Deal or No Deal!

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  1. The concept is simple:

    I give you a random thing. It can be a person, place, animal, food, anything really!

    You state Deal or No Deal depending on whether or not you want that item.

    Then you ask the next poster with your own thing!


    Lifetime supply of Spam Sushi? Deal or No Deal?
  2. No Deal

    Lifetime supply of crayola brand colored pencils
  3. DEAL!
    All of the inked & coloured pictures!

    Pink Floyd's discography on CD
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  4. DEAL.

    A bookshelf made out of a large computer tower hollowed out.
  5. No deal
    Wouldn't hold enough books!

    A dragon, traditional Western Europe full-size, not housebroken

    (Ill change the text later, I'm on mobile!)
  6. Deal!

    Dragon wouldn't live in my house.

    A large mystery potroast that has been cooking for hours. Smells delicious, but contents are unknown.
  7. Hmmm..... Deal!

    (Can't hurt, right?)

    30 cans of Crisco
  8. Crisco......shortening? Deal! Gonna bake all the apple crisps. All of them.

    Do you want the rest of this? I'm too full.
  9. No deal

    A job as a gelato taste-tester.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.