Death aboard the USC Skyhawk

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"Yay! Bowser! You saved u- uh no,no, no, no! Don't put those in!" Astra didn't know a lot about mechanics, but she wasn't a total idiot. Once Bowser put those parts in, he'd be fixed. And fixed meant trying to kill them all! She hadn't beaten Mario Brothers yet!

Dashing down the hall like hell was on her heels, the woman tackled Bowser full on. Both her and the bucket of bolts when rolling down the hall making a LOUD clatter of CLANGS and OWS. Parts dropping everywhere noisily. She finally landed on her ass, clinging to Bowser in her arms and trying to pry one of the parts out of his pinchers.

"No, Bowser! You uh... can't get upgrades this early in the game! You have to wait for rewards for completing all the missions!" ...however, she was totally going to pocket those parts for tweaking Bowser later. That'd be cool!


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The card was ripped from his grip and for a moment, on his side his legs flailing about int he air, like he might extend his grippers and take it back along with a good chunk of Ashra's flesh.

Repair aborted: User command.

Appending scrips:

- Humans reward powerups;

"I'm here to kick ass and ch......."

There was a loud clang as the bot righted itself and closing it's grippers used them to scoop Ashra up and carry her back to Captain Stern. Then raisin'g itself up in it's legs as high as it could it patted her on the head.

"Human returned!"

+50 exp

He then turned around again and began accessing.

Wave 1: 1 robot - defeated

Wave 2: 2 robots - defeated

Wave 3: 4 robots?

He was going to need those powerups! Time to get the humans moving!

"The time bomb is set!"