Dealings Untold

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    The land quaked while the air carried the poison all over. The world was a wasteland, no doubt. Cities were trashed. The left over water was filthy. Hell, animals even found no reason to stay around. Oasis cities even began to turn green again. In those cities most people worked together to try to build the city to finer and greener glory. The cities in which were all by them selves worked around the broke buildings and each found their own ways to make money. Most made the women go into the line of prostitution. Others worked hard labor trying to rebuild the city. Then there were cities that were completely abandoned due to the overly populated chance of insane Maniacs.

    Luckily, the poison was a substance the immune systems were no longer at much harm to. Rare occasions were non of, of course, heard of. Those people tended to take over the city which they lived or sought out to find brethren. The toxin would drove into the lungs and trailed into the brain. There, it blocked all communication of producing civil will. From there, people stopped dead in their tracks and literally would go mad. They couldn't think anymore. They strived over the cannibalistic instincts and completely fell victim. They wanted nothing more than terror and food. The bodies of those victims later down graded in size and mutated into demons of a sort. Their arms lengthened, hands grew larger in every aspect, and the teeth filed to a razor sharp point. The city where they nested was known as the 'Gates of Hell.' It wasn't like the way to hell was actually there... just some made stories to make people believe it. In other locations similar things had formed and 'evolved.' Every other over run city by the creatures, held up different monstrous things. The characteristics of each were far from another in many aspects.

    In the case of a city in particular, people were normal. At least normal in their terms. City of Hueat. It was miles upon miles away from the nearest Oasis. Hardly anyone tried to leave the place. Hueat was ran by the local gang who found violence, money, and sex most enjoyable in the world they were given to live in. Kids were mistreated the most. Most were abandoned by birth parents to be raised in a sort of foster care. There the kids were taught how to be sexual and wanted. Yes, the kids were then thrown in the line of Prostitution. It was sad but for this city it's how it was run.


    For a girl in particular, her last run was a few days earlier. The girl was on her way to make something of herself. She had no clue where her feet would take her but she wanted it all different. Her blue hair swayed behind her as she went store to market to buy food and some water. She hadn't had any other clothes so she stuck with her outfit that was for that one old job. A purple skirt draped over her hips as the slits hit almost all the way up. A white top nicely hugged her upper body as it was one thing that wasn't shown. She had very little money. The money she had was from her foster family until she made the poof away. Yes, disappear. She made this deal sort of thing with a generous man, at least he was generous for who he actually was. In return the girl in her late teens received a gift. She wasn't even sure what the gift was yet. Signas sighed eager to find out. Hopefully it wasn't anything too bazaar. Her bare feet walked over the rubble. The city was one that lived around all the wreckage with out trying to clear it out. Placing the bought items in a small bag she snagged, she began to head out the font gate of the city.

    A tale broad male stepped in her way and gave a coy smile. "Hey baby... How about we go have some fun." His hand touched her cheek. Another pair of arms wrapped around her waist, and nibbled on her neck. This one she could tell was normal height and very slender. His grip didn't lighten up.

    Another male voice, towered over her coming from the balcony to her side. "Where do you think you're going? No one leaves the city." It was easily shown he wasn't that happy. A woman not much older than her draped over his shoulder. The man was just another broad male was strict and just couldn't keep satisfied. He pointed at the men who wrapped around the girl. "Bring 'er up. I want her next." She knew what that meant. Signas was over with those harsh and rough days. Instant rage flowed through her. The ground quaked more than usual as he air grew heavy and large bits of rubble began to crack. The snapping of the newly broken rubble echoed the city. Everything went quiet. The girl's eyes faded to black.

    "D-Demon~!!!" The two men backed off her and tried to run. The men stopped dead in their tracks and even began to float upwards about 9 feet above ground. The girl still had her back faced towards them. Their bodies instantly jerked upward as the pummeled fast towards the ground. No hesitation, it happened once more. Their bodies laid motionless on the floor. Her head creaked and twitched as it turned to the side to face Edgar, the man who ran everything. His body trembled then suddenly fell into shredded bits. The woman shrieked as tears rushed down her face like waterfalls.

