Deaf people and voices...

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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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Isabellas have been drinking again.. so questions happen.

You know how you just notice something you need to do.. And in your head you hear "Oh yea! I need to do that". It is in your head and all.. But it still seems like you can hear it.. Even though it is not really a sound.

I wanna know if people who schizophrenics who were born deaf can still hear "voices" in their head even if that have never heard words in their lives.. Do they see pictures of sign language instead?

All so how do deaf people think to themselves.. Having never heard any language with their ears before how do they know what words sound like? So if they think to themselves about doing certain things what will they see in their mind?

This seems like an insanity topic but I want serious answers.. None of that LOL so random Darkness is a fag stuff.

And on top of all this.. You think of something exploding like in a cartoon.. You hear the explosion in your head.. Did it make a sound? Kinda like how you get a song stuck in your head.. Does it make a sound? You hear it after all.. Even if it is not sound going into your ears..

Isabellas are too simple minded.. They need people to answer these questions for them...
Hmm i'd imagine they'd think like you would when you were a small child? Well at least when thinking about language. I guess they'd just think in pictures, since they've never known the idea of sounds I doubt they'd experience it at all inside their head.

But I'm not deaf and having heard sound and such I don't think I could imagine what it would be like to just not get sound, not just on a physical level, but also on a mental and understanding level..
Wait.. I got another. can deaf people use the internet? they can't read words if they don't know what words sound like.. Maybe they can learn English by seeing a picture of the word? but then how do they learn words like it and or the?
I think most deaf people can read, they just don't know the sounds, with is why as far as I'm aware they usually don't speak either. I'd imagine they probably use the internet for a fair amount of their communication potentially?
But when you read you hear it in your head.. does it convert to picture instead?
The severity of a hearing impairment is categorized according to how much louder a sound must be made over the usual levels before the listener can detect it. There's more than one way of becoming deaf, which is the most important determining factor. However, I'm guessing you're focusing on pre-lingual deafness. PLD is a less common form of the disorder, but in general children having it will become more isolated from others since they have had no prior experience to language; however, they can learn to understand words; especially sounds but aren't used to it at first. For most people, deafness comes from post-lingual understanding, so they can understand sounds. It is extremely rare for someone to be totally deaf, ie meaning having no ability to detect sound.
One of my friends up in Ohio was PLD, and Rory brings up a good topic.

My fried Wyatt was completely deaf, but he tried his hardest to learn ASL. Once having that accomplished, his parents whisked him off to get a fancy implant that would help him hear, which costs a LOT of money.

Either way, he sounds a little odd when he talks, and I'll have to have him repeat things sometimes, and for some things, it was just easier to try to kludge through ASL with him.

To this point, I only remember prolly less than one forth of all I learned in ASL meetings.

But I remember the sign for "Bitch" and I remember my own name, so.... we're good.