Deaf, Blind, and Dumb

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  1. I would like to begin with a disclaimer that this is to be a PSEUDO psychological plot. I am using my Psychology 101 level knowledge to create psychological problems which will plague the characters but anyone who knows anything more than that about psychology will likely be appalled at how inaccurate my creations are. In other words, I understand that I don't actually know much of anything about psychology and cordially invite you to willingly suspend your disbelief for this story.

    I would also like to make an advanced warning that, while I generally like to leave my partner's character blank so that they can fill the personality in for themselves, this time I'm going to have some guidelines which I would like to have followed for our heroine (the character I am asking you to play).

    Without further ado, here is the backstory:

    She was rich and he was poor. They met by accident but it was love at first sight. He was an artist, sensitive and sweet, and he was going to love her forever. Her father hated him and forbid her from seeing him but she didn't listen. The more she rebelled, the harder her father tried to control her and the more her father tried to control her, the more she rebelled. Finally, the young lovers decided to run away together to somewhere where they could be together and her father couldn't reach them. They were very careful and they didn't get caught. Everything was going as planned and they drove deep into the night. It was raining and dark and they were tired when a drunk driver crossed the center line. There was nothing they could do. The girl wakes the next morning in the hospital and asks for her lover. Her parents, who had rushed to her side when she was found in the hospital, make the fateful decision (for her own good, they say) to tell her that he didn't make it. She reacts so violently that she has to be sedated. When she wakes up, she is incapable of speaking. There is no physical cause for this but she isn't faking. Meanwhile, her lover is not dead but he is much more badly injured than she is and he spends a short period of time in a semi-lucid state (during which time he overhears his mother ranting about how cruel the girl (who was released from the hospital by this point) is to have abandoned him) before slipping into a mild to moderate coma. His stay in the hospital is long and expensive enough that his parents cannot afford the bills. Thankfully, one of his parents originally came from a very rich family (which disowned them for getting married to the wrong person) and his grandparents, wanting the company to stay in the family and lacking any other suitable heirs, agree to pay his hospital bills on the condition that, if he awakes with all of his mental faculties unharmed, he will be subject to his grandparents' will and be groomed to take over the company. Upon waking from the coma, the boy makes a spectacular recovery in all areas but eyesight. Just like with his lover, there is no physical cause but he's not faking it.

    Personality traits:

    Pre-accident traits: I'm not going to be very picky about how you play the girl before the accident. The only requirements are that she has to fall in love with the boy, defy her father, and have an equal part in planning the elopement.

    Post-accident traits: Here's where I'm going to get picky. First, I want to repeat that she is not faking her muteness but, that being said, she's going to be oddly at ease with it. She will be apathetic to attempts to get better but NOT antagonistic. She's not going to obsess over suddenly becoming mute, in fact she's going to just carry on as if nothing ever happened. That is also going to be her approach to the death of her lover, acting as if nothing happened. The biggest indicator that something is wrong on that front is that unconsciously she will go to ridiculously great lengths to avoid anything that reminds her of him (art, music, his name, anyone who looks vaguely like him). Other than that, she's going to seem mostly like she was before.

    Because there is nothing physically wrong with the girl and she is not overtly crazy, her very image conscious parents decide against sending her to a psychologist. Instead, they decide to carry on because that is what she appears to be doing and send her far away for school (preferably university, but high school works as well, if you insist) just in case the environment is affecting her in some way they can't see. In one of her classes, she is unlucky enough to be paired with a blind boy who just so happens to share a name with her late lover for a project in one of her classes due to mutual absence on the day when partners were being selected. Due to stubbornness and a lack of common sense on the part of the professor, they can't get out of the pairing. They eventually figure out a way to communicate and then begin to run into each other repeatedly and form a tentative friendship based on proximity. As their friendship grows, they begin to help each other heal their wounds. Will they get past the walls their own minds built and discover the truth or will they be lost in the maze of their pain forever?

    My only real requirement for my role-playing is quality writing. This means having a good handle on spelling and grammar (it doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be intelligible) and content that will both push the plot forward and grow the characters under your control. If you could also make your high quality posts long, I would be tickled, but it isn't a requirement.

    If you're interested, let me know!

  2. This is a really amazing and thought out plot. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot and partnering up with you. :)
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