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    Welcome to DeadMan Wonderland.
    You've Just arrived to the prison, you've been collared in clothed in the Standard Prison Uniform and now you stand in the hallway with your backs against the wall this is what you will call home for the rest of your life. Some of you were incarcerated at neighbouring prison's the reason behind you're transfer unknown--but no worries. I'm sure you'll find out soon enough. You're different, and whether you know that or not that means you have a chance at surviving this hell hole. Leave your mark on Wonderland.

    Specific Locations In Ward G (open)

    Entrance To Ward G.
    HallWays In Ward G
    Training Room in Ward G
    DeadMan Wonderland Prison

    Makoto Osamu; Head of the Prison
    Makoto stood in the Hallway and a small army of about 10 guards stood behind him. Makoto took in the jaded faces of the prisoners, of his new playthings. Their faces were hardened and cold much like the other prisoners here at DeadMan Wonderland, some even looked afraid. Makoto began walking down the hall, prisoners on either side of him with their backs firmly pressed up against the wall as directed, and two guards separated from the regiment passing out knapsacks that contained a single piece of candy a pamphlet and a single change of clothing.
    Makoto's hair was a pastel bubble gum pink that went along nicely with his pale skin and silver eyes. His face was angular in shape, all sharp angles and hard lines. His hair was mussed slightly and he wore a dark purple suit and a silver tie. His appearance was far from threatening--well aside from the jagged scar across his left eye-- however his voice was another matter altogether
    "Welcome to Wonderland," Makoto breathed, his voice soft yet it projected down the hall. It's been a while since he had the honor of doing orientation, often the job was left up to the wardens. However this group of prisoners--they were special-- they were different and whether they knew that or not was of no importance, they were his now. "I am the Head of this Prison. You shall follow all the guidelines and rules, unless you'd like to face the consequences." A Shark Like smile split his features, he was sure Dr.Nakamura could think up something creative.
    If this was an Atypical orientation the prisoners would have already been set loose to survive on their own, however it wasn't a normal orientation, as it was said before these weren't normal prisoners, so Makoto continued. "This is ward G, you're rooms are labeled with your Prison ID. " Soon enough Makoto reached the end of the line, there were only 6 new prisoners after all. "Be good my darlings," He hummed as he continued walking back the way he came, his voice floating over his shoulder. The small regiment of guards parted like the red sea to allow him passage, and they all came back together at once, their heavy boots clacking against the floor rhythmically as they followed their Boss back down the hall.
    He was going to enjoy this much more than he should.

    Nicolai Takumi Masashi

    Nicolai stood tense, with his back up against the wall. He wore the standard Prison uniform like everyone else around him, his knapsack clutched tightly in hand. The silver metallic collar hung heavy around his neck however it didn't feel like it was going to chafe. His wispy ash brown hair was all over his head in what could only be describe as controlled chaos, his eyes a dark amber but when they caught the light just right--they appeared to be sanguine. Kumi's hand's were bandaged up and he wore fingerless flea bitten gloves over top of that. We had a nasty habit of biting his nails when he got nervous, so what a better way to attempt to break the habit--right?
    When the Head of the Prison walked away, Nicolai let out the breath he had been holding his sanguine eyes following the head Warden's figure all the way down the hall.
    What an odd name.
    With that, he turned to walk away, his eyes lingering over a young girl who he recognized as Noemi Himura. He remembered seeing many of these people on the news, but Noemi in particular reminded him of his daughter. Honestly, Nicolai wasn't even sure about the observation. Every young girl reminded him of his daughter--of his baby girl. And in turn he was reminded of his Son, then his wife and of everything he lost.
    Everyone and everything was gone--he had nothing left.
    Nicolai headed down the hall--somewhat hesitantly his foot steps silent against the cold hard floors--in search of his room.
    Kasumi Masashi & Nathaniel Masashi
    Kasumi's movements were borderline mechanical, the way she used her fans, each turn and twist. It was almost like dancing--the dance of life of death. Her bladed fans sliced through the air as she turned, her ash white hair in a messy knot atop of her head, her face impassive as she fought--if this could even be called fighting. One of the Dead Men were being difficult, rebelling in the name of freedom--of scar chain.
    So Kasumi just had to make an example out of him. There was no such thing as freedom in Wonderland, and this rebellion--scar chain was naught but a whisper of an idea. Her fans were made with Worm eater technology, hence the reason she deflected the attacks so easily.
    Kasumi glanced at the clock--it was time to end this.
    "YuYu?" She questioned softly, and out of her peripheral vision she noticed her brother give a jerky nod of affirmation. She ran in his direction--more like jogged-- however Nathaniel or YuYu as she calls him gave her a boost easily enough, and the ceiling was just high enough that she just barely grazed it spinning as she did so. Her foot came crashing against the side of the rebel's face, knocking him over and Saliva came spewing out of his mouth. The sickening crunch that filled the air made her smile, however she wasn't finish.
    But apparently Nathaniel wanted a turn.
    Nate's blade was removed from it's sheath, and the way he twisted it in his hand made Kasumi look away.
    "Filet Style again?" She asked with a snort, but only had screams for confirmation.
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    Dr Nakamura was in the office filling out some reports on current inmates who had perished . He leans back on his chair and signs while fixing his glasses " my my... this has bin the 34 inmate that was killed " He says in a worried tone. He looks at his door and begins to think ~what is he doing~ Yoshi shakes his head before returning to his work. when he finishes he places the reports in to a folder before standing up and streaching. He leaves his office and heads over to the wardens chamber. He comes across some convicts that greet him in a friendly way. He pulls out some candy and hands them out " make sure you guys watch your diet " He says as he walks away.

