Death In The City

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    Richelle was called to the scene quick. Some millionaire was dead in some house in some city, and although only 18, Richelle was the one to go. A law student, Richelle was training to be a private detective like her father.

    Arriving at the house was quiet. The body was still there, a lot of scientists and stuff taking DNA and blood tests, shaking their heads and tutting. A woman sighed loudly at the detective sent to find her husband's murderer. Richelle smiled brightly. 'You better be pleased, lady. Nowadays kids do all sorts of rubbish. I'm a good teenager,' she thought darkly. "Detective R. Worthington," she smiled, pleased at her title. The woman looks Richelle up and down.

    Richelle walks into a different room, and hears breathing. "Who's there?" she says, hands shaking. This could be a murderer.
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  2. Deep from inside the room, hidden in the safety of the corners of the been hid a short male, his blood red eyes darted left to right quickly as his claw like nails dug into his scalp.

    "It was an accident...I didn't mean too...I-I am scared!"

    The boy cowered closer onto himself with a squeak as he heard footfalls hault near the door.
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    Richelle walked closer towards the guy, holding up a small handgun. "What was an accident? This could be the quickest detective finding ever!" Richelle smiled. She looked terrified at this guy through her hazel eyes. Breathing deeply she seemed to be calming down.
  4. The other snapped his gaze up the young detective and pressed his back against the wall, his eyes searched hers and a smirk crossed his lips "You're like're afraid too!"

    He leapt up and over the bed making a mad dash towards the door.

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  5. Richelle ran towards the door. Nobody is going to mess up her first job. 'I'm in the same room as two men who could be murderers...oh hell...' she thought. She reaches the door and shoots at the guy making his way, now, towards her. She knows it's going to miss, she did that on purpose, and hopes it will make him back up. She can hear the millionaire's wife knocking on the door, asking if it's okay in there, after hearing gunshots. She sounds scared. Richelle pressed her back on the door, doesn't want the woman to come in and get shot.
  6. The teen male jumped back, he turned around glaring "I wouldn't have done that!" He snarls baring his teeth sharp fangs were visible in the corners of his mouth "That man was a bad man...he got what he deserved!"
  7. Richelle can't help being downright confused. She didn't know if he was referring to the millionaire or not. "Sit down. I'm doing my job. It could save your life." He looks younger than her, or maybe the same age. Too young to be a criminal. His fangs were larger than most peoples. Just a deformity? Richelle didn't think so.
  8. "Why? Because you're searching for your killer? Your killer got what they wanted, the rich geezer is dead!"

    The teen none the less sat down.

    "Tsk...this isn't fair...that old woman is gonna get those riches..." he growls as he slammed his claws into the wall behind his raking the walls effectively tearing into the exterior.
  9. Richelle couldn't hold the banging for ever. She opened the door and her and the woman were deep in conversation. Richelle was a lot quieter than the woman, nodding and shaking her head at the woman.