Death be to Those Who Live

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  1. "Good evening, Residents of Veron Texas! The time has come again, the time where 5 will be chosen! 5 will be chosen to take on the terrible curse that looms over this town! These brave, honorable souls will go through the Ceremony of Nobleness, where they will spend a week training for the harsh conditions as well as saying their goodbyes and getting ready for their fate. Then, the Curse will be placed upon them as they kneel upon the altar of the gods. They shall be cast from the city to move on, either dying or surviving this terrible plague. We will choose the recipients of the curse soon, please, be relaxed."
    The Mayor of the town said before he stepped back from the microphone, turning and speaking to the committee behind him.

    Everyone had been gathered in the Main Hall, as per usual every year, for the Cursing Ceremony, where 5 of the town's residents would be chosen for the horrendous fate. This year, the Hall was decorated in Blue and Gold to represent Honor and Wisdom, the bowl of names was Red to represent the Curse, and the mayor was in a simple blue suit with a gold tie.
    Karsenays 'Kay' Drane bit her lip, hesitant. She adjusted her black jacket, which fit snugly over her red t-shirt, a long, navy skirt beneath hiding black shoes. She glanced around, her white hair having just been cut, barely reaching her chin, and straightened, crossed her vision a few times. She sighed. "Dear gods, please allow me another safe year..." She muttered to herself, taking a deep breath.


    Daynin Zaesh pat his 5 year old sister's head, holding her in one arm and smiling, his own green eyes peering into her golden ones as he smoothed out her brunette hair. "Don't worry Sera, you're safe." He promised her, knowing they never chose children under the age of 10, as it was a crime to punish children in the god's eyes.​
  2. Rain rolled her eyes. She knew why this was happening, she just never wrapped her head around understanding it. "Wonder who will be chosen on this fine day." She said under her breath. She looked around and noticed many worried faces, she couldn't bring herself to be worried as much. Partially because every friend she had has been cast into the.... Dark, as she liked to call it. So eventually she frayed away from getting upset since it's happened so often, and so she patiently waited for the names of the ones who would be cast into the darkness this time.
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  3. "Yelp, another year, another curse grab bag", I said as I took a swig o mah beer. "Wonder who's gonna be picked this time?"

    "Gotta feelin' itsa gonna be dat scerrrewed up nerse ah have the fortunanin o bein mared tu!"

    I took a look at my buddy Bob, and sighed." Dude, if ya hate her so much, what's the issue in divorce?" He then looked at me with complete awe, like I just shot a dog.

    "DEVARCE! Nah... that aint in mah relagin, ya know?" I simply shook my head, "Yeah, sure, whatever." Seriously, if it weren't for childhood bringing us together, I wouldn't even affiliate with this guy. Quite a shallow folk, which doesn't help considering his looks. But anyway, it's Cursin Time, and I got front row seats! Yay!
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  4. The mayor stepped back up to the podium.
    "Once more we are gathered together to see who has been chosen to be cursed. This year, our honored heroes are:
    and Jeremy Lane!
    We honor you for your role in this community, and for keeping us safe! Please, come up here."

    Karsenays 'Kay' Drane paled, her hopes in the ditch. She blinked, swallowing thickly before slowly making her way to the front of the crowd, her hands tucked tightly in her pockets, curled in tight fists. She did her best not to let anyone see her sudden anger, keeping her face calm, though her eyes were steely.


    Daynin smiled, picking his little sister up. "I told you, another year and we're both safe." He said happily, hugging her. She giggled, hugging him tightly back.​
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