    After handing off the reports to one of the Wardens assistant he decides to take a stroll around the prison. " ahh i see we have new inmates" He says when he spots the warden speaking with the new people of the prison. He gives them a warm smile " hello and welcome i am Dr Nakamura" He examines them seeing if any of them looked ill "hmm" He scratches his head and chuckles when he noticed they looked more scared than sick " well i guess i leave you to it" He gives the warden a short wave before walking away .

    Kidd grim
    Akasa walks through the hall wearing a black hoodie with his scythe strapped to his back He wore big headphones so he could drown out all the noise of the prison and listen to music at the same time. He takes his time as he heads towards the Undertakers room when he sees the undertaker twins torturing a deadman. " hm" He moves his head phones only to hear the screams of the man Before walking over to the group " honestly..... do you guys enjoy making unnecessary noise?" He knees down next to the dead man and pokes him in the neck with his reapers touch that was attached to his finger. The nero toxin starts to take affect imminently causing the deadman to loose feeling in his body. The dead man stops his screaming and watches as Akasa walks off "thats better" He says as he passes the twins not really caring what they were doing. he was just glad the noise stopped. It would look weird that he did that even if he had his music but that was one of the things he does that adds to his mysterious personality .
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  3. From the moment of awakening in the G-Ward section of Deadman Wonderland, Funami's mind was riddled with memories of how she got here in the first place. Sitting up and looking over her rather comfortable room, she let out a soft sigh as she knew she was stuck in this Hell hole for the remainder of her life. That is, if she wasnt able to save up the Cast Points to shorten her sentence. After getting dressed, Funami considered walking outside to mingle with the other Deadmen in G-Ward to pass the time, but decided against it and instead stayed in her room. To pass the time on her own, Funami trained her Branch of Sin by repeatedly firing her spheres of blood at a makeshift target she had built. Once she reached her limit and began going anemic, Funami would rest and do the same process again. She wasnt concerned with the speed or power of her Branch for the moment; She favored survivability and endurance. As long as she could stay alive long enough, power and speed wouldnt matter as much.

    After hours and hours of training, it was already mid day when Funami felt herself grow hungry. Patting her stomach as it growled, she finally made her way outside her lavish-by-comparison room and headed towards the dining area of G-Ward. Once arriving, she grabbed what she desired (which was a steak and soda), and paid before she sat in a cut off corner from everyone else. Funami preffered being alone in this place. She didnt usually get along with anyone in particular, so it was better to keep to herself and not risk a fight even if she has had 12 wins in Carnival Corpse. As she ate, Funami looked back upon her previous endeavours in Carnival Corpse, analyzing her abilities and making adjustments on the fly for next time.
  4. [Warning # 1 out of 3. Please Meet the posting Expectations. 2 paragraphs per character. Thank you.]

