluring idea at this point. If ChromeSkull couldn't even scratch Jason then how were the two of them going to stop him?

    Unless the plan wasn't to stop Jason.

    "...You want to stop them from getting a hold of Jason. I don't know what the hell this guy wants with him. Or why he's throwing so much money at us it'd make my head spin. But he wants Jason bad and as far as I know the men that Preston's gonna be sending are gonna be armed to the teeth. You don't go after Jason Voorhees lightly.." Ghostface explained all the while wincing at the mention of being deputized. He had to admit that he liked being free-relatively speaking anyway-unlike Mickey or being dead like Stu and Billy. But if it meant going up against Jason? Was it really worth it?

    "It's in Green Valley, New Jersey. If you wanna get there before Preston's men set up shop then we should probably go now. But I think you're making a big mistake. Jason can sort this all out himself, he doesn't need our help.."

  13. "Oh 'help' is the furthest from my mind. Besides, whats the worse that could happen? You could possibly die out there, as a legal deputy and reformed killer. Or you could be executed here for sure, for the deaths of five innocents. Its the offer of a lifetime."

    There was a gentle smile on Lucifer's face, that the red eyes glowing did not match up with as he added.

    "Meaning that you'll get a lifetime if you pick the right choice. So shall we? This time, I thought we might drive."

    To Camp Crystal Lake, wherever it may be in Green Valley.

  14. [​IMG]

    "But-But...ah, fine fine."

    It wasn't exactly the greatest of deals but either he got life or death. The options weren't looking too great for the third Ghostface killer. To think everything had gone so wrong! That ChromeSkull, the guy Ghostface had pledged his life to was at risk of getting hung? Then being abducted and deputized by some law abiding creature of the night? It all felt so surreal but there was no getting out of this. Not unless he wanted to roll up that sleeve and get a nice lethal injection. Shuffling off, Ghostface sighed.

    "I know the way. We'll be there before you know it."

    The ride there was quiet. What else would it have been? Ghostface still didn't agree that they should have came here. Preston's men would have came, gotten slaughtered after their shots failed to bring Jason down and then Jason would have been on his way. As the foreboding mist that always seemed to surround the campgrounds came into view, Ghostface quickly rolled up his window.


    "Well, there she is. Camp Crystal Lake. The place where Jason supposedly drowned as a kid and where his mom had her own killing spree. Til she got her head chopped off anyway. Folks say Jason saw that and it's why he hasn't stopped killing.." Ghostface glanced over hopefully at Lucifer "That's what's going to help us! He'll stop these goons and we can go home! Or you can go out and try to find Jason and I'll sit here! Y'know provide moral support and all that."


  15. Lucifer removed the key and glanced at Ghostface quizzically.

    "And stay in an enclosed space, where Jason could come anytime?"

    Putting the keys in his jacket, he opened the door and smiled after him.

    "As you like."

    And off he strode into the fog, breathing deeply as he timed it.


  16. [​IMG]

    "...Good point and well made."

    Making sure his pistol was fully loaded for all the good it'd do him, Ghostface exited the car and shut the door behind him. Watching as Lucifer waded into the fog without him, Ghostface quickly scrambled after him. He certainly didn't want to end up running into Jason or Preston's men by himself! As the two stepped within the fog, they'd see that the camp grounds looked deserted with moss growing over most of the cabins/signs. Even the cabins themselves looked to be in a state of disrepair. Given that Jason worked hard to murder everybody who stepped within his domain, it wasn't too big of a shocker.

    Eventually the two would have stumbled across the cabin which housed Jason when he was still just a normal little boy.

    Jason's home (open)

    Moss and foilage had nearly taken over the exterior of the cabin. Having grown all over the chimney and the rest of the cabins. The fog also seemed to move around the cabin as if it were some kind of safe spot. Slowly moving towards the front door, Ghostface reached for the handle to open it with pistol at the ready. Not that he believed he'd be able to get a shot in before a machete cleaved his head in two. But as he opened the door however, he was surprised to not see Jason in there at all. Just a decrepit looking bed with a teddy bear sitting on it.

    Oh, and Jason's mother's severed head on display with a pile of bodies laid around it.

    "...You know I look up to what this guy does. But I'm really not digging the stench." Ghostface admitted before freezing up as he could have heard something rustling nearby. Looking back, Ghostface dropped his pistol as he began to stammer. "I-It-It's J-J-Jason!"



    Jason's massive frame could have been seen turning as he stood in the center of the lake. Likely in the process of dragging bodies out that had fallen in there. But he could have sworn he heard someone's voice and that just couldn't be. This was his turf. Anyone else who stepped foot on it was a dirty sinner who deserved to be punished. That's what his mother told him anyway and his mother was always right. Reaching down in the water, Jason began to trudge back to land dragging a corpse in tow with him. For his part Ghostface took Jason's impending arrival pretty well.

