Death Battle!

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Death Battles within this thread are not for trying to defeat your opponent. These are more oriented based on rule of cool, having two characters that seem like they'd have a good fight and sending them out to bash each other's skulls in or various other means of securing the demise of their opponent! Basically, we want a fun and interesting read here, pre-planning how things will play out in the match (away from the watchful eye of the public to avoid spoilers) and then write up well detailed choreography on the forum to carry it out, amazing others of the epic-ness that has just unfolded!

This thread can be used to plan out all Death Battle roleplays taking place on the forum (but not relating to spoilers. For example, use this to say "Anyone want to fight this character?" and whatnot). When actually carrying out a Death Battle you can create it's own separate thread if you don't like the clutter all being in this IC. Simply link to the thread here if that is the desired path. Otherwise, in the IC here, posts will be labeled which battle the post is taking place in to help avoid confusion, especially if more than a single battle is taking place at once.

1. Characters only know secret details about each other if it makes sense.

2. The battle must end in death. If the character isn't one to kill others, this part of their personality is removed, at least when it concerns their opponent, but other aspects about them should remain faithful.

3. Original characters are the focus but if both participants agree to it then they can bring in characters from other sources outside of their own mind as long as they don't claim they made up the character.

4. You don't have to pre-plan everything if you truly don't want to, but if you do, try to avoid spoiling it for others. If you can't agree on details about how things play out then that's your problems. Get other people's input or move on to something you can agree on.

5. You don't have to give me credit to start your own Death Battle thing here due to me not owning the idea at all, but to keep things simple, it's best to consolidate our forces.

6. How fast everyone must post is up to the people and battle in question. If it's pre-planned and everyone knows what they must post then they can do it simultaneously and should be much quicker than waiting for replies.

7. How detailed the posts are is up to the people and battle as well. I prefer detail.

8. I or anyone else can come up with additional rules per battle. As long as everyone in the battle agrees than it's good unless it strays from the concept of Death Battle, in which case it should be made into it's own thing.

Post characters you'd like to use in Death Battle here.
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