Death is No Deterrent

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  1. While no more than a dirt-cheap mercenary who hadn’t even considered joining a guild, Berserker was renowned for more than just his affordable rates. He was a fearless individual as suicide missions seemed to inflict no fear upon him – in fact, they seemed to make him even more excited. Some argued that he was just suicidal, but no evidence had come up to confirm such a theory. Regardless of his reasons, there didn’t seem to be a moment where the player wasn’t on the front line, and according to him, this was just the way he wanted it. Nobody was sure why, but they never bothered to look further into it.

    And, as it so happened, Berserker had been hired to help fight the floor’s boss. Granted, eh would have gone up against it on his own if people hadn’t started to hurry, but that was hardly the point. Even through the face-hiding helm he donned, it wasn’t hard to tell that he wanted to just charge in, all guns blazing. So to speak. In one hand, he grasped a metal buckler – nothing particularly special, but it served its purpose well. The same could be said for the one-handed war hammer in his other hand. While it looked to be nothing more than a lump of metal on a stick, it would be impossible to count the number of enemies he had clobbered with it.

    “So then,” he said, relishing the tension, “Are we doing this thing or what?”
  2. Chloe was right next to Berserker, with her eyes closed; trying to control her breath “It’s not our turn to roll yet “she replied. She tried to expand her senses through the boss’s room. She could tell that the rest of the guild was charging against the boss with all their might. Their frustrated yelling, the way they gripped their weapons, were all signs of the one desperate wish they shared. To be free from this world .A world they entered without knowing there was no return. A world, which anyone could die at any minute. Now, the players fight to complete this “game”, not being able to do anything else, but risk their lives daily. Right now, the floor-Boss they were facing was a 15 feet Minotaur, which was holding a huge axe on his monstrous size hand.

    Chloe sighed. The plan was that different teams of players would attack at different times in order to exhaust the Boss. She, the Berserker and few others were from the last attacking squads. She had to be patient, but that wasn’t really her strong point. She was thirsty for action and eager to hear the soothing sound of her swinging sword. She started humming a rhythm and she felt a little bit calmer. She had to be patient. Next to her she felt the Berserker’s enthusiasm and wished that he wouldn’t do anything stupid. The guild was newly formed and any changes to the plan could distract some players causing them to lose their focus. “Only two more squads, Berserker. Then, it’s us.”
  3. Berserker simply grunted in response to Chloe, evidently irritated that he had to wait. Not that he was being arrogant – he expected to die a gruesome death at the hands of the boss. Not that this had ever stopped him from charging into situations like this alone before, though on a far smaller scale. He smirked internally, remembering one time where he’d been told not to enter a room full of cave Geckos, having been informed of their vicious attacks. Several minutes and a pile of lizard bodies later, Berserker emerged, his health threatening to drop to zero if he so much as tripped.

    The one thing he was more than unhappy about, however, was how the guild that had hired him expected him to stick rigidly to the plan they cobbled together. He was no strategist, so he had not criticised its effectiveness – he just wanted to know why he was part of it. He had gained his reputation as a reckless, deadly individual – emphasis on the “individual.” To try and make him work in a group was practically suicide for everyone else there, but as this would likely be the last shot he had at the Minotaur, he had grudgingly accepted their terms.
  4. Chloe opened her eyes and started watching the Minotaur fight. He was as strong as he was repulsive, but had quick reflexes for his size. The rest of the squads had a hard time fighting him, searching for a weak spot. And that was when Chloe saw it. The minute the Minotaur raised his axe, Chloe noticed an opening in his armor, under his arm. It wasn’t much, but it was worth a shot and see if her speculation was correct. Rumors said that whoever killed the Minotaur would receive a rare item that could perhaps revive a player. Chloe didn’t know if that was true, but it was worth a shot. She had lost many dear friends of her in this nightmare. She quietly grunted and gripped her sword even tighter.

