Dear Santa... (what ridiculous things have you wished for?)

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  1. Whether it was in a letter, or on the old elf's knee in the mall, what outrageous things did you wish for when you were a kid?

    I wished in all seriousness for a dragon when I was five. The next year I decided to be more real and wished for a hunting falcon

    I also wished for a gun, a bow and arrow, and various swords

    It's a wonder I didn't turn out more violent!
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  2. World peace. Yes I was -that- kid.
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  3. I always wished for new feet for my mom, because she was always complaining about how bad her feet hurt her. Always tickled the mall Santa pink when I asked for that so many years in a row.

    I remember also asking to have my skin turned blue. Permanently. >__>
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  4. I asked for crowns for my cats one year. O.O

    And now this year I'm asking for a Ouija board.
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  5. Sanity.

    Mine is a bit depressing (the real thing, not sanity)
  6. In all honesty, I'm afraid I cannot recall a single item I ever asked for from The Dweller In The North. I am certain that I requested several items of immense absurdity such as a robot horse, that seems like something I'd have become obsessed with at one point or another.
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  7. The U.S.S Enterprise. Because it'd be so damn cool to journey around outer space in your very own starship!
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  8. I never sat on a Mall Santa's lap! :D I was the kid who saw the Santa and screamed and ran the fuck away as fast as possible. I was terribly terribly shy. I didn't even know how to deal with my step-grandparents for years. I could barely talk to my own aunts and uncles and cousins. When people came inside the house I'd hide behind chairs. .__. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

    I did write Santa letters though I'm sure. I don't really remember. I probably asked for silly things. I wrote Peter Pan letters asking to be a Lost Boy! :D
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  9. This year, I asked Santa for a thong.


    I mean, a ukulele thong, dimwits.

    Also, I remember having asked for my own venus flytrap when I was young.

    And then, when I was 16, I wanted a cute, fit, nerdy, geeky, considerate boyfriend who just wants to play video games and watch television and movies and cuddle, but pshhhh, like Santa's elves knows how to make one of those.
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  10. We have a video of me asking for a shaving Ken barbie doll.

    And nothing else. I was too shy to think of anything ><

    When he asked what I liked to eat I said vegetables and cookies :p
  11. I asked for a 300 ft. rollercoaster when I was like, 4. Haha crazy right?
  12. I wished for a huge gummy bear. 26 lbs.
    And a chainsaw.