Death and a Human

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  1. Sir Draco, or known as Death was what they called him, a wise man more then a wise man but still. He was trotting around outside the city with the black stallion he named Desrtio. he was emotionless as many souls where collected today and he was tired. but that when he felt it , some human was going to die before his time. galloping his horse toward the shadows of the gates saw a man ready to hurl himself off a building. This would not do for death, this was not his time to die, so death broke a rule but he had to.

    Death got off his horse with speeds unseen by humans and as the human fell the arms of death caught him swiftly and crotched to the ground swiftly and made sure the man was ok and alive. "Never try anything so stupid again human. This is your only and last warning" the cloaked figure said placing the man down and then got back onto his horse and galloped off swiftly into the darkness of the night. It had been a long day and his work was never done, but he couldn't help but think about this human.
  2. It was a nice evening, pretty by most standards but not for him. The spark he once knew was gone and he couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much for him to handle. Taken and thrown into crime, unable to escape. It was the only option. The others would notice he was gone soon but he didn’t care. Standing atop the wall he looked at the cold cobble stoned street below. No one would miss him, he didn’t have any family anymore, they ripped that dream from him.

    Closing his eyes he inched forward till nothing held him up. He hit something, it wasn’t hard, he didn’t hurt. Was that what it felt like? Opening his eyes he looked into a darker set. Human? What was this? Sitting up from the cold cobles he stood and brushed himself off. Why had that man saved him and what was stopping him from going back up to try again? He looked toward the wall and shuddered. He wouldn’t be able to do that again.

    A long slow breath left him as he slid into shadow. It was one of the spaces in town he was not allowed to tread, the men had been very specific about it. Slipping from house as silently as he could until he reached the place he called home. The boys grumbled as he walked in; asking where he’d been and if he had brought something. He shook his head earning more grumbling. AS he lay to rest for the night he thought about the one who’d saved him and vowed he would find them and, thank them.
  3. The masked male kept walking through the shadows walking into the world around him, cold and distant. The horse galloped its eyes glowing deeply as it showed the spirits the way to both, hell and heaven and who got into each realm. the stallion whinnys and reared up sharply and then galloped into the town they had been in. The male dropped the horse off and went off to his little house in the forest and fell asleep eyes closed gently. he was tired and ready for sleep, but after ten minutes that was gone and off to work again he went, without his horse leaving it in the stables.
  4. His eyes opened shortly after closing when he heard a loud knock on his door. Grumbling under his own breath he sat up and opened the door. The reek of alcohol washed over him and he took a step back. They were all drunk again. “Yes?” He asked earning a dark look from the men.

    “Where were you of too tonight?” The leader asked his men chuckling behind him.

    “I didn’t go anywhere really, just went out for a walk that’s all.” He said not liking where this was going.

    “Is that so?” The leader grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and pulled him out. The man was a good deal taller than him and though he struggled he couldn’t get loose. He was tossed outside against the wall, the air rushing from his lungs. He coughed and slowly sat up. “The men tell me you’d been thinking horrid thoughts lately, about leaving our merry band. You know there is only one way you leave.” The man kicked him, punched him. The others joined in soon after.

    He covered his head as best he could trying to curl into a ball. Just an hour or so ago he’d been going to take his own life, now it seemed he wasn’t going to be given a choice in the matter. They stopped when he lost consciousness and left him against the wall. If he survived he would be taken back if he died, well they’d deal with that later.
  5. Death sensed it once more, he felt that same humans pain and death going to wash over him soon so the male came bacj and blinked at the male that lay limp near the wall . He put his hands on the mans chest and eyes glowed shortly as his wounds slowly healed and and started to close up, deathnwas not fast enough to hide as the male had spotted him so death stayed looking at hi. death face was still hiddenonly blue eyes reflected off the hood of his cloak.
  6. A breath came in easily to him, eyes slowly opening to meet blue glowing ones. He flinched at the sight but only because they were bright and his eyes had been closed. Was he dead? He didn’t feel dead. “Who are you?” He asked quietly hoping no one else heard him. One of the men made a noise and he looked toward him then back again to find nothing there.

    Using the wall to stand he brushed himself off studying himself. There were no wounds, nothing to indicate he’d been in any danger at all. “What’s happening to me?” He wondered picturing those glowing eyes.
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