    The gate in front of her made from wall rubble, rusty bob wire, and even recycled fencing exploded causing pieces to fly everywhere. Her feet journeyed forward as she was not aware of what just happened. The black eyes faded into the dark blue ones that were the normal color. First stop, one of the Oasis. Somewhere elsewhere... He stood in his place smiling at the first creature he had made. He began to watch the others just as closely with the evil grin of a mad man who has a set plan.
  2. Out in the middle of nowhere, Juniper found herself staring up at the sky. No expression what so ever in her face. She'd long already passed the last city she was in. Though the memories seemed to haunt her no matter how long she walked, no matter how far. Looking around at the rubble, she stopped. The place she'd found herself consisting of nothing but dried air, dirt, and plenty of rubble. Nothing but rubble. This place had come crashing down along with all others. Not taking the time to think about anything, she began on again. Stepping up onto the cluttered masses. Looking up at the only structure that hadn't entirely let itself be submerged. Sucked down into the chaos of it's former surroundings.

    "Please do tell, where is it we're going and for what reason?"

    A voice echoed through her head, an image appearing along with it. Something she was use to long before she was sucked into the madness of this world. To say she was normal at one point in time would be a lie. These voices, these chaotic images. They've plagued her entire existence. Staying with her once all was lost, and even know as she traveled. She was never alone, something she'd dreamed of ever since she could understand the meaning of each voice. Peering up at the sky, the image she spoke of could be seen only by her. Floating and lingering in the air. Baring a terrifying resemblance to her, but with an incredible power. One that she herself could posses at any time she wished. That wasn't the only floating image around her, another glided behind her, two at her side.

    These voices she'd heard her whole life, the faces she'd always seen. Now they were real, in a sense that no one could understand. "To the top. I want to see the layout of the land." Juniper finally graced the persona before her with that simple answer. Feeling no need to drag it out beyond that. The persona seemingly satisfied, returned to its place at her left side.

    Juniper soon reached the surface of the rubble, looking down over the mess all around her. An expressionless glance in every direction possible as she decided her new route. Traveling away from home, far away from the memories that wiped out every emotion inside her. Taking away the only bit of happiness she had left inside her. Feeling her heart with nothing but blood and hate. Something she planned to carve into the world around her. "Let's go."
  3. The cold blew slightly as the swayed in the rustle. Theere was no sound except for a few distant animals running off into a diffrent direction. Cold air breezed againt Mason as he walked ever so slowly lwatching the decaying areas around him. The shrill screams came from the city and it seemed to echo through the trees. Everyone was corrupted or dead, mabey even on the verge of suicide. Mason couldn't belive his eyes, of how things changed so quick and how fast people change with the chaos. He had watched his two close friends be killed as the buildings burned down ontop of them, and the last close friends he had seemed to had lost it in parinora and killed himself in from of him. The visual was still stuck in his head no matter how far he went. It was like it haunted him.

    He had heard that many were giving the devil there soals to gain a sort of power mabey request even. He thought about even going and asking for the devil to bring his friends back, but he realized that it wouldn't help because there wer't fighters and would wounhd up dead once again. He couldn't be ingured that easialy like regualr humans for the simple fact that he was only half human and half demon. His body could sustain damage and give a great deal to the oppisite person as well as teleport and form any weapon out of his blood. The wourl was dying and he knew it would just be a matter of time before it crumbled.

    He made his way out of the forest and back into the city. Watching people running around and fighting eachother like there was no hope left.. was there?. He shook his head and staqyed clear of the mental peple and thugs that were obvousally let loose cause there building was stupid enought to let them out or the building was comming down. He made his way dowm a few blocks looked at all the chaos that erupted and how the people were living. He was about to turn down another block when he saw some girl being grabbed by a guy grabbed her up but in and instant they ran and he knew exactly why. He watched as they were lifted up add slamed don twice killing them and then the explosion. He ginned and walked over tword the girl knowing her powe would have little effect. He cut his arm and the blood trickled down both arm as he approached her " hey miss not a good idea to wast such increadible powers".
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    Alexei was planning on saving the girl from her pursuing when his eyes flashed and the vision showed itself to him. A brown-haired man would approach her after she'd taken care of the offenders. Incredible powers, he'd say. Alexei sighed, leaning forward over the banister. He was watching from a roof. Sure enough, before his eyes, the scene played out. For a second, he was almost surprised. Before he could register what had happened, however, he felt a pain in his arms and closed his eyes. The memory vanished instantly. Why he had been following the girl with the blue hair, why he wanted to help her, why he hadn't, what he'd seen.

