Death Gate

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  1. Death is a strange gate. Some worship it religiously, some have no regard for it at all, and still others are incredibly afraid of it.

    Bardock walked through the gates willingly; not in fear but rather in anguish. Sometimes walking through death's gate was the consequence of shaking hands with danger, other times it was like getting lifted gently in the air, but for Bardock it was drummed up as a violent duty to his peers.

    The ideas and visions of individual persons as they approached the gate differed, but after going through the boundary it was all similar. The same core concepts of life-after-death were introduced to each soul. Time is not linear on the other side. Any soul from every age would have similar experiences.

    Bardock being from the dark-ages of a low-world, had a considerable learning curve as the Death-Tutors explained everything to him. Beings whom died from technologically advance society did not necessarily mean a quicker rate of learning. It all depends on the souls creativity and willingness to except the raw truth of what was going on.

    The basic rules as Bardock understood it was as follows:
    1) "The Place Before Birth" as the Death-Tutor described (or more commonly called Tephub) is the central hub of 3rd dimension-universal activity.
    2) Tephub establishment itself is ran by a group of 4th dimensional souls who are ever wise, also known as Death-tutors, or simply Tutors.
    3) Tephub has a connecting gate back to any world in the 3rd dimension, but the consequences of traveling back through Death gates varies with the society on each planet.
    4) Each souls purpose to to figure out how to proceed into the 4th dimension, though the Tutors will only give vague/strange/misleading advice and not blatant instructions. That being said though, some souls were content and comfortable with the 3rd...for now that is.
    5) The rules of technology and physics are blended and not exactly like earths.

    After getting the basic gist of what was going on (still utterly confused though), Bardock was lead through the initial antechamber of the Tutor, into a infinitely huge hall. He could not see the beginning nor the end. The vaulted ceiling rose hundreds of feet in the air, making him feel so small. The room was filled with everything imaginable. It had vendors selling gear from hundreds of different 3-D worlds. Their were lodgings and public houses. For lack of a better word it was an urban center in the confines of vaulted enclosure.

    "Welcome to Tephub," the mysterious Death-Tutor exclaimed.

    Basically to join this RP all im asking just a couple things...1 is that you stick to the loose "skeleton" I write into my posts. 2, make a character from any world/technological/thematic background, that character dies and finds him/her/it-self at Tephub. 3, have fun and lets see how this goes lol
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