Death Awaits (IC)

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  1. (If I control Character I AM SORRY!)

    Chapter 1
    Lets Go To The Inn

    Everyone was meeting at the Inn and Raven couldn't wait till everyone got there. her family's friend owns the Inn but for a while there been things going on in the Inn. but the Inn keepers tell her its fine. she told their Teacher about the Inn and asked if he could come with them because they needed a adult to come. and all of their family member where busy with family or work or they don't want to go. he luckily said yes and they had the go! they all where existed all of them! Raven hope to fine love or well tell the guy she likes she likes her. She blushed at the though and covered her cheek with both of her hands and shakes her head. "Ahhhh he so hansom" she blushed thinking about her crush. "ok Raven stop it!" she sighed and fixed her purple/gold Kimono. she just waited for the others in front of the Inn really exited.

    (sorry its bad V^V)

    (other stuff you MUST READ! unless already read! but read it anyways!)
    (I don't mind the drama but don't make to much of a drama this is a horror game not a drama game and I am hoping to make this rp end because there are so many Rps that never finish! I want this one to be a finished Rp so please if your not going to stay till the end Please just leave.... I forgot to say this in the beginning but you have the chose right now.... unless your dead..... if you have to leave or want to leave in the middle of the rp please tell me don't MIA tell me so i can tell the killer to kill your characters!

    No Grammar in this rp >.> I have no Grammar in my bone!
    I care is spelling your spelling needs to be good! or I will never be able to crack it >.> my reason is because when I was younger French was force on me.... like really Force they wouldn't speak English to me and my English class was only once a week luckily....

    I also Chosen to change the place up...... we are all staying at an Inn/hot spring.... Can't wait! also Its not like like the anime/manga/game.... there are some changes..... like maybe or maybe not everyone will be placed in groups I'll think about it soon when the fun starts ^^

    also Romance is allowed but I highly recommended not falling in love unless you want drama...... you want drama don't you *sigh* whatever your sadness and madness >.> Hehe that rhymed in my head X3


    Be careful when the killing starts because the friend next to you could be the killer.)
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  2. Iriyama Shindo

    "ALBERT! PACK MY THINGS NOW!" Shin shouted his personal butler to pack his things as he can't wait the excitement to meet his friends, especially Raven. "I need to be mr.nice guy for awhile then, at least Raven's presence already cheer me up," he sighed while sitting at his chair looking out of the window. "since when I wear my mask?" Shin was bored that people love the fake him. "ALBERT! ARE YOU DONE YET?!" Shin went to Albert and roughly take his luggage. "DON'T COME WITH ME ALBERT! OR I'LL KICK YOU AGAIN LIKE LAST TIME" Shin wants to go to the hot spring alone as he hates when someone limited his action just like Albert.

    After hours of driving finally he got to the Hot spring inn. "Guess you're up..." Shin was talking to himself as if there's another personality which actually he doesn't have. As soon as he stepped into the hot spring, Shin waved his arm to Raven with a smile, "Raven chan~!" he looked at other also arriving at the spring as well
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  3. The world rolled by in streaks of green, the rumble of the vehicles engine drowned out by the slightly tinny tone of blaring music. Lips moved silently in time with the lyrics, fingers tapping gently to the beat. Saori's step-mother had attempted to engage the boy in conversation a few times during the trip, but the red head was off in his own little world, lost in the notes and melodies. His thoughts span off to Raven's invitation. It had surprised him, to say the least, that he'd been invited to this little outing. It wasn't that he wasn't friends with the others, but he doubted any of them would say they were close. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips, trying to contain his joy of having actually been included. Maybe he'd thank her sometime during the trip.

    The streaks of colour began to slow into a cohesive image, the vehicle rolling to a halt as it pulled up in front of the Inn. Azure eyes glanced up from the window, glancing over the front of the building. It seemed nice enough, he supposed. His gaze flicked to Iris, the woman looking at him expectantly, keeping the electric locks engaged. Sighing, Saori moved one headphone off of his ear, though he didn't turn the music off. He could hear what she had to say well enough. She seemed satisfied, anyway. "Now, are you sure you've got everything? I don't want to get a phone call in the middle of the night because you forgot extra underwear, or something."

    "…Don't try to mother me." The words came out colder than he intended, the woman visibly flinching, before letting her face fall. A stab of guilt stuck in his chest, but pride and bitterness kept him silent. The locks were disengaged with an audible click, and Saori was out of the oppressive space in a flash, his bag slung over his shoulder. He didn't spare a look back, heading up to the front of the Inn, the sound of rolling tires growing quiet behind him. He spotted Shin and Raven right away, quietly walking up towards the two, giving a small wave.
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  4. Parking his car out of the way and removing his bag of essentials, which stretched from his shoulder to nearly a foot from the ground, Kuari made his way towards the door, the glow from the 'Zukarin-sensei' written on his trunk slowly fading as he left, the shadows creeping over his vehicle as if they were trying to eat it whole.

