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    Everything this lady touches/marries/votes for turns to gold! =D

    ...Oh wait, sorry, wrong person.

    Yeah no, everything she touches/marries/votes for dies or is injured. My bad.

    Just read the list, and marvel at Japanese culture. I don't usually go for this kind of thing, but I have to admit, all those things are pretty damn eerie.

    And now this happens, adding the following this chain of occurences:

    "• Higashihara writes former Sega spokesperson Yuko Ogura a message on her blog. A fire breaks out at Ogura's restaurant chain.
    • She writes about wild comedian Sugi-chan on her blog. Sugi-chan seriously injures his spine and needs three months to recover.
    • She references Tokyo Skytree. The elevators in Skytree are stopped because of strong winds.
    • After the first baby panda is conceived in Japan in decades, she mentions the panda, adding that her family went to bed at 8:30pm. The panda then dies the following morning at 8:30am.
    All of these happened, this year. This is a bit of Japanese internet folklore, and I don't believe that she's cursed (just like I don't believe in the Madden Curse).
    During the summer, one commenter suggested that Higashihara blog about other countries during the Olympics. But with her track record, maybe she shouldn't blog about anything."

    Seriously. Please stop blogging.

    So what do you guys think? Strange coincidence? OR A CURSE? >:3c
  2. Really hope she mentions Beiber someday..
  3. That is definitely a bit creepy, but I think it is only coincidence. There have been many urban legends through the ages and this is just one more, so there is no need to blow it out of proportion. Even if it is not coincidence, then by associating bad luck with the blog, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. People will think that because it is mentioned on the blog, it is going to be terrible failure or something akin to it, so they will refuse to buy it and it will really be a complete failure.
  4. Maybe she's just attracted to failure. She couldn't cause all this, but she could be drawn to it!
  5. This seems sort of cruel to do to this girl who might just be very unlucky.
    She's not the only one to eat at McDonald's that day, certainly. I'm sure she's eaten elsewhere too that hasn't had troubles, etc. etc.
    Plus, like was said earlier, confirmation bias. People look for examples of how it's proven true and ignore the millions of things that were fine.
  6. She comes from this time but was aged in the future where she knew all this was going to happen. After a freak accident of trying to summon some underground creature for whatever reasons, she wound up back in our time and has been telling about things to come in the most grim manner possible. Soon enough a red haired kid with several friends will come in and interfere with everything going on and our world will be left in tatters from this Black Omen.

  7. You know, like most young women.
  8. Japan has horses?! D:

    Just kidding~ I watched Inuyasha! :D They had horses >:3

    -just jokes-

    But in all (can we call it seriousness?) seriousness, whoever wrote these articles about this girl is probably just superstitious! From what I've seen a lot of Japanese people are superstitious and they love curses! Look at how many of their myths and legends deal with ghosts who are cursed and are wanting revenge o.o No, I'm not just talking about the Grudge Girl either! :P

    I think that they've just taken notice to her lack of good luck and decided to make something of it, like the Wii sales....ummm I'm pretty sure by now EVERYONE must have a Wii e.e It was bound to happen one day or another! :/
  9. Nope. You're all naive. She's the internet specter of death. Accept it and learn to check that blog daily.
  10. You know, I don't see this as a bad thing.

    I mean I think it's just sillyness, but lets look at this from a business perspective. Her blog's now getting attention and while people aren't bending over for this gal to stop blogging about things yet... maybe they could.

    As the ol' term goes: there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    If I was her I'd embrace the reputation full on and start kickstarters threatening to blog about certain things unless certain money quotas are made.

    Supersticious gits don't deserve their spending money anyway.
  11. @Cosmic: I think she did threaten to blog about someone already, and a good number of Japanese folks are asking her to quit blogging. =P

    @Everyone: Sorry if this came off as paparazzi-esque. It's not my intention to come across as mean to this girl, but I just thought it was a pretty interesting piece of news.
  12. Its pretty scary.