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  1. two people have been pen pals for years, have never meeting and aways stuck to texting or tiping. But out of the blue one day one of tham recognize the name of there pen pal being mentioned and finds out their pen pal has been in the same town as his own. how its up to finding out wherther or not their Friendship is genuin. especitly if one of tham has been keeping a big secret.
  2. Today was the first day of new year at a diffreant High school and Yuki pan pal name: 'The~Dead~One' 10th year anavery of her and her pan pal. She wish she could meet him. but that problemly never going to happen. she wips her Black and blue long hair out of her face. then want into her bag which has crosses and is one straped to get her phone. she pulls out her phone and opens it tipying to her pan pal "Dear_______ *supper bored* save me please" she giggled at what she have writen and looked at her school unaform black and purple skirt and black suit top and purple ties (guys waer differnt colors but only have one chosie when girls get three purple red and pink).
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  3. About five yards behind her, James Irby (Pen pal name: Wolfy) gets the message and opens his phone with a smile. "I'll see what I can do" He puts the phone back in his pocket and looks at the teacher. He had been her pen pal since he was in the first grade. He considered The~Dead~One to be his best friend, though he had never met her.
  4. She smiles at the massge then sighed she was there at the school finly. but she heard the bell ring and runs to the office to get her class room number. as she is given the class room nuber was given her sucdule and everything she soon rushed offed but then bumped into someone and falls back on to her butt "Oh sorry didnt mean to bump into you" she said rubing her butt
  5. James falls back, his schedule and papers from the previous class scattering all over. "Ow... "
  6. she look at him and smirks "like i said sorry" she gets up and help pick up his papers "just wounder have e ever meet? you look familire like i know you from somewhere?"
  7. He looks up at her, the thought of his pen pal forming in his mind, but he quickly dismisses it." No, I don't believe we have." He picks up his remaining papers. At the top of his schedule, you can see his name "James A. Irby"
  8. "nice to meet you James Im new here my name is Yuki Matsuoka" she smiles then gets up and hands him his papers.
  9. He nods and takes his papers." Nice to meet you" 'Where have I heard that name before?'
  10. she nods back then looks at her paper which tell her her class room number. "do you know where this is?" she hands it to him and ponits to the class room number
  11. I am heading there myself. Just follow me
  12. she nodes and was right behind him as he leads the way
  13. As he walks, he pulls out his phone and texts you. "First day of classes and Im already late to my second class. Brilliant"
  14. Yuki didnt notice him pulling out his phone and texting but she hears her phone ring sotfly sing "shewolf vs wonderland" by shukra and natily killes but was remixed by her. but when shheard that she knew it was him. wolfly. she picks it up and laughs "Poor baby XD"
  15. After your phone sends the message, his phone plays a soft sound and he pulls it out. "Yes, poor me. I know the teacher. He's gonna kill us when we get there. Us being me and the person who ran into me. She has the same class."
  16. her song gose off again still not noticing his texting she just thinks hes talking to his girlfrind he is hnsom to have one. "Wow funny thats just like me but i dont think the teatch would kill us" she smiles and seands
  17. He looks at his phone again as they approach the classroom. "Well, I gotta go. Talk to you later." He slips into the classroom without the teacher noticing.
  18. She hid her phone after reading the text then knocked once he was sited. "umm hello Im new here Im Yuki Matsuoka sorry to distuber class time"
  19. The teacher looks pissed and lets you in. He points to your seat next to James, who has silenced his phone and is texting you again. "Mr.______ is so boring."
  20. she forgot to sliences her phone and the miuse gose on but she pretands it not then secreatly slincet the phone and hides it not reading it right now.
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