Dealing with Overly Religious Family -_-

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  1. OK, so my entire family is religious. Like overly so to the point that I swear I just want to tape their mouths shut.

    I am an atheist, the only one in my entire family. The only family who knows of my religious beliefs are those who live under my roof. It's extremely stressful and tiring to have to hide from my family members on a near daily basis, especially when they bash on atheist or on subjects that I care about. I can't say anything without being suspicious so I just bite my tongue and suffer the frustration.

    It's been over a year since I told my parents of my new found beliefs, but I still so trapped here. I can't be open about my opinions, I get ridiculed for having non religious friends and believing in LGBTQ rights. I'm already seen as "the little radical on her soap box" in my family, but they don't know that I'm keeping a lot of crap bottled up inside. I have anxiety from this damn situation and school. I hate it. I want to just be free. Even when I leave this house for college, I'll still be trapped. I won't be able to join certain clubs or organizations without raising a few eyebrows, and everywhere I go there is a damn relative nearby.

    I hate hiding and I hate lying. It makes me feel weak. I just want to be free. That's all I really want.

    Phew, OK. Rant over ^.^
  2. Hey, I totally understand what you're going through. My grandparents live with me and it's very difficult having to tiptoe around them whenever they mention LGBTQ stuff or other social issues that we are at odds upon. My parents always give me the evil eye whenever I argue with them, and to know that my grandparents could die without ever knowing that all three of their granddaughters are queer in some way sorta sucks. I'm sure things will work out for both of us though. People can change a lot more than you think!
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  3. Well, the fact your immediate family always knows at least confirms you aren't going to be kicked out over this which is normally the biggest concern with young atheists coming out.

    It can still suck though, having to live with people who not only disagree with you, but go out of their way to make you feel bad over it.
    Hopefully they'll get more tolerant and understanding over time though, sometimes families take time to get used to this stuff.
    If they don't though? Then you honestly might want to consider getting less emotional reliant on them, it's not healthy to be assigning so much value to the opinions of those who would rather knock you down.
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  4. I know what you're going through ......

    My family comes from a strict religious background ever since I can remember. I tried to please them and do things I did not like doing one bit, just to make them quit the lecturing, and the insults and stuff.

    Religion is one of the reasons I decided to live for myself, it's challenging, especially when you're young but you'll figure out, that suffering a tad little bit, is eventually worth it because you get freedom.

    I don't argue about religion with them anymore. I see no point as they won't convert me and nor will I convert them either, so I avoid the topic entirely but if you live under the same roof, I understand that it's probably harder.

    I can tell you that things pass. Parents/relatives will always look at you like you're a blasphemy when you drop religious ideology. But things, get better and they won't be angry at you forever ( usually) and if they do, then for your own good you'll have to make a choice sooner or later.

    Gosh, I sound like a granny preaching hope it's not annoyed anyone. I'm only trying to help.

    Be brave, most of all be yourself,

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  5. My family is extremely religious on both sides. Homophobic, sexist, all that good stuff that sometimes can come with it (they use the bible to justify it)

    I'm gay and I'm an atheist. Need say no more?

    I wish I had some advice for you but honestly, I haven't found a way to peacefully cope with it myself. But I can at least let you know that I have an idea of what you're feeling? I'm not sure how much 'you're not alone' will help you, but I guess I can offer you a person to vent to through PM if you need to, if that would help~
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  6. Jumping on the "We feel you on this issue" train to agree that moving out is probably going to be a major source of relief for you once you finally get into a place where you can relax and not feel belittled for every little belief of yours and not believing in the magical sky-ghost absent-dad of christian literature.

    Mostly just came in to say that @Robeatics has the coolest avatar!
  7. It gets better over time. My family is christian and strict over religion I used to get punished if I didn't behave at church. When I told my family I was an atheist around my early teens they were shocked and made me go back to church several times. Eventually they eased up on the issue and treated me normally again. You just have to rough it out for a couple of more months until they recognize you are still family no matter what you believe. If they fail to see that then they fail to be good family members.
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