    'A hotspring. I haven't been to one of these since I was a kid. Raven was adorable as always when she came up and asked me if I'd come. How could I ever say 'no' to her? It did kind of surprise me, though, that no one else is going to be here besides me and the club, though I don't see why she'd've chosen me to come along if she just needed an adult, there's plenty of better choices, especially since I-...'

    His thoughts trailed off as he made his way to the small group, nodding casually at the others, yet giving Raven a bright, blushing smile.
    "You look beautiful in that kimono." he said, doing his best to hide his embarrassment.
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  5. "Please mom, please?" At the moment Lisonne was begging her mom to bring her to the outing Raven had planned. As usual she herself had forgotten to prepare some kind of transport. "You really should think of these things earlier, have you already packed?" Her mother looked up from reading the magazine when the anwser took too long. "Lisonne?!" There was a threathning undertone to it. "Uhm.... a bit." For a moment her mother looked Lisonne in the eyes. "Next time prepare yourself better, now get packing." "Does that mean..." "Yes I will bring you, it's on the way of an old friend I haven't visited in a while anyway." With a bright smile she kissed her mothers cheek. "Thanks mom!" With that she hurried upstairs. "Just hurry up, it's a long drive and it's already noon!" She said as she closed the magazine and grabbed the car keys.

    The drive was longer than expected, it was boring too. Lisonne actually wanted to go home already, not that she wasn't looking forward to the outing it was just... She talked a bit with her mother before Lisonne pulled a big bag of chips out of her bag and started eating. "Isn't that the one for family night?" A moment did Lisonne hestitate before she grabbed another chip. "yeah... but I will share with the others..." Her mother grabbed the bag close. "Then don't eat everything now." She grabbed the bag from her mother again and grumbling put it away.

    At arrival she said a quick goodbye to her mom, took her stuff and immediatly grabbed the chips as soon as she was out of sight. While snacking she walked into the inn and to the small group waiting for their friends. When she was near the group she smiled to everyone. "Hi, great idea to go to a hotspring. It's a nice place to meet up." She put a chip in her mouth and nonchalantly made another comment. "Also great idea to invite the teacher." She glanced quickly at Raven before she held the bag with chips out. "Who wants some?" Quickly changing the subject and making no more comments on it.
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  6. "Are you ready yet, Val?" Dmitri called from the base of the staircase. He sighed, ruffling a hand through his short black hair. When Valeriya told him about her spending a few nights at her friend's family inn, he immediately rejected the idea and told her if she were to go, he would have to come along. Of course, it would embarrassing to have your older brother to follow you everywhere. So, she tried her best to give him the puppy dog look so he would allow her to be with her friends. In the end, it actually worked. He was just going to drop her off at the entrance and maybe give her a good lecture on how to behave and then he'll drive off.

    "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." Valeriya said, as she carried her black duffel bag down with her. She walked past her older brother as he shook his head, sighing. Alexei, her younger brother, was on the couch playing his PSP, waiting for his two older siblings since he decided to come along to send Valeriya. "Oh, you're done? Took you long enough." Alexei scoffed as he got up from his position on the couch. As Valeriya walked past him, she stopped and glared at him, then sticking out her tongue. Alexei copied her as well. Dmitri had to break the both of them apart.

    They walked out of the house and into Dmitri's car. Valeriya loaded her bag into the boot of the car. Alexei sat in the front, next to the driver's seat while Valeriya sat at the back. The whole drive from their house was a peaceful one, except for the fact that Dmitri was lecturing Valeriya to behave herself. It's not that he didn't trust her or anything, it's just that, in his eyes, she's still a little kid. Their parents had to go for a small business trip to Germany and they would be gone for two weeks. So, it was usually the three siblings in the house when their parents weren't around.

    An hour later, the car pulled up in front of the entrance of the Inn. Valeriya could see some of her friends and teacher gathered together. Valeriya got out of the car, both Dmitri and Alexei as well. Dmitri took out her bag from the boot then he handed it to her as she slung it over her right shoulder. She turned to Alexei, who was half a head taller than her despite being a year younger. His arms were folded, brown eyes not meeting her grey ones, he muttered, "Take care, Sorella." ( 'Sister' in Italian)

    Val smiled slightly, tip-toeing slightly to ruffle his hair, "I will, Fratello." ('Brother' in Italian)

    Alexei grumbled and went back into the car. Between her younger brother and her, they would refer to each other in Italian. For example, calling 'brother' or 'sister' to each other. Where else, she would refer to her older brother in Russian. Dmitri patted her hair and smiled warily, "сестра (Pronounced as 'Sestra') . . . Please take care of yourself." ('Sister' in Russian)

    Val grumbled slightly in irritation but nodded, "I will, большой брат." (Pronounced as bol'shoy brat , 'Big brother' in Russian)

    With that, they waved goodbye and Dmitri drove off. Val sighed in relief, heaving up the bag. She walked over to the group, waving slightly, "Hey, I hope I'm not late~"
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  7. "I'll call you~!" Endo promised to her chauffeur- a handsome boy a couple of years older than her- with a quick wink. Blushing, he mumbled something to her in reply, before starting to pull his car away. Playfully waving at him, Endo called out "Try not to miss me~!" as the car drove away into the distance.

