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  1. This thread is hereby declared a judgement free zone! Any declaration that someone else's deal breaker is unfair, shallow, stupid, or any variation therupon will not be tolerated.

    Humans are weird.

    We have the randomest things that turn us on or set us off, and most of us have at least a few "deal breakers" when we're looking for a date.

    Some are obvious, like not being your preferred gender, being in a relationship with someone else, or being abusive. Others are more specific or weird.

    I'm curious, Iwaku, what are some of yours?

    Some of mine would be:
    • Yells/hits at all
    • Smokes
    • Pessimist
    Sorry dudes of the world, but if you tick any of those boxes, you won't be ticking mine :/
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  2. When the first letter in a thread is lowercase.
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  3. M'lady.
  4. "So tell me who your favourite Kardashian is?"

    Yes, I know it is the 21st century, but i'm still irked by people who end sentences on prepositions.
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  5. Better?
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  6. Too many come to mind. Willing to overlook most things for common ground.

    All of this with regards to a friend, seeing as how I'm still married for people who don't know. And I deleted a line about 'I abandoned most deal breakers for my wife like an idiot'.

    Unless he's a cuck sperg who puts all pussy on a pedestal just because it has, or says (lol), that it's got a pussy. I can not get along with those people. Mainly because all conversations devolve into something about women's problems and not their own.

    So generally if he's subscribed to or follows any feminist blog like it'll help him get something.

    Oh and if they don't like Reese's.
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  7. If I find out about any sort of past animal abuse, I am DONE. Gone. Bye.

    And dammit, I can't handle anybody with jacked up teeth. Please, please please take care of your teeth. If you look like you've been gnawing on crack rocks or something and half your teeth are missing and blackened, it's so hard for me to get past it! .______.
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  8. Anyone who use the word menist around my person. Just, nope, I'm outtie.
  9. I'm not sure what this means, but I love it.


    Anyway, for me, it's guys who just take what they want and act pushy, woman-haters, and smokers.

    On the other end, honesty, feeding me sweets, and someone confident are gonna have a yes time. There's a fine line between being pushy and being confident, though.
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  10. Cuck: husband of an adulterous wife, often enjoys the humiliation.
    Sperg: an adult who throws a tantrum over menial or arbitrary things.

    You've strange tastes, I'll say..
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  11. Possessiveness. I've dealt with so much of this shit in my life and relationships. I am not your property. I do not belong to you. If you start to get pissed off that I interact with anybody else, fuck you, I'm out of here. I may not have high self esteem, but at this point in my life even I love myself more than that.

    Also, I am not really attracted to extremely butch women. Any sort of overtly masculine behaviour is a turnoff to me, no matter what gender it's coming from...
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  12. People who talk shit and gossip behind your back, but I wouldn't deal with those in any kind of relationship. Cheaters too, obviously. I think it's difficult to pinpoint something specific, because in many cases what I may have enjoyed in a person is eventually outweighed by something else that starts to annoy me. I really appreciate being left alone most of the time, but I hate feeling lonely. Someone who wouldn't respect that I need to remain independent and have time alone.
  13. Weeeell o_o