    Kasumi & Nathaniel
    The twins stood silent, they didn't consider what they were doing as torture. No, it was punishment. Mr. Osamu set the rules, and they enforced them, that was the way of the Undertaker. When Kidd entered the room, Kasumi wrinkled her nose and Nathaniel halted his filleting. Bloody clumps of flesh laid on the floor at their feet and the Prisoner was sobbing. Maybe next time, he'd pipe down and stop spewing that Scar Chain propaganda? YuYu watched as Akasa stepped between the prisoner and he, and the urge to bury his sword in his back was much too tempting. The teen was annoying, a arrogant child with some sort of complex who felt he was above all the rest, he thought he deserved respect when he didn't in the slightest. He was a petulant child, and Nathaniel was repulsed.
    Who exactly did the child think he was? Not someone important I hope. When he spoke, Kasumi felt her annoyance flare. "We aren't particularly concerned about your preference. Pull another stunt like that again, and were going to have a issue on our hands Akasa." Kasumi stated,her words nothing but a promise. Encroaching on the territory of other Undertakers was simply something that wasn't done-- it was a move that could get you stabbed. Or at least snitched on to Mr. Oasmu depending on the person. Kasumi refused to use that silly moniker Akasa insisted he'd go by, it was all too entertaining. No Matter, their Job had been completed and a example had been made.
    Of course the Prisoner was taken to the medical ward by a few guards. It would do no good to let him die, after all he had the Carnival Corpse games to compete in.
    Kasumi left the DeadMan's assigned room, her brother following quickly and quietly as they headed back into the Undertaker's ward, the whirring sound of the sliding doors opening and closing met her ears and her brother immediately went to clean his sword.
    Sometimes Kasumi worried about him-- not to be heartless but, there was obviously something wrong with her brother. He was special. He sung along to songs only he could here and often when he spoke he sounded like a small child making Kasumi's heart wrench. That was her little brother--younger only by minutes-- she was going to take care of him.
  5. Nicolai Takumi Masashi
    Once in his room, Nicolai lingered. The room was bare--scarce save for a bed, a T.V and a bathroom. He took out the handbook and began to read the thick book, quickly skimming through and absorbing all the information. He wanted to know how this place worked--that was essential if he was going to survive. After about 25mins he had finished the book, his piece of candy was shoved into the bottom of his pocket and everything else was simply left on his bed. Nicolai was no stranger to his unusual abilities he was skilled in using his Branch of Sin--as it was called in the pamphlet-- considering the multiple applications of it.
    Nicolai hit the training room first, just to examine it. He had read about these 'Carnival Corpse' games and he knew that if he wanted to come out on top, that he had to be in the best shape as possible. His body was lean and well muscled, he had stamina and high endurance. After all--he was a Dr. He knew what was necessary to keep in shape. After Checking out the Training room, Nicolai headed for the dining Hall--he was starving to be quite honest. He paid for a simple dinner and sat down at a table that was bare with the exception of one woman. He had seen her face before--In the news, for killing her squad.
    Nicolai began eating, his mind wandering as he did so.
    Nicolai knew nothing of his twins, where they were living, what school they were going to--nothing. That also meant that he didn't know they were in this very prison.

  6. While she was dining in peace, a young man had sat at the same table as Funami. Using her peripheral vision to get a decent look at him, Funami knew nothing about the man. 'New kid.' She thought, as she finished her meal and ate her Candy for the day. The strange new face being near her made Funami very uncomfortable, and once she had finished her drink she got up in a bit of a hurry and went to go back to her room. Stopping before she opened her door however, Funami considered being kind to this man and teaching him the ropes. He didnt look like a hardened killer like most of the G-Ward kids, so Funami felt a tad bit of sympathy for him. 'Bad idea. The student may surpass the teacher if I do that.' She told herself, looking back at the man with squinted eyes. 'Carnival Corpse is gonna eat that kid alive.'

