Death in the Family.

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    New Beijing.

    As if there was anything truly new about this hive-city world. Like the Beijing of Earth-that-Was, it was overcrowded and polluted. Poor and rich existed side by side, like every other world she had seen and overall, all it did was prove the old adage true.

    'The more things change, the more things stay the same.'

    Speaking of changes, she opened her eyes. The setting was not exactly what she imagined for her first time. The room was grimy, if private and the first thing she saw was her umbrella leaning against a katana in a sheath. Not exactly conducive for romance. But then again, there was nothing really romantic here...Was there? The thought was enough to sadden her as she tried to move, only to be gripped tighter in the embrace of her partner as she stopped.


    She turned, careful not to dislodge herself to look at him.


    Her old friend from the Wasteland World, her partner in Avalon when they were solving crimes before gaining the attention of the Coalition and now, part of the same organization here they were....He needed comfort sorely and she wanted to give him it. Every time, he seemed more and more distant to the point of sorrow. Where Elizabeth had begun to master magic and blossom, Lucifer seemed to withdraw more and more, until he was a shadow of his old self. His fire was gone, the drive that inspired him removed and she knew even last night was only a substitute for the women he lost...The wizard and the warrior.

    The dead and the traitor.

    She pushed down the bitterness within her rising with practice and kissed his forehead.

    It didn't matter. They were still friends, he would always be hers and she would be his. It was all that could come of it and all that she would need.

    Ignoring the hurt within her, she moved out of bed and headed for the shower.

    Leaving a note after dressing up, she checked her reflection....Adjusted her choker to hide the marks and grabbed her umbrella before she left.

    They had a mission.

    And if nothing else, she could at least help him accomplish that.


    It was cruel and he knew it.

    Last night he crossed a line with his friend, turning what had meant to simply be a replenishing bite into something else. It was carnal lust, pure and simple. There was no love in the act, nor anything resembling emotion. Just two animals going at it, till he thought the bed would snap under their efforts. It filled him with shame and when Elizabeth kissed his forehead, thinking him asleep it filled him with guilt.

    And yet, he didn't want her to leave.

    It had been years since he allowed himself to let his guard down with anyone. To wake up in the same bed, to have any sort of connection outside violence- He didn't know what to think of it. Or how to deal with it. It was far easier to look the other way, to sweep under the rug. He would not have done that when he was younger.

    Where did he go wrong?

    He got up, moved to read the note and in Elizabeth's flowing, small cursive he read the following.

    'Gone check out the Black Spider. Be back soon.'

    He sighed out and shook his head.

    One shower and quick dress-up later, and he was gone as well.



    The Black Spider was a den for smugglers, thieves and whores. And that was just the official count.

    Under the rule of the Tongs, it flourished mostly as neutral ground. Here, the rule of fist was in effect. If a man drew a knife in a fight, all others were restricted to knives as the deadliest weapon. Anyone who broke that rule, made himself a target for anything goes from every single person in the room.

    Needless to say it worked exceptionally well.

    And wonderfully for him as he smiled and took a seat as his table, smiling at others before speaking out of the corner of his mouth.


    "Well Mr. Miles, you've been a mighty fine passenger on board my ship, but this is where we part ways. This place sees more then its share of folk who pass through universes, bound to be one who can take you to yours. River, say goodbye to the nice gentleman."

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  2. River and the gentleman as Mal called him, one Desmond Miles, stared at each other. Miles had grown distant and reclusive after the death of his grandfather and his accompanying order. He was prone to going long stretches of time without talking to anyone, and late at night he could be found sitting cross legged in his room, his eyes glowing a yellow color as he stared at a strange metal ball on his lap.

    Shifting awkwardly in his white and red hoodie, the Assassin and former Mentor muttered out a low thanks for the ride, not intending to be rude, but having a hard time connecting to others after everything that had happened. When he turned to River however, something eased in his manner, almost imperceptible to anyone but the most trained on body language or a person that happened to be a close friend of his. He extended a hand to the girl, a handshake with his non-hidden blade adorned left hand. "See you later River. Thanks for the company."