    Chloe was feeling that the moment to attack was approaching. The Minotaur had lost significant life points and was on the verge to collapse. That was when he loudly growled and a great red light covered him. A few moments later, the light was gone, and the Minotaur appeared again, with his life points fully recovered, holding the axe on his one hand and a hammer on the other.This was going to be a long battle..

    “Damn it...” she whispered. She had to try and defeat him though. That was when she heard the leader yelling “Team F, Go!” She grunted with determination and rushed in the front.
  5. “Team F, go!”

    The words that Berserker had been simply dying to hear. Without even a moment of hesitation, e charged forward, hammer at the ready. His war cry was bellowed, his eyes burning with the passion only a man who has thrown caution to the wind can display. The Minotaur’s size did not intimidate him, nor did the fact that he had new weapons and a refilled health bar. He welcomed this development – it meant that there was more for him. And, if he was lucky, his wish would be granted, though the wish wasn’t exactly for the monster’s defeat.

    What happened after that was something that anybody who knew who Berserker would fully expect. He charged off on his own, completely disregarding the strategy, taking up a position that made sure he could fight alone, without hindering his fellow players. His best work was done when he was left to his own devices – when he could look at Death in the eyes. Just him, nobody else. He began his work, hammering away at the boss, helping to chip away at its health. However, he couldn’t help but feel that something was off – that something wasn’t right about how the boss was moving.
  6. Chloe felt someone running ahead of her so fast that she slowed down for a second. It was the Berserker. He started fighting the Minotaur solo, hammering him with all his might. He was moving as if he was dominated by a great force, his moves were fierce and his look decisive. All the players were stunned by his performance, thinking he was a madman, but admiring his skill at the same time. Chloe wanted to get the rare item herself, but she knew that disturbing a solo player while he fought with such power, would lead to a disaster. She shrugged, annoyed by the Berserker’s egoism, crossed her arms and waited.
    As the battle continued it seemed as if the Berserker had the upper hand. The Minotaur moves though didn’t indicate defeat or exhaustion. He wasn’t even trying to attack. Something’s not right… And then Chloe remembered. She was there when the Minotaur was designed for this world “This move will blow their minds,” was what HE had said at that time. Who would have known that after all these months she would actually face this move in person.

    Her body started shuddering and her eyes widened. “BERSERKER LOOK OUT!” was what she managed to say before the Minotaur loudly grunted and moved his axe with such speed that the next moment the Berserker was smashed against the floor. The Minotaur started attacking the players without them even noticing. They had put their guard down. Chloe rushed over, leaving a great groan and attacking the Minotaur that now seemed to be faster. She was jumping from one place to another, yelling “Switch!” every time she attacked, and then stepped off, allowing other players to slash the Minotaur from different sides. The Minotaur was getting dizzy by their attack and couldn’t fight all of them at once. After a while Chloe took the lead and started striking him at the place she first speculated it was his weak spot. Her sword was glowing with a blue aura and her eyes showed no mercy. With one final fierce attack, the Boss was destroyed and the rare item was hers.
  7. Before Berserker had a chance to block, the Minotaur was in the process of knocking him aside, like a pathetic little ragdoll. While he was annoyed that he had allowed himself to fall foul of such an attack, he wondered if this would finally be enough – if he could actually go out with a bang this time. After all, it was the entire reason why he always charged in at a boss, alone. However, much to his disappointment, all that happened was him being tossed backwards, and a good chunk of his health being taken out. However, this daunted him not – once he had his bearings, he dashed towards the beast, fully intending to end its life – or his.

    The dull, constant thuds of hammer hitting flesh rang in Berserker’s ears, him having shut out everything but him and the Minotaur. Unfortunately (to him), he didn’t seem to be noticed by the enemy – indeed, it seemed like it outright ignored him, like he wasn’t a threat. He thought it ironic – there he was, trying to get killed in battle by the toughest enemy on the floor, and it didn’t even have the common courtesy to tear his face off. When Chloe claimed the prize, he was bitter, but not for the rare item – it would only increase his chances of survival anyway.
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