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  1. The word 'Kaiju' is not exclusive to pacific rim.

    I've had someone move my fucking topic three times and I keep having to have other staff move it back.

    So, time for a school lesson.

    Kaiju= giant monsters genre

    Kaiju also are the monsters from pacific rim.

    Kaiju have been around for hundreds of years. PR kaiju have been around for one year.

    Please stop moving my topic or confusing the trademark characters for the genre.
    Thank you :)
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  2. Well, not all of us really know what Kaiju are. I do, but some of us members, staff, and CV's may not know. It may just be that some of them are confused on what definition Kaiju fit into. It is a simple misunderstanding. :)
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  3. Otachi is best Kaiju.
  4. We are training new moderators to learn how to spot things and use their controls. :( You have to try and be a little patient with them. There are A LOT of genres and it takes time to learn them.
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  5. @Diana
    It's okay, I was just blowing off some nerd steam xD
  6. On the bright side, no one's threads have gotten perma deleted! 8D
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  7. Yet.
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  8. *Perma-deletes fucking everything*
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  9. I'll remember that phrase for when I next snap at everyone.
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  10. This isn't even a topic and technically violates our drama policy. Locked thread.
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