    River reached out and shook his hand, her softer hand hiding incredible beneath his obviously rough and calloused hand that had grown into such underneath the close supervision of his 'grandfather'. She'd spent quite a bit of time with the young man, knowing from the moment she'd met him that that he was different from the other passengers in a way that was difficult to describe. The easiest way to describe it was that... He was something of a mystery. Most people were an open book to her, quite literally in the sense that she knew their life's story, who they were, in the moment that she met them. They'd spent much time together since then, with the hooded passenger telling her some of tales of his life, which was quite the interesting story, only redoubled by the unique experience that she had to hear it and imagine it to know what it what it was like.

    "Have a safe trip Desmond. I enjoyed getting to know you." River stepped back then, perhaps a bit a bit forlornly. She'd gotten a little to the Assassin during their trip, and was sad at having to have a friend behind.

    The Assassin nodded in response, shifting his courier bag with it's precious contents higher onto his shoulder, prepared to leave.​
  3. Captain Reynolds flicked his gaze at the shake, showing nothing behind his poker face...Until now as he smiled and got to his feet.

    "Actually, I...I was gonna give my crew some shore leave while we resupply. If you're not adverse to company, River here can stick around for a spell before we part ways for sure."

    The door opened across the room as he spoke, as a beautiful woman in a corset and blue dress stepped out into the room. Unusual looking from the general sort that tended to hang around, it drew eyes to her but otherwise she seemed to ignore it as she sat down and closed her umbrella.

    With only River feeling the following mental impressions from her.

    Clear, blue skies that turned red and black as the sound of thousands of wings echoed across the skies-

    The woman tensed and began to look around searchingly.

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  4. While Desmond didn't react noticeably to Captain Reynolds revelation that they wouldn't be leaving yet, the corners of his mouth did turn upwards in the smallest of smiles. He'd have a traveling companion and friend for a little little while longer. "I'd be alright with that." Miles said noncommittally. He was about to ask for a suggestion for where to grab something to eat that wasn't Chinese when he heard the creak of a door open, both him and Rivers gaze following the sound back to it's source, a fair-skinned women in clothes that might have been more appropriate for the nineteen hundreds. Eh. Multiverse stuff.

    Just like everyone else in the room, River's mind briefly reached out to the woman, cresting gently among the contours of her mind, just the barest touch to get a feel for who she was. Which turned out to be a very bad idea as the sky turned from a beautiful blue to a sinister red as the woman began to search questioningly, seemingly agitated. Clearly she was some sort of sensitive just like River herself, at which point River slammed down as best she could on her wild psychokinetic abilities as she realized the fact a heartbeat too late.

    River nodded her head as a woman quietly, warning Desmond and Mal, "We should leave. she's stronger than anything I've felt before."

    Desmond just stared at the woman, calculating, a far cry from the brash loudmouth that had gotten trapped inside that damn VR or the idealistic assassin that had gone on a mission to save the multiverse. She undoubtedly had some degree of power judging from the light show, but nothing would ever match sheer heart stopping terror of fighting the Archdemon himself. of course he had had powerful allies then, the Umbran witch and the Death Eyes for example and Ezio.

    Compromising between running away and a pre-emptive assault, he instead chose to simply step in front of Captain Reynolds and River, taking the brunt of whatever would happen, good or bad. The Assassin may have lost his faith but he hadn't changed his nature all that much.​
  5. In a bar like this, you could always tell who was ready to fight. But for Elizabeth, her observations extended to mostly why people fought. Over a drink spilled or some woman or man, that was easy. But this was the first time she ever met anyone who seemed to regard her as a danger and she was nonplussed. Not an enemy....They'd have been coming for her otherwise. This one seemed defensive...Her eyes flicked to the child behind him and the captain idly tapping his fingers on the table before getting up and walking over. The click of her heels echoed before she stopped before the three...And smiled.

