Dear My Love,

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  1. I know we have just met, but I am already so madly in love with you. I know I sound crazy and you may think me mad, but I just need your attention, if only for a moment. For though my love is strong and my love is wider than the sea of dreams that hide inside the depths of your ever-changing mind. It does come with conditions.
    You can call me Dear, or Letter I know, it's so cliche.
    I am 18 years of age and still my love grows fonder and fonder every day. However respect my age, or face the consequences.
    For you are not my only love, so don't fret when my attention is on other things, I promise my love, I will return.
    I put so much effort into the love I have for you, so please my darling return the effort or my love for you will be no more. Please don't let it come to that.
    Lastly, as you can tell Love is my muse, my passion and my desire. So as you can probably already tell all stories we live through together, will involve a romance of some sort.
    I hope you write back soon, my love.
  2. This confused the crud out of me for a good long while and then... I looked at your username and face palmed myself T___T
    But! I am definitely interested in starting something with you!
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  3. Hi I would love to rp with you!
    Pm me :)
  4. You sound like a great partner to roleplay with! PM me if you would like to rp with me. Just know that I am in college but I am going to post when I can and when I post you'd be pleased (:
  5. I am sorry I confused you :( I would love to role play with you too though. What did yo have in mind?
  6. I totally understand the college thing. I work a lot so it will be the same for me as well. I would love to role play with you though. What did you have in mind?
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  7. Interested!
  8. Fantastic? Pm me?