    • Sex - This is the absolute biggest rule breaker for me. Asexual, sex negative (when it comes to my own body. No trauma surrounding it, just not into it.) and not very into skin to skin contact in general, on top of that, bodily fluids disgusts me and could never turn me on. So nope, that's off the table. You can go ahead and do it with others if you want, that stuff doesn't bother me. I'm not easily jealous. It's just sex, it's totally normal for you to want it. *shrugs*
    • Skin to skin contact - I can have skin to skin contact without freaking out, shaking hands for example is totally fine, buuuut I prefer not to touch someone, nor even myself for more than a few seconds. Skin just feels weird. I prefer having clothes between me and the person I'm touching o_o (Hands and face can be touched without any fuzz (for a while), but anything else tends to make me uncomfortable no matter who it is. It's not a phobia or anything, it just feels weird xb)
    • Clingy - I do not appreciate it if people literally are hanging on me, not even if we are in a relationship. I do not want you hanging on my arm or my shoulders or dragging me around. Just no. You can hold my arm for a few minutes if we're taking a walk without dragging me or hanging on me, but that's it, no super clinging onto me. (By the by, I love snuggling. I snuggle with my best friend all the time. So I'm not like "NEVER TOUCH ME EVER!!!" It is most easily accomplished during anime series, horror or fantasy movies! Also should have snacks prepared!)
    • Space - I NEED MY SPACE. I cannot talk to people every single day, it suffocates me o_o At the most people will get a "morning" or "hey" from me when I'm in the 'fuck the world' mode. If I were to move in with someone, I would not talk to them every day. Heck, there are times when I don't contact people for months, and the only reason that chain is broken is because they end up calling me. Sooo, huh. Expect to hang out once a week, maybe up to three if I'm in a really social mood.
    • Sleeping in the same room - Now people are probably thinking "well, this has to do with the no touching thing right?" WRONG. I have no problems sleeping in the same bed as other people, same sex, opposite sex, friends or romantic partners, I don't mind sleeping beside anyone <3 It's nice to snuggle up. Buuuut my brain will mind after I haven't gotten any sleep that night o_o I am highly sound sensitive, and someone just moving over or takes a slightly noisy breath will make me wake up. I literally cannot sleep in the same room as others >_> Heck, when mom starts snoring TWO ROOMS AWAY WITH CLOSED DOORS BETWEEN US, I sometimes get a hard time sleeping o_o It's not like that noise is very loud at that distance! Luckily she isn't that noisy very often.
    • "I promise you would like it" - The moment someone tries to tell me what I'll like when I have stated I don't like it because of these reasons, I'm out. When it comes to my friends, I have given them some slack when it has come up. Sure, I get annoyed at the moment, but I get over it fast. When I'm in a relationship though, they need to know when to stop pushing me to do something I don't feel like doing if I have given them good reasons for it. "Come on, go to the party with me, you'll like it." No I won't. It's crowded, noisy, full of strangers and I have no control over the sound level. I would get a freaking anxiety attack in there and get a headache cause sound sensitive, which I've already explained to you multiple times. It's not okay to try to push me to go when I have told you I can't handle it. You can go alone or with your friends, I'll be at home watching the lord of the rings trilogy with an appropriate volume and my favorite snacks.
    • No dick behavior/abuse of innocent creatures/drug use/getting drunk near me/being violent when angry or just in general
    *Looks at list* Eh, I'll probably just get a cat instead. This dating stuff is overrated anyways.
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  14. This thread: "GRR I WOULD NEVER DATE CUCK SCUM!"

    Meanwhile, in my head.
    Have basic hygiene, give a shit about your own physical well being, be honest, and be compassionate toward me. Also, don't be a raging cunt.

    Now if you will all excuse me, I am off to continue the most loving relationship I've ever had. With a Catholic. As an atheist. :ferret:
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  15. I thought this was a no judgement zone~~

    In all seriusness though. I cannot deal with the whole "Menist" thing, as everytime I encounter it, it is less about rights and equality and actually dealing with the issues men face. And more bashing anything remotely feminist. Thus my aversion to such a moniker. One can see it as "hate" I suppose. To me it is just that I lack the interest, energy or time to waste on someone like that.
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  16. If you're a feminist, SJW, or politically correct, don't bother trying to date me. I'm all for differing opinions but there's a difference between that and stupid bullshit.

    I gotta have some things in common with you. Whether it's hobbies, personality traits, or whatever. We don't have to be twins but I like to have some common ground with people I meet.

    Do NOT patronize or try to use me. Do that and I'll likely cuss you out and/or kick your ass.

    Space. I need alone time to recharge my batteries after I hang out with people.

    I'm not one for drug or alcohol use so don't be surprised if I distance myself if you do that shit.

    If you're unreliable, I hate you.
  17. No kids.

    Also, if your kill count is higher than mine (0 as of today), we're not going to have a good time.

    Other than that, I can work with pretty much anything.
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  19. A know it all. Having an answer for every single thing whether it involves you or not.

    Honesty. If you can't be honest about the small things whose to say you are about the big things.
  20. As someone pointed out above, "Who is your favourite Kardashian?"

    I'm huge into Hollywood society/culture and Film. They go hand-in-hand for me, particularly because that's the career field I'm pursuing. I really have to know the gossip and drama to understand what the hell is going on, financially and socially, with talent and the studios. Y'know? That said, I hate gabbering on about the gossip for gossip's sake, of going over all the tabloids and that kind of high-pitched, question-at-the-end tone. Let's talk about it in a fun way: is this persona or character? Are they truly going to change networks? Are they going from network to Cable? Did they have a falling out with Universal and the contract they had for [x] in danger of going under? Not "omg she doesn't eat Chick-Fil-A I WILL NEVER EAT CHICK-FIL-A NOW."

    Whew. Okay.

    I like being able to talk other stuff, too. Things of intellect. Sure, maybe it's a bit hoity-toity of me, but I want to be able to talk history or politics or religion or culture without a blank stare or an angry voice. Those things will make me flee.

    Games. I don't do relationship games anymore. No more of the passive-aggressiveness. Talk to me, or GTFO.

    I... I think that's it.

    Oh, basic personal hygiene?

    She also has to have dat ass.

    Just kidding about that. She doesn't need to have dat ass.
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