    The boy leaned back and looked at the garbage scattered on the rooftop. What am I doing up here? It was one of those moments again, when he couldn't remember how he got from one place to another. With a half-hearted laugh, Alexei started to walk around to find a way to get back down to the market streets. He was a little hungry.

    A couple was bickering in the corner, clawing at each other like animals. He ignored them. Why were people so vulgar these days? It made him sick. He found the emergency fire staircase and moved down the steps, jumping off the last stair onto the ground below. He landed on his feet, a little away from where the two strangers were talking.

    Alexei was an odd sight. His hair was a silky, glossy texture, a pale dirty blond. He wore a purple v-neck sweat-shirt with a pink full-sleeved shirt layered beneath and dark-wash jeans. There was a silver chain in his neck with a heart shaped pendant. His eyes were blank and looked lost. There was a vague expression on his face. He looked at the bodies of the men the girl had maimed.

    Woah, one of these strangers did this?

  5. Today officially marked Harlan's fourth year of living on her own. In all the time she had spent wandering, not once was she ever fully prepared for the horrors she encountered. Yet, with a rueful grin, she thought she'd never have it any other way. Most people, even in the relatively content tent village, knew that all paths generally lead to a worthless existence. One that usually lead to rejection of the tent-people's passive ideals and desertion in favor of the sinful lifestyle in the city. Gratefully, she had been blessed with an alternative -one that meant actively fighting against darkness.
    Absently Harlan rubbed at the rough patches of skin lining her crown -patches that marked the areas of her holy emblem. The light scar like markings would sometimes burn in the presence of pestilence or demonic intervention. It wasn't hard to believe that something suspicious was afoot being so close to the city.
    Harlan hitched up her satchel and took a running start, vaulting over a large piece of concrete in her path. She could have easily used her wings to fly over the obstacle, but the streets were so littered and narrow that flying would leave her at a disadvantage if she were needed to flee. Beyond the blockage Harlan spotted a young female figure and a few lifeless bodies littering the already congested road. It was very possible that the girl was under the influence of the disease and the bodies had been her victims. However, Harlan figured she should stand back and see if that was truly the cause.
  6. As her eyes were already fading back to the dark blue hue, she looked up at the voice that rang from in front of her. Waste incredible power? "You call this incredible?" Her body sway to one side giving her hand a place rest on her hip. She smirked at the individual letting her eyes scan over his body. The young man was attractive, no doubt about it. For that time in life, it was rare. Signas pushed the fact to the side. "It's a curse..."

    An audience? How could she let that happen... Not just one. There were three. The guy in front of her, a guy to her side, and a female behind her. The devil had a play in the happenings. She just knew. Just like she felt the presence of others who made a deal with him. Signas hated the fact she was just about to leave town and venture out on her own... yet she was found out by three. Why did her powers devour her will? Guess that's how it works... She sighed and decided to act like she didn't know the two were around her. She tossed her blue hair over her shoulder and continued the conversation between the mysterious guy in front of her. "So what do you know about powers anyways?" Her body stopped the attacks as she walked forward and placed her hand over his cut. The small blood that oozed was wiped away and even patched up with a torn part of her clothing.

    The ground below them trembled. Signas knew it wasn't good news. Her powers darted behind her and to the side scooping up the two others. Her hand grasped Mason's and pulled him away from the city. Within minutes, the ground broke in a few places letting creatures escape to the surface. The town she once lived in was destroyed. The disgusting creatures had a new place to call home. The monsters had spider like legs that looked like blades. The torso were very close to the human anatomy. Hairless face with many razor teeth and large beady eyes would well describe the head. Well Minus the fact of ears. They were long and pointed. Something like elf ears. It was a hideous creature.