    As Funami went to open her door, the monitor in the center of the dining hall turned on and was broadcasting the "Too Bad for the Loser" show, where Carnival Corpse losers are strapped to a chair and play a slot machine that decided what part of their body they are to lose. The poor soul in the chair this time was another unfamiliar face to Funami, so she watched without a shred of emotional investment. As the young man screamed and begged for mercy, the slot machine selected his liver to be removed. The chair then leaned back, and the doctors began their gruesome work with the unwilling patient still conscious. 'No way in Hell am I gonna let that happen to me..' Funami thought as she watched the broadcast.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Asaka did not listen to the twins as he walked away. He just puts his headphones back over his ears and continues to walk. When he arrives at the Undertakers room he takes a pulls out a can of soda from his jacket pocket. " hm hm hm" He hums to the music he was listening to as he removes his scythe from his back and takes a seat on the couch that was in the center of the room. Opening the can with the tip of his scythe Asaka begins to enjoy his soda while listening to his music. After finishing his soda he tosses it into the trash before laying his head back. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Thinking to his self Asaka looks at his reflection from the blade of his scythe " When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall" He says before closing his eyes . It has bin a few years since his family's passing and it was starting to get hard to remember his little sisters face since he rid his self of emotions escaping. The one thing he could never forget was the wickedness of his father and the corrupt government. He opens his eyes again seeing his reflection again . " its useless " Akasa says when he sees his face again. Knowing that at this rate he would not be able to smile again . [/BCOLOR]
  8. Noemi stood in silence as the colorful man talked, the newly acquired weight of the collar growing increasingly more bothersome as time wore on. Her eyes were dull, and her face was void of emotion. She truly looked like a mere shell of a person. When the speech was finished, she didn't move right away as if this effort alone was too much for her to handle. As she stood she noticed someone looking at her. It was one of the other prisoners, a man. Older than her but not necessarily old. Maybe twenty? He seemed familiar. Her violet eyes met his only for a moment. She probably saw him on the news or something; he is a criminal after all. Losing interest she began follow the crowd in search of her room.

    She ended up finding it quicker than she expected. Walking in, she noticed how plain it was. A bed, a bathroom, a T.V. - actually she had never had a television it her room before. She laughed at the irony of it all. It was a hollow laugh, one lacking of any feeling. She moved to the bed, dumping the contents of her bag out on top of it. A large book fell out causing the strings of the bed to creak. She examined it, reading a few of the pages. What kind of rules were these? Carnival corpse? Just what kind of prison was this exactly? She sighed and tossed the book back on the bed. Looking at the other objects on the bed, she located a small, wrapped piece of candy. According to that book, she was going to need this. She stuffed it in her pocket. Unsure what to do next she decided, against her better judgement, to explore. Just as she was about to leave however, the monitor in her room flashed to life. Her curiosity compelled her to stay, and she watch in confusion as a person was strapped to a chair and a wheel was spun. As she came to realize what was happening, her curiosity quickly turned to horror. She felt bile rise to her throat as she watched the gruesome surgery that was being broadcasted in front of her. She couldn't take it. Before it was over, she ran out of the room, struggling to keep the food in her stomach. What was this place?
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  9. Nicolai Takumi Masashi
    Nicolai finished his food and stabbed at whatever remained. His face was impassive and he was leaning his head on the palm of his bandaged hand. Nicolai idly wondered what he was doing wrong, he had made sure not to appear threatening or hostile and hadn't spoken a word to anyone. Making alliances was going to be harder than he initially thought--everyone wanted to save their own skins here in Wonderland, to preoccupied with the thought of death to meander with pleasantries. How Sad. Nicolai was seasoned, after being imprisoned at another facility for a numerous amount of years, he was no stranger to cruelty or pain.
    Nicolai threw away his tray and left the canteen, Corpse Carnival or whatever it was called had set his teeth on edge. Apparently, Two dead men were expected to fight, and the loser gets body parts removed. Great, just peachy. Nicolai headed to the training room, passing the open door of the Violet eyed girl's room. He thought about it for a moment before leaning up against the door frame. She looked like she was going to be sick, she was green in the face and whatever she was watching on T.V had a lot of screaming involved. He frowned and took a glance at the t.v before wrinkling his nose--Disgusting. The Doctor was removing Bodily organs with absolutely no Finesse whatsoever, there was a certain amount of precision required to be a surgeon and the man on T.V obviously lacked that.
    "Are you Alright?-" Do you need a bucket or the T.V turned off? Nicolai felt a bit silly for asking that question, he didn't know what else to say. After all, he was trying to make a friend--or at least an alliance here in Wonderland.
  10. After the broadcast had concluded, the next Carnival Corpse was announced. Funami played close attention to whom was scheduled to fight, in case it was to be her. Leaning against her wall, she took a breathe as the names were shown along with their mugshots. "The next Carnival Corpse will feature our 12 time winner, Raven!" The broadcast started, as Funami rolled her eyes. 'Dammit. Im so fuckin' sick of fighting.' She thought, not bothering to listen to the name of her opponent. She didnt care who she had to fight; She only focused on surviving the ordeal that was to come.