    Six hours earlier...
    "But muuuum," Endo nagged, "You said you'd take me!"
    "Sorry, Ennie, but a work thing came up..." Endo's mum replied, pulling on a coat. As per usual, work stole Endo's mother away from her, with its uncaring clasp. It was always work this, or work that- never what Endo wanted. Peeved, Endo was about to complain again, except her mother cut in first, saying "Bye, stay safe!" Slam, the front door was shut, and Endo was all alone. Again. She'd really wanted to go to the hot springs too. Sighing, Endo pulled out her phone, searching for one of her older boy-toys to persuade to take her.
    Back to present...

    Turning away from the road, Endo brushed a speck of dirt off of her daisy pink kimono. Patterned with pretty flowers, the kimono lacked material in all of the right places tempting onlookers. Just as Endo liked it. Content with her appearance, Endo skipped over to her group of friends, who she'd noticed nearby. "Hi there everyone!" Endo exclaimed when she arrived, "Lovely to see you all!" She smiled her award-winning heart-melting smile, genuinely happy for once.
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  8. Sepiroth sighs as he gazes out the car window, hearing his mother chatter. “you know, Sephykins I think your daddy would be so proud of you right now!” Sepiroth turns his gaze to his mother, blonde and busty.. even more dolled up now since her husband’s dead, the absence of the wedding ring draws his eyes to her ring finger. He doesn't speak.

    His father was an abusive and cruel man, a man who made his life a living hell. Sepiroth by all accounts should hate him, but could never bring himself to. Like Hamlet he to his disgusted by his mother's will to quickly move on and find a new man, Sepiroth wouldn't be surprised if she was after one of his uncles.. or his father's best friend. That's just the sought of women Luna Silencia is.

    Gladarniel and Luna, they were like Bonnie and Clyde.. but much eviller. All the friends of the family are unsused to simply saying 'Luna' in reference to the two of them now.. and Sepiroth feels his father's absence even more, it's a large hole in his heart that can never be refilled.

    He get's out the car and hears his mother say. “see you later, Sephykins! And don't worry darling, your daddy would have wanted me to move on!”

    as the car skids away Sepiroth mutters. “I doubt that, mother. I doubt that very much.” he sighs and walks into the building.
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  9. Raven smiled brightly at Shin and said "Hi Shin~Chan!" she giggled with a small blush forming her cheek. don't do something stupid Raven be strong. "thank you for coming with us!" she said and hugged him. Raven you STUPID HUMAN! she let go of him and blushed even more. she was about to say sorry when she noticed Saori walking towards them and she smiled at him as well. "its great you came Saori-Chan!" she said with a bow. then the teacher got here. the teacher comment on her kimono and Raven Blushed "Um thanks Sensei."

    slowly everyone one by one got here. she looked at Lisonne and hugged her with a smile. "thanks But it was my family they wanted me out of the house for the break So I made an Idea to ask my friends and the teacher so are family doesn't have to come but my mom want an adult so my mom made me ask my teacher" she sighed. "but anyways no thanks Lisonne-Chan maybe the others would like" she smiled kindly at her then turned to Val as she ran in saying she hoped she was not late. "не, your not late my friend" she said walking over to her and given her a hug. "but if your are I we wouldn't move on with out you" she smiled then noticed Endo walking in. "Endo!" she yelled and ran over to her. "your not late but to me you took for ever to get here!" she pouted. "where were you!" she then noticed Sepiroth but he seamed in an off mood so she didn't say anything she just smiled at him and nodded to him. and the others came in she nodded and said hey to them as well.

    (Must read)
    "Ok I need to talk to everyone here!" she called out and walked to the desk luckily the owner was not here at the moment. "ok you guys listen up! I wouldn't like to tell you rules of this place! Don't brake anything and Have fun. and no sex Please!" she laughed "where to young here! also The hot spring is open there is a boy and girl room so lady's on the lady's side and man on the man side ok. also Don't piss of my moms friends who own the hot spring. no peaking! also girls in one room and boys in another room and teacher has his own room." she finished and hand everyone keys to there shared rooms. "ok girls lets get unpack then to the hot spring!"
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  10. Shin was hugged by Raven and red all over his face, "ah.. Raven.." Shin wanted her to hug him longer but it would cause a havoc. He gently pushed her and lock his eye to Raven. shoot Raven is so hot.. I just wish I have the courage to tell to her right now... but... He looked down whilst that he have the courage to tell his feelings to Raven. Raven is one of the prettiest girl in the school and a lot of guys asked her on a date, Shin kept his nerve cool and went in. Raven told the rules as the owner aren't here at the moment, Shin was amazed on how charismatic is she. He kept on daydreaming about her until Raven gave him his room key, he got panic and began to stutter," ah.. wha... thank you Raven.." he blushed every time he got near to Raven.