    Signas looked at the group. "We should get out of here... There's no reason to stay." Her body instantly began to head east where she knew an oasis was; even though it was a few miles away. She didn't care if people followed or went repeater ways. It didn't stop her from wondering about each person and the things that laid ahead.
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    Mason looked at the girl as she talked to him. " I think it isn't a waste of poweeer nor do i think its a curse... its a girft but how you choose to use it is determined only by you". When she touched his cut he froze and then drew his arm back quickly. " Yes i do have powers but i was born with them.. i have made do deal or bargin with the devil". Eyeing her closley he looked at her and every detail of her before looking up catching the view of a guy. " So were being watched". When she grabbed him and they were suddenly out the city he sighed and backed away. " Look please dont do that im capable of getting out of harms way. He teleported into a nearby tree, standing on he looked at the girl odldly.
  8. Jumping from her original position, Juniper landed gracefully on the dirt ground. A small puff of dust rising up around her feet as she straightened herself out. Staring blankly in the direction she'd decided to head on in. Each persona still leering around her. Each of their personalities holding true as she walked. June, her first persona, seemed to sway peacefully at her left. Every so often ending up in front of the small group as they maneuvered through the old remains of each shattered building.

    Floating along Junipers right side was Lo and Nai. A strange duo as they seemed to act as twins. Giving their power to Juniper at the same time, a sort of yin and yang to one another. Lo being more quiet and reserved, her hair long and all white. Bright orange eyes staring out at the scene before them. Her expression almost an exact replica as Junipers at the time. Na on the other hand appeared more upbeat, a smile on her face. A strange sort of happiness beaming from her bale blue eyes as her jet black hair danced around behind her.

    Last of the current persona's was Ip. A dark and mysterious figure that dwelled about behind the group. Floating about slowly with her head always down, eyes unseen. Hair always covering the mass majority of her face. The only one who understood much about Ip was her owner alone. Having pulled the mysterious vision out of her shell as a child and getting a story out of her.

    As Juniper walked on, she ignored the images that had once plagued her every thought. Having more control over her psychosis now, than she did as a child. With a small sigh, she took her last few steps out of the ruined city. Not even a second glance behind her as she went on. Though she had no real destination in mind. Simply walking to get away from her past, she sought out the plot of land that every sane human seemed to flock toward. The oasis, not to far out of her grasp. Though, with her mentality, it was unknown if she planned to destroy humanities hope, or create a new future for herself.
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  10. Mei walked along the way Juniper had went. She had no idea why she was following her. "Juniper! Slow down!" Mei called from far behind. Juniper ignored her and kept walking. Mei gave up and sat down. "Mom, dad, big brother. I wish you where here. Maybe I should have stayed with you" she said out loud resting her head on the ground. She closed her eyes and sighed. 5 years ago, her father had murdered her mom. Later her father died; she saw that to. For 4 years she lived with her brother; until he abandoned her to. She lived all alone, Mei had not smiled in 3 years.

    Remembering her past was painful for her, every time she cried. Each time she had no one to comfort her. She opened her eyes and saw nightfall. Mei walked back to the nearest building to sleep in. She rested her head against the wall and drifted back to sleep. Before this time when she was young, she remembered the time when everything was peaceful. Back when Mei smiled every time she went into the shinning sun, then when her mother; kind and would never hurt a soul.

    But when she went to wake her and Mei father up for her birthday; she saw her father holding a knife another one in her mom's head. "Happy birthday, look what I got you" he father carried the dead body towards her. Henri, her brother, saved the day and bought her to a safe place.

    When she came back home her father was dead to. She had lived with her brother for 4 years without any troubles. One day he just dumped her on the streets like a cat unwanted, no longer loved. She made herself dependent on only herself. For 3 years she never smiled. Today, 13 years old and still not smiling. When she woke up the sun was high in the sky. She wandered aimlessly anywhere she could go. Unforchantly she was headed for the gates of hell...
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