    Turning her television off, Funami stepped out of her room and was met with both cheers and jeers by the other Deadmen who've seen her work on Carnival Corpse. "Fuck 'im up, Raven!" One said, "That little girl's Raven? I was expecting some scary psycho not a short softie." Said another as Funami walked past the man who sat next to her earlier. "Pay attention." She whispered as she passed by, her hair smelling of lavender. She continued on her way towards where Carnival Corpse was to take place.
  11. Akasa was exits the undertaker room and makes his way down the G ward hallway. He notices a kid deadmen siting down in the hall way minding his own buisness while two others surrounded him. He walks behind the two that were standing and removes his Earphones . " COME ON GIVE US THE SOME CP" one of them demands. "yhea you just won your last match right come on we need candy "one on his scthye "If you spend all your time worrying about dying, living isn't going to be much fun" The other man takes off running down the hallway " ahh please im sorry" he yells as he runs. Akasa turns his attention towards the man that had his back to the wall " wait ok .. ill leave the kid alone" Akasa steps closer causing the man to run in the other direction.

    Akasa watches as the man flees before looking down at the kid. " uh thanks" the boy says to scared to move. Akasa lifts his hand causing the boy to shut his eyes in fear only to feel Akasa patting him on his head. The boy gives Akasa a confused look as he stands up. " its alright kid my deathsentence are only meant for the wicked" Akasa says before putting his headphones on and continuing down the hall. The boy takes a deep breath before running off. Akasa walks past random Deadmen that were walking the hallway. The only ones who were really scared of him were the prisoners s that knew they were guilty for there crimes because Akasa was know to leave the innocent prisoners alone, Some of them greeted him and some of them just looked down in fear. Akasa pulls off his headphones when so he could hear what they were saying. "hm it looks like the next match will be soon"
  12. Staring blankly at the broadcast on the TV and listening to the pained screams of the most recent loser, Katashi sat slouched on the bed in his room. His hand subconsciously came to rest on the bandage over his right ear, or actually where his ear used to be. The wound was yet to heal completely and the male was still trying to get used to his partial hearing. He needed to be more careful, he still refused kill anyone but if he lost again, he might end up parting with something that would greatly lower his chances at Carnival Corpse and that would only mean serious problems for him.

    Letting out a frustrated huff, Katashi yanked his hand away from the bandage. Pushing himself up from his bed and turning off the TV, the young male started walking towards the training room with confidence in his steps, he paid no mind to those passing him by. The recent loss was a mere setback, he'd keep on winning with no intentions to take anyone's lives like he had been doing so far and for that, he needed to be stronger, faster and more accurate. He would survive this insane place as long as he needed to and he'd do it without taking anymore lives.

    Katashi ignored a snarky remark concerning his loss or as the guy put it, 'humiliating beat up', from a douche prisoner that bumped into him on purpose while passing him. He was in no mood to start petty fights with morons and if the other male had even an ounce of common sense in him, he'd leave it be. However, Katashi hadn't realized his lack of response was practically asking for the next comment.

    "What's the matter? Didn't you hear me?"

    He heard alright, he heard the man laughing at his own stupid joke like the idiot he was and he was done leaving the guy with no attention. With a deadly glare, Katashi turned around to face his verbal assailant.

    "I hope I couldn't hear so I wouldn't have to listen to self-absorbed morons like you."

    Before the man could respond, or possibly throw a punch at Katashi like he seemed to want to, the other male's friend showed up and started dragging him away and Katashi let them leave while the hostile guy threw insults at him. If he ever faced that guy at Carnival Corpse he might not be so careful with not lethally wounding him.
  13. Noemi was about to leave to room in an effort to escape the gruesome scene when she heard a voice come from the doorway. Her head turned towards the sound in a quick, startled motion. It was the man from before. "Uh n-no," she said, making an effort to steady her voice, "I'm fine." She mentally cursed her weakness. If this was really how this place was, then she needed to toughen up, otherwise she wouldn't last very long. Glancing back at the screen she shuttered. One thing was for sure, she never wanted to end up on that show.

