Death and "2012"

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  1. So.
    I watched Ancient Aliens this morning, upon waking up around 7am. Didn't wanna get up til 8ish.
    And, yes, that guy from the "Aliens" meme was on it.
    They were talking about aliens being out there, higher beings in general, giving us warnings about a major disaster, a string of disasters coming upon human kind.
    They brought up, of course, the book of Revelations from the Bible, the section talking about when angels would come down and pass Judgement upon humans. Those who deserved it, would be punished. Those who did not, would be saved.
    They also talked about a war between Dark and Light happening around the same time.
    And, of course, it would completely destroy mankind, if not a GIANT part of us.
    Then they talked about natural disasters being the act of "aliens" or higher beings in order to clear out humans, because they disliked what humans were doing to the planet.
    . . .
    then they brought up 2012.

    When I first heard the whole chitter chatter on 2012, I flipped the fudge out.
    like. I really, really, really. Flipped. Out.
    I cried a lot. And, I think I was.. probably a junior in highschool when the big talk about it started?.. Or younger.
    I'm nineteen now, and I still.. freak out a little inside.
    I've been told many things. I've listened to many different views. I believe, and keep my mind open, to all people have to say.
    What I've taken away, is 2012 is shown that a "big change" will happen. That could mean anything.
    Inside of me, I am scared still. I'm kinda freaking out right now. When I go into thought, deep thought, I go waaaaaaay deep. Deeper than I should, really. Because, usually, I end up stressing, worrying over things I cannot control.
    Death in general scares the bahgeebus out of me. Not natural death, I'm okay with that.
    I mean.. the 2012 kind of death. The sun exploding kind of death. The Day The Earth Stood Still kind of death.
    . . .
    I'm scared.

    I was just wondering what others had to say on this topic.
    I'm asking my friend right now through texting, just about to bring it up and see what he says, but I know a lot of you are opinionated, and wise, and philosophical -coughAsmocough-.
    I really, really wanted to hear/read what you had to say about it all.

    and for once, I'm one-hundred-and-a-zillion percent serious.

    thank you.

  2. They didn't predict the end of the world and there is no archeological study that can prove otherwise. XD

    Also, the mayan calendar is based on a different type of calendar year. ><

    So the world prolly ended already. 8D
  3. Calendars end when the creator of the calendar thinks that the amount of time on the calendar is sufficient. The calendars on your computers have ends. The Iwaku calendar does also. Because if that computer is still functioning in 50 years and not obsolete, it will be amazing. This does not mean that we expect technology to end. Humans are humans and would you truly want to sit, writing dates so far into the future that your great-great-great grandchildren won't even be alive?

    Either way, if there's nothing that you can do, why fret? You'll only make yourself upset over something that you cannot control. Just live life and be happy. Only worry about those things which you can change, or make solutions for the inevitable instead. Don't think about what you can't do, but what you can do.
  4. It's pretty much Butkus. A month or two ago a new Mayan calander was found and went way passed 2012. It was in an archeology paper. Ask twenty "experts" on 2012 and you'll get 20 different answers. Humanity has been predicting the end days since time began, and this is really only an American doomsday prediction. People in other parts of the world are laughing when they even do hear about it.

    But if we get a big solar flare storm that takes out our electrical grids and grinds western civilization to a halt, I told you so!
  5. o ^o
    So, the solar flare would hurt electricity.. but.... we may survive it?
    Cuz, technology makes me mad most times.
    But.. then I'd be gone from all of you. o_o'
    but then... my phone...
  6. This. ^^
  7. We killed about a a small continent's population during WWII and nobody gave a shit about receiving punishment for that, and you're crying over a movie about aliens an proto-beaners?

    You need to eat, Staci.
  8. Staci, don't worry. Back then, they didn't have daylight savings, or leap year, or any of that other stuff we have. Plus, the calender was different. So, their version of that date has probably already passed, years and years ago.

    Also, this is kind of random but I have to say it. Why do they call it an apocalypse? An 'apocalypse' is ancient Greek meaning 'un-covering', the revelation of something hidden. Doesn't mean the world will end... :S
  9. Yeah, they didn't predict any end of the world.

    The calendar just fucking stopped there. There is no scientific evidence to support the end of the world at the end of the year.

    Plus there's all that stuff Diana said.

    You know what this is? This is the Y2K scare all over again. This is just something the media can talk and talk and talk about so that all they can get all the ratings from all the crazies.

    That's it.

    That's all.

    Fuck the telling of some kind of prophecy that doesn't exist.
  10. The History channel is a fucking joke and I would like to feed everyone who's ever put forward the 'Ancient Astronauts' theory to a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

    This whole 2012 conspiracy theory is a crock of steaming horseshit; 2012 isn't the end of the world as predicted by Mayans, it's actually just a transition from one calendar to another. And like Ocha said, they've just discovered a new Mayan calendar that maps out time for a very, very long while.

    Also if memory serves the Earth is hit by things like solar flares on a fairly regular basis. They're not really a big deal.

    But yesh, it's just conspiracytards being conspiracytards. Nothing to worry yourself about, trust me.

    Honestly, this whole 2012 thing really confuses me. USE GOOGLE, PEOPLE, FUCK SAKE. >:[
  12. Yes, this is very true. Our magnetic field around earth protects us from it for the most part. The really large ones can and have disrupted satellites in the past and there is speculation of a very large one was the reason for telegraph wires failing in 1859? There is speculation that if a large enough cornic eruption happened on the sun at the right spot to hit earth dead on that most of the worlds electrical grids couldn't take the extra electrons in the air and would fry. This is mostly from memory so don't quote me for a thesis paper, but I'll totally do an interview!
  13. ; ^; I'm really REALLY happy you guys answered. <3
    That made me feel better.. a lot.
    and I saw The Campaign last night, so that distracted me. >_>
    I'm just very much into every point in this thread. I appreciate every opinion, and it makes me happy to see them put out there.
  14. What's the difference between a 2012 death and a natural one?
  15. ​Q _Q . . . ^that.
  16. [​IMG]

    Just because it made me chuckle.
  17. Just think about it this way; every single prediction regarding the end of the world that has ever been made has been proven false.

    Why the hell will this one be any different?