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  1. Name: Rashida Shamal
    Occupation before the Zambies came: Vetrenarian
    Picture: indian-woman.jpg
    Personality: Reserved and practical. She's smart and likes to keep her options open. she has a fear of being in tight spaces, or being alone for too long.

    Rashida kept her head low, ducking underneath a crumple of fallen cardboard boxes that had formed a bit of a bridge between empty desks. The small urgent care center down the road from the grocery store was looking like the safest place to be at the moment, though she wanted to try her hardest to get to the police station. She knew that the holding cells would be the safest bet, where she could keep her belongings without having to worry about getting attacked in her sleep by the drooling, brainless horde.

    "this way" The young vetrenarian called over her shoulder, cascading her long black hair down her back as she did. "Get as many first aid kits as you can fit in your backpack, we don't have much time till nightfall.
  2. Name: Sunshine Jones
    Occupation before Zombies: herbalist farmer
    Picture: small8.jpg
    Personality: Glass is always half full, everyone should just chill and relax. Wants to be everyone's friend. Hates killing. Loves animals.

    Smiling like she had nothing in the world to care about, Sunshine followed her new friend through the office, taking care to pick up whatever Rashida said to and put it in her pack. She took a quick glance out the nearest window.

    "It was such a lovely day for travelling, isn't it?" Looking over at Rashida walking she knew she wouldn't get an answer, but it didn't stop her from letting another big smile cross her face. Though the woman was a little bit more uptight than Sunshine's old friends, she still respected her and knew that if it came to it, she would defend her against the undead. Bending over, she picked up as many of the first aid kits as would fit in her bag, carefully placing them in such a way as not to disturb the flattened wild flowers she had in the front pouch. She lifted her head, slowly zipping the pack up, and swept her light brown hair back from her face.

    "All ready to go Ra." She had shortened Rashida's name very early on in the friendship, even though Rashida didn't seem to like the nickname, Sunshine did, and so she stuck with it. Smiling at the thought of a possible good nights sleep she stood up, looking around at all of the once beautiful colors now washed away by death and destruction, and waited for her instructions.
  3. Ugh. There is was again. A nickname that she had obviously disliked- given to her by a woman she had only met a couple days ago. Sunshine was every bit of what her name set her up to be. A bubbling hippy chick with a mind so ignorant it made you want to tear your hair out.

    "Don't call me that and no, it's not a good day. Have you not noticed everything that's going on?!" Rashida took in a deep breath, looking around before speaking again. "Just... never mind Sunshine, let's just get to the police station..." She went silent, listening only to the sound of her own steel tipped boots crunching over the debris that covered eighty percent of the road.

    The station was just at the end of the road, hopefully she wouldn't be too tempted to kill sunshine before reaching it.
  4. Smiling Sunshine giggled and looked at the woman as they walked.

    "Of course I noticed Ra .... shida. Sorry. You know, it's just so great that we're alive. Right?" Still smiling as they made their way to the police station she spotted a dead one not too far off. "Here they come." She sighed, loud enough for Rashida to hear. She knew that once there was one, there would be many. Without knowing if or how the undead communicated she knew without a doubt that they would find a way to get to her and her companion as soon as the first one was laid down. Unhooking her bat from her backpack she somewhat skipped her way over to the undead man, his face falling off, and his voice box barely registering the groan coming from his somewhat misshapen mouth. As much as Sunshine hated killing, she wanted to be sure she was helping the community, or what was left of it, by "killing" the roaming dead. Her nail and barbwire ridden bat lifted above her head and she smiled at the dead man reaching for her, giving him just enough time to ramble close enough for her to swing with all her force and nearly rip his head off of his neck.

    "Another one bites the dust." She giggled to herself. Turning back towards where Rashida walked she met back up with the woman and they continued on their way to the police station, now ready to fight whatever else may come in their way, and knowing there would be a lot to come.