    Which by 'pretty well' meant clutching to Lucifer like a security blanket.

    "...You can take him right? Right??"

  17. There was a definite feel of corruption here.

    Certain poltergeists and other dark spirits tended to do that, if they haunted a place long enough. The subsequent violence that was repeated must have been another thing as well that contributed and the end result? The moment Lucifer stepped onto the camp grounds, he was suddenly on edge. He had walked into the spiders web, the home territory of the creature known as Jason. How much death must have happened here? How many bodies must be rotting even now, beneath the earth? And though the night was fine and the beauty of the night unabated, there was a sick presence here.

    One that would start becoming clear the moment he walked inside the cabin.
    That was.....Sad.

    That was the feeling he felt the most around here. There was no anger, not like most revenants. Born of anger and a need for revenge, they tended to be much the same in their presence. Here? There was nothing but odd, if sick devotion, born out of a feeling anyone could sympathize with.

    Take away the violence, the death and what was left was a boy who missed his mother. He suspected there was more to the story then what he was thinking though, even fitting in the macabre line of evidence. But it could wait.

    Trouble was coming.
    "Perhaps. For now, go find the ones trying to catch him. They'll be around here somewhere."

    And so he waited. Watching Jason and somewhat curious at what he found, looking him over. There was no fear in him- He had fought too many monsters to let it bother him. But if anything, there was respect for what he was facing. Like a warrior facing down the bear in his den. And recalling what Ghostface told him, he waited....And once Jason was close, said the following on a deductive hunch.

    "They're after your video cassette, Jason."

    Thank you Ghostface, for that throwaway information.

  18. "Don't have to tell me twice! Good luck! Hehehehe..."

    Ghostface snickered as he quickly bolted off from Lucifer. Jason managed to catch a glimpse of the fleeting figure and it angered the zombie. It was hard to tell in the darkness but he could have sworn that the one running was the same man who attacked Jason a while back. Only this time instead of the other sinner with the skull like face, there was this blackhaired man who stood before Jason without a trace of fear on his features. Water dripped from Jason's frame which shuddered with every ragged breath he took. Dropping the corpse in his hand to the ground with a sickening plop, Jason propped his boot atop the head and reached down to rip the machete free from the cranium it had split in twain.

    From there Jason would have simply cleaved in half the one who stood in his path. What gave him the right to not only enter his territory but step in his mother's shrine? Nothing and Jason would make that perfectly clear. But the machete stopped as the man called him out by name and mentioned the word 'videotape.' Something that was alien to Jason given his hermit lifestyle and y'know the whole dying thing. But he had heard the word before. Reaching inside his jacket with his free hand, Jason opened it up to reveal the black videotape that was nestled in a pouch within it. Nobody could ever get close enough to take it from Jason that way. Not Ghostface, not ChromeSkull, or this man.



    Closing up his jacket, Jason turned back to Lucifer and took another step closer. All the while continuing to glare at him from the seeming black voids that made up Jason's eyes behind his hockey mask. This man said 'we' which meant there were other sinners in the area. Ones that had entered with the intention to take away what was rightly Jason's. But what if this man was only telling Jason that so he could take the tape from him while Jason killed the other sinners? He wouldn't be tricked like this! Jason's eyes narrowed and the machete continued to swing downwards!

    Meanwhile, Ghostface had taken Lucifer's advice alright. But he wasn't going to look for Preston or his men. He was taking the car and getting out of here! Or he would have done so if the fog hadn't seem to grown even worse! How the hell did Jason see through this let alone kill anybody? Waving a hand through it to try and clear it up, Ghostface grumbled.

    "Man, with all this mist no wonder people think Jason can teleport or whatever. You can't see past your own hand in this shit..." The killer bemoaned as he continued forward before he heard a stick break nearby. One that he hadn't stepped on himself. Was it Jason?! Had he already disposed of that other freak!?

    Of course he did! He was Jason fucking Voorhees! Breaking out into a mad sprint Ghostface fled through the fog and straight into the woods. As he continued running, he grinned behind his mask as he came to a nearby tree to catch his breath. All the while glancing behind/in front of the trees around him to make sure Jason wasn't going to pop out anywhere.

    "Yeah, fuck you Jason.."

    Just as Ghostface was about to resume his search for the car however, he saw a shadow quickly overcoming him and looked straight up. "Jason?!" But as the net fell over him, it wasn't Jason at all and groaning could have been heard coming from further within the woods. "C'mon guys! He's a fucking hulking rotting bag of meat with a blade! You can't mistake him for this poser!" Struggling against the net which had embarrassingly left Ghostface in a bit of a bind, he glanced up to see who just had the balls to call him a poser and the answer surprised him.



