Deadpool (Wade Wilson) x Mistress Death! (Partner Needed!)

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  1. I'll happily play any male/female character you request from the X-Men and/or Avengers, if you'd be willing to return the favor and play Wade Wilson?

    Death x Wade

    Lady Death, having grown frustrated with how controlling Thantos has become, recalls her affections for Wade. They have a joined past, but the brief times together have assured Death that he remains forever from her reach.

    One night, Lady Death decides that existing among the mortals may be her rightful place and it would give her protection from Thantos and his abuse.

    Using the Reality stone from his infinity gauntlet, Lady Death transports herself to the mortal existence. However, she must now endure the punishments of the stone.

    Lady Death cannot physically touch another, it would immediately drain them of everything and she would collect their essence. She must continue her responsibilities as Death. She brings death and decay wherever she goes. Her entire presence is a curse of destruction.

    Lady Death has only one hope: Wade Wilson. He is the only individual that cannot die at her touch or presence. He is completely immune. She almost had his soul/essence once, but because it escaped her, she can never rightfully claim it again. She must avoid capture by Thantos, the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians....everyone.

    Also, we could include Ellie if wanted.