    "My name is Elizabeth. I apologize, but that startled me. I suppose I did the same."

    She cocked her head.

    "Could I buy you all a drink to make up for the scare? We all seem to be on edge tonight."

    Reynolds relaxed and shrugged.

    "Much as I hate to turn down a drink from a pretty lady, I do got business to attend to. River, get back to the ship at a decent hour. Kaylee ain't gonna distract Simon forever."

    He winked and with a touch of his forelock to Elizabeth, he was gone.

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  6. When the woman found them, Desmond tensed for a half a second before relaxing. The girl want looking for a fight from the way she was moving, namely the lack of energy balls forming around her or the usual signs that preceded a magic attack. She walked up to them, smiling and apologetic. Desmond lowered his head, not really in the most talkative of moods, not that he ever was these days. He stepped to the side, letting River speak to the woman on his place.

    "Alcohol causes liver failure." River said factually.


    At least she wasn't talking about how fast the human body could be drained of blood, those days were mostly in the past. "My name's River, and he's Desmond." She said as she extended a slender to Elizabeth just like she had a moment earlier with Miles.

    Beneath his hood, Desmond nodded at the woman, not really in having a nice chat, more preoccupied with where to go next, where to drift to to forget and be forgotten, and more than anything how to stay off Shay and Revan's radar. But on the other hand, that could wait for a while, there were much more pressing matters such as, "I'll have a drink." Desmond said, speaking for the first time in the presence of the woman. "It'll be nice to be on the other end of the table for once." He said dryly, his humble origins as a bartender never forgotten.​

  7. Elizabeth didn't even bother to hide her smile, bright and sunny as a summer day after the rain.

    "It does. Which says almost everything you need to know about people."

    She gestured for a waiter and sat primly.

    "What brings you to New Beijing?"

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  8. "Vacationing." Desmond replied curtly, his tendency to trust warped by a small but probably justified sense of paranoia. Shay Cormac and GORE were still after him as far as he knew, and he was trying to slink to slink as far off the reservation as he could until he came up with a plan to get revenge. To that end, he tended to avoid strangers, and used the alias of Warren Vidic whenever possible, a snub at the old doctor. Of course, he hadn't had the good sense to use it with the crew of the Serenity, maybe because he sensed the captain was trustworthy, or maybe just plain forgetfulness.

    River for her part chose a less standoffish approach, largely because she had nothing to hide herself. "I'm here with the captain, helping deliver our passengers." Per usual, the girl was short spoken. She'd gotten better after Miranda, her mind more intact, but she still wasn't going to be giving a spoken treatise on the theories of human interaction.​
  9. [​IMG]

    A sudden mental surge of dark, chaotic minds filled the mental atmosphere for River.

    Minds in the loosest sense of the word. They were jagged, sharp thoughts. Thoughts honed to killing points, which coincidentally was their main focus of thought. Kill....Kill....Kill. The closest she had ever come to these minds before were Reavers and in a way, it felt like them. Except directed whereas Reavers were more broad. At any rate, time for action was now. And a twitching drunk suddenly burst from his skin...As did six other random people in the crowd.

    An off-duty cop, a callgirl, a bar-hopper- All of whom came out of their gruesome hiding place from wherever they came, before launching themselves at the table.

    Elizabeth would note this with a yelp as she flipped open her umbrella and yelled.


    And claws raked down, blocked and repelled by the umbrella even as from other directions, three more of the creatures came down...

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  10. [​IMG]

    Desmond jumped forward, using the raised back of the seat as a jumping off point for an aerial assassination on the nearest creature, using their combined weight and momentum to get a good distance from River and Elizabeth, slowly rising from his position there to attempt to run forward and pierce the jugulars of each of the monsters from behind in succession.​
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