    "Heh, not quite Roman."

  19. Down came the machete, Lucifer eyeing its path before producing a single black key, materializing it to block the machete.

    Even then, prepared as he was he didn't expect the sheer strength behind it. His eyes widened, impressed despite himself. He stared upward at the hockey mask, assessing what he already knew.

    Revenants are born out of powerful, emotional circumstances. Brought from the dead typically due to some great wrong. Whether it has anything to do with that shrine, or his chosen victims will have to wait. I have thirty black keys and two .50 cal revolvers, loaded with blessed silver. I left the sword behind in order to remain more inconspicuous. But this is not my target. Jason is not my target.

    He side-stepped suddenly, removing the blade that was blocking the downward force of Jason and attempted to let him stumble once the barrier was gone, using the opportunity to dash up and flip onto the roof cabin. And then, out in the fog he turned his head as he listened carefully.
    He sighed aloud. Well.

    Looks like he found him. Staring down at Jason, he cocked his head to the side and then leaped off the roof and headed into the fog.

    Catch me if you can.

    @Chewy Rabbits

  20. [​IMG]


    Jason was surprised as well. What was this newcomer doing that blocked his machete? The undead serial killer's understanding was rudimentary enough that he knew sinners would fight back but they all reached the same end. Which was death at his hands. Yet this one continued to stand tall and looked him straight in the eyes. Almost as if he weren't afraid of his impending fate. As Lucifer sidestepped, Jason stumbled before quickly regaining his footing as the dhampir showed his agility by leaping atop the cabin. Confused by just how quickly this sinner was moving, Jason gave a curious twist of the head in a 'what?' kind of manner.

    But he wouldn't be deterred. Not while these strangers continued to defile the camp grounds that he called his home. Sheathing his machete, Jason leaped up to grip onto the roof to try and pull himself up. It wasn't the nimblest or most agile feat ever shown but Jason didn't need finesse. He just needed to get his hands on this sinner and that'd be the end of that.

    Perhaps he should have brought his speargun however. This sinner looked like he was quick on his feet and Jason didn't like when his would be victims had abilities beyond his own. Like the girl who seemed to move things with her mind or that lying burned man who disgraced his mother's memory. Once he was on the roof, Jason let out an audible breath before drawing his machete and stomping forward once more. Completely unaware of the men who had come here with the intention of capturing him and trading him off to a collector like he was some kind of souvenior rather than an undead mass murderer, Jason swung his machete downwards.

    Only for Lucifer to evade him once again as he leapt from the rooftop and sprinted into the fog. Jason's entire body shook in incomprehensible rage! Was this sinner taunting him!? Jason would have his head for this! His mother could always use some company after all. Leaping off the roof, Jason began to trudge after Lucifer...


    "Look, I'm sorry okay? Ow! Don't tie those so tight!" Ghostface/Roman complained as two of Preston's goons began to tie his wrists behind him/to the trunk of a sturdy looking tree. All the while more goons surrounded Preston and were armed with rifles filled with tranqualizing rounds. Having completely adopted the ChromeSkull persona for himself, Preston turned to face one of his subordinates. "Now, Roman here left the group as I'm sure you fellas remember. Chrome didn't like traitors, backstabbers, and neither do I! But we're not here for Roman, we're here for...Who are we here for, huh? Hey, you fuckin paying attention or what?" Preston snapped as he roughly shoved a nearby grunt. "Y-yes sir!"

    "Then who are we here for?"

    "Jason Voorhees, sir!"

    "That's right! But we need to lure the big guy out with some bait and that's where Roman comes in! You guys get up in the trees and take aim. Once Jason closes in? Then you open fire." His orders given, Preston clapped his hands as his men quickly moved to their positions. Turning to face Roman once it was just the two of them, Preston grinned behind his mask.

    "So, you enjoy your little rebellious streak, Roman? Thinking you could be the next big killer? The first two Ghostface Killers are dead and Mickey's in the joint. You're about to be used as live bait for Jason Voorhees and to top it off? In the end you're still helping me."

    "You'll still never be as good as ChromeSkull, Preston. He didn't want you and once he gets out? You're a fuckin dead man-"

    Ghostface was abruptly cut off as a fist smashed into the side of his head. Knocking the mask to the floor and revealing Roman's face behind it. As blood ran down from where he'd been struck, he winced at the stinging sensation running through his head. Preston hated being compared to ChromeSkull and would have done far worse. But now wasn' the time. He had to tkae his own position and wait for Jason to storm in. So giving Roman a mocking pat on the cheek, Preston hurried off to join his men.

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