Dealings Untold

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  1. Alright, about 3 weeks ago I posted a plot of a role play I based off a dream. I even allowed mix breeds of angels, humans, and demons just so I could get players. Only 3 have showed up and posted. I made the forum That includes myself. 1 week ago.

    So here I am advertising a story that is very vivid and also freely to adjust. Anyone is allowed to join in as long as they make a profile. Any post is acceptable minus it only being one sentence. It's a role play that revolves around all characters as a whole and their own choices.

    It takes place in an post-apocalyptic time frame. Where you could be anywhere. Absolutely anywhere.
    I know I'm currently giving Vague explanations and descriptions. I just don't want to take away from the imagination you have to create something on your own.

    Please check it out at least. Maybe even give it a shot.

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