Death is Never Truly the End

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Death is never truly the end.
For some, the life that they lead now is but one in several that they may lead before their souls may finally rest.
Some may see it as a curse, but is it?
If you could lead life after life, would you?

Had someone asked Icarus his thoughts on being reborn over and over, well, he would have brushed it off, maybe laugh, But Icarus, well, Icarus had been reborn, or, well, his soul had been reborn. Unfortunately, he never forgot.

Every life that he lived and was reborn into, he remembered, but none he remembered more vividly than his first. Even now, sitting alone in the back corner of his favorite internet cafe he could feel scorching wax rolling down his back, the heat of the sun, of Apollo, burning his skin.

He reached a hand over his shoulder to touch the top of his shoulder blade, feeling, as always, the raised marks on his skin, scars that he carried with him each and every time that he was reborn, another reminder of when he thought that he could touch the sun, and dare he say, Apollo.

Even after all these lifetimes, Icarus still loved the god. It was the reason that he flew so close. His love for the sun, for Apollo. Feeling that warmth on his skin, even as it burned him, it wasn't something that he would ever forget. Nor was the feeling of the icy arms of the ocean closing around him and dragging him to his death. The ocean was a jealous one and was never willing to release the ones she claimed.

Even as a reborn he felt the pull of the ocean, for he was one of the only souls that had ever escaped her.

"Thinking again Icarus?"

The voice of his favorite waitress pulled Icarus from the deep well of memories. He blinked slowly before managing to grace the young woman, more of a girl actually, with a small smile.

"You know me." He replied, sitting up and letting his hands fall to his lap. "I think too much." Rose laughed and brushed a lock of white hair behind her ear. How she kept her hair as white as she did he would never know, but from her pale eyes and equally pale skin he figured that it was mostly natural.

"With all that thinking you do you'd think that smoke would start coming out your ears." She teased, pulling out her notepad. "The usual today?" She asked, tapping the end of her pen against the pad of paper.

"Mmmmm," Icarus took a moment to actually look at the menu before him. The usual lists of coffee and teas lined the inside. "Yeah, peach tea and let's try..." He took a moment to look over the pastry side, sucking the ball of his lip ring into his mouth as he thought. "Let's try that butterscotch pie." He finally decided, closing the menu and handing it back to Rose.

"Got it- hey, you coming over tonight?" Rose shifted her weight to one side and crossed her arms over her chest. "You've been distant lately, It's been worrying me and Dalton."

Ah yes, Dalton. It wasn't that he wasn't a good guy, but Icarus wasn't about to trust anyone around someone that he had seen as family for years.

"I'm going to pass, I have Icarus things to do." He sighed, resting his chin on his open palm, Rose scoffed, but there wasn't anger in her eyes, but disappointment. She wasn't the only one disappointed in him.

"Maybe next week Rose." He finally gave in, looking away from the woman and instead turning his gaze to the outside at, surprise surprise, the sun. Well, not directly at the sun, he still valued his eyesight.

"I'll hold you to that." She sighed and he heard her move away, no doubt to put his order in.

Icarus almost felt bad for blowing her off again, but lately, the only thoughts that filled his head were thoughts of warmth, of sunkissed skin, of Apollo.


Even as Icarus sat in his comfortable booth waiting on his tea, the tides were changing.

Apollo had left Olympus and now wandered the earth, and had for many centuries. He lived now like Icarus, reborn over and over, each time with one goal: Find the one who had been so brave as to fly too close to the sun.

The Ocean, mighty and fierce likewise walked the earth, bringing disaster with her where she went in search of the one who escaped her clutches. Icarus belonged to her and she wasn't one to let what was her's go, even if it meant going against the sun god.

They both searched for Icarus. One would bring only death, the other, well, the outcome to that was still clouded to the Fates.

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