Dear Marvel...

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    *sniffles* FIne, I'll pawn my kidneys.
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  2. I'll have my Marvel shrine up before the end of the week.

  3. DC: Hi, Marvel!
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  4. [​IMG]

    already did.
  5. Hey, Marvel does have this to raise to that dc trailer....

  6. To poorly assembled movie that rushed to get and keep up with a extended cineverse 10 years ahead of it
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  7. While I am actually excited for the new DC movies, they still have a long way to go to wash the hobostank of Batman v Superman and Man of Steel out of people's mouths.

    I'd rather people just write fanfics instead of wanting companies to pander to a small section of their audience because they want to see two characters smash genitals together.
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  8. . That said you can make relationships work. But to push and clamor for two charachter that don't have a relationships in the series becouse "I want it" is the defention of shipping.

    Shipping should never be considered for writing. Ever.

    See; Arrow. The greatest shit show on earth. Who went from two exellent seasons to pandering to a particular ship and completely derailing the story.

    But Lets not derail the thread shall we?
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  9. It is not here, nor there. We will not adress it again, This thread is about hype for incoming shit. Most likely marvel shit.
  10. For the record, your OP post wasn't clear on the content expected. Since this is intent, I would have never posted. Because obviously, I don't follow everything from Marvel or DC, so I have no idea if those are fan made vids, or the real thing. So I am very sorry, all of my post are a complete derailment.
  11. Dear Marvel

    While I'm not sold on Ghost Rider in AOS, I will live with it thinking you may do a spin-off R-Rated show featuring JOHNNY BLAZE or DANNY KETCH to do with Ghost Rider instead of Robbie Reyes .___. Also keep doing what you are doing with the Netflix shows, fuck me you made one of my favourite villains and anti-heroes done fantastically. Maybe add Daimon Hellstrom and Moon Knight for a Defenders 2nd Season please? please ;____;? Don't fuckin fuck up Thanos too, I will never forgive you if you don't make him a complete world destroying beast who's smart enough to take out Hulk first before he gets anger powered up too much. And please, please, please, please consider doing a Dark Reign Trilogy Post Thanos.

    Yours Sincerely, A raging Marvel Fanboy.

    P.S. FUCKIN INHUMANS WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ;______;

    Dear DC

    You fucked up the casting of Jason Momoa. He'd be a much better Lobo. You fucked up. You fucked up. You fucked up.

    Yours Sincerely, a big fanboy of DC stuff.

    P.S. Fire David S.Goyer. Just fire his fuckin insipid hack ass.
  12. Ghost Rider in Agents of Shield sounds like a really peculiar choice o.o I'd have thought he'd have fared a lot better with a Netflix series (alongside Moon Knight and Blade).
  13. Well, they are supposed to be a tie in to the movie verse and the movie verse is introducing magic. ( It also is in the loosest sense, the main introduction to inhumans/ prequel to the inhumans movie.)
  14. I meant on a tonal level. Ghost Rider is a pretty dark and gritty character, and so would have been more suitable alongside the Netflix series which have been pretty dark and tonally adult too. Admittedly I haven't been keeping up with A.O.S since Season 1 but it just feels like a really odd choice.

    Besides, the Netflix series are connected to the movies too (albeit loosely) and they also have magical/spiritual elements (i.e. Iron Fist).
  15. SHIELD kind of has its dark moments throughout the series's course, they killed a main character recently to end the last arch, trust me season 1 does not gauge the level of crazy the show does.
  16. AoS went into darker territories the last season and has gotten progressively more mature the past 2 seasons. Not netflix level gory dark but a farcry from season 1
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  17. @Hellis
    You forgot something.

    Eh... :/

    This looks like it will be the same problem Batman VS Superman had but worse.
    Throwing in a bunch of characters in one movie instead of taking time to develop each of them with their own.
    All in an attempt to catch up with the MCU which took YEARS to build up properly.
  18. He even looks like Dr. Strange, all we need is Loki to meet up with him and all the fangirls and boys will lose their minds.
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  19. Counterpoint: Guardians of the Galaxy.

    One movie pretty much solidly outlined exactly who each of the main cast were, fleshed out their personalities and motivations, and gave them all adequate screen time without feeling like it was forced or bloated. Avengers could have happened just fine without the lead-up films, although there'd probably have to be a slight bit more explaining here and there to iron out exactly why the characters were all there.

    Considering that most of the characters in Justice League are really well known by now, do we really need an origin movie for each of them? Granted, it's cool to see how a character got started from time to time, but I'm pretty sure someone who grew up in an isolated native tribe deep in the Amazon jungle could tell you Batman or Spider-Man's origin story by now.

    Batman v. Superman's big problem other than being too dark and self-serious for its own good was that it tried to fit too much plot content in an already stretched out run time. They seriously had enough content for 5-6 movies that they crammed into one.
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  20. Maybe. But I'm one of those outlier Marvel Fans whose react to Guardians of the Galaxy was "Meh, it was good. But not as great as others make it out to be".

    Though at the same time. Guardians of the Galaxy didn't take itself that seriously. And it's easier to fit in more characters if all you want to do is make them charming and funny. DC clearly doesn't want to go that route though, but make a more serious setting, and despite poor execution they clearly want to give an impression of more in-depth characters with dark and traumatising histories.

    And if THAT's the kind of casting you want, you're really left with two options. Make a TV Show with the screen time required or just go 1 Hero per Movie.
    You could theoretically speaking. But that then puts reliance on comics or show watching, and if you're a more Casual Movie goer (like myself) you may know the names and faces of heroes like Aquaman and Flash, but you won't know them enough to get that good an understanding or feel for them.

    And even ignoring that, personally speaking Spiderman ended up being one of the weakest characters in Civil War. Not to any fault of the actor or anything, but because they just kind of threw him in there and expected people who already know him. And although yes I know Tobey Spiderman and Andrew Spiderman I don't know Tom Spiderman. Tom from what we did see is very clearly a different interpretation of Spider-man, and the fact we didn't really get to see which path with one would take beforehand kind of limited my ability to enjoy him.
    Not denying those are also problems.
    And the 5-6 movie thing does really show with how much they need to force Batman into these non-nonsensical "Dreams" as if they're going through a checklist.
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