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    IC Thread: In the works!

    I want to make something different than ye olde Hogwarts or other magical school rp. I want to make it a little smaller, more personal as we put effort into each of our post and make our best to have fun. Basically, I want to make a roleplay where my character would teach your muggle-raised one how to be a witch or wizard.

    That's what I want, now, let's get more in depth with the matter.

    Seeking about four other players, this will be in an era where magical communities regressed to small familial clans after a close call from being discovered by muggles. We will start by each of our characters being from a similar area, that this may be from Europe, the Americas, Asia or even Africa depends on what we choose. A nameless town or area would be best, and as such I merely ask that your character start as an eleven years old muggle-raised or Muggleborn wizarding child.

    Now, here is the character template:

    Blood Status:

    Appearance: (Use a description, please!)
Thread Status:
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