    Calming herself she looked towards the amber eyed man. Why did he care anyway? Giving him a suspicious look, she cautiously introduced herself. "I saw you earlier at the orientation. My name is Noemi." She gave him a slight bow out of habit. It wasn't like there was much of a point to being polite in prison, but it was how she was raised.
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  14. Nicolai Takumi Masashi
    It was odd, how he appeared unaffected by Wonderland. As if he and his young girl were sitting somewhere in a park, enjoying the sun and soft breeze and discussing something idle, like the weather. Nicolai offered the girl a half dimpled smile, his ash colored hair falling into his eyes as he tilted his head a bit. "I'm Nicolai Masashi, however I go by Takumi as well." Nicolai was throwing caution to this wind at this point--well at least for the time being. He jerked his chin at the T.V, "You shouldn't let that stuff get to you," he hummed as he glanced at his bandaged hands, the urge to bite his nails becoming much too strong. Nervous Habit I suppose? "I am going to be blunt--you look familiar." He spoke with a tilt of his head.
    Perhaps this girl had been in his daughter's elementary classes? Who knew. Nicolai's voice was soft--timid almost and watery smooth. It was strange how a man so jaded, didn't appear to be. Nicolai glanced back at the T.V, there were going to be three games tonight, and the episode that had been on the T.V was a simple replay of the night before. This place was sick and twisted, and you know what? So was he.

    Nathaniel Yuuda Mashami
    If there is one thing you should know about Nathaniel and only one thing, it was that he wasn't as dense as he looked and acted. Everything he did had a reason, a purpose. Whether it be screaming a lullaby at the top of his lungs during the middle of the night or sitting in his sister's lap as if he was some simpering child. It all was planned, with a purpose and a reason. Often the other Dead Men believed him to have some sort of mental retardation of some type and left him alone for the most part aside from the juvenile traps they laid out for him to stumble into.
    Nathaniel was the ideal Undertaker. He didn't question order, he didn't make a scene, he simply got the job done. Ironically enough, he was also the leader of Scar Chain--the Rebellion. He wore a mask during their meetings so no one knew his identity, but it was simply too bittersweet. Despite being stripped of his emotions, Nathaniel could feel a bit--apparently whomever had supposedly rid him of his emotions hadn't done a good job, because often he found himself feeling sorry for these damned prisoners. What they were doing was inhumane and disgusting--not that it made Nate feel a particular way. He had no qualms about killing--on some twisted level he enjoyed it, but he also valued freedom and the freedom of others.
    There was going to be a meeting tonight, not that it had to be in secret, in their little hideaway. A makeshift bar of sorts. It was where all the magic happened, where they were planning their escape.
  15. Noemi watched the man carefully. Something about him seemed off. How could he be so calm, so... cheerful? It made her uneasy, but she didn't let it show. Instead she just listened quietly as he spoke. Nicolai... I think there was something about him on news. She racked her brain searching for the memory, but came up empty. She never was good at remembering things like this. Her thoughts were interrupted when Nicolai made a comment about the T.V., bringing the horrifying image of the man in the chair back into her mind. She gave him a small nod, acknowledging his advice, although she doubted she would be able to follow it. What was happening here was wrong. She couldn't believe a place like this could even exist on Earth, and she wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes. This truly must be hell. Occupied with her own thoughts, she almost didn't hear what Nicolai said next.

    The shear bluntness of the comment took her a bit off guard, and, at first, she wasn't sure how to respond. She took a moment to look at him more closely, leaning towards him slightly. No, she didn't think she had ever met him before. Maybe she saw a picture of him once? After a few seconds of silent scrutiny, she shook her head. "I don't believe we have met before. If I had to guess you probably saw me on the news. I'm told my story was pretty popular." Although the last sentence was meant to be a joke, she found herself unable to laugh. Memories of that terrible night began to torment her mind. She felt tears threatening to spill down her face and, in an effort to suppress them, felt the need to change the subject. "So why are your hands bandaged like that?" she asked carelessly. All she wanted was to focus on something else and so gave no effort into being subtle.
  16. Rin Fugiku

    Rin quietly sat in the waden's office eating the steak,green beans and mashed potatoes with brown gravy that was brought to her.As she ate her wondered back to when the new prisoners had arrived.
    ~When the head of the prison had addressed the new prisoners Rin silently stood three feet behind him.She looked at each and every prisoner as if she was analyzing them with her observant gaze.Most of them looked scared,some confused and a few cocky.She had glared at the cocky ones knowing that the cocky ones were always trouble making loud mouths.She had been working at Deadman Wonderland for four years now and she was used to having to put prisoners in their place.Once the head of the prison finished speaking she knew that it was her turn.She looked at him then back at the prisoners but just as she was about to speak Dr. Nakamura shows up interrupting like always.She looks at him giving him a somewhat annoyed look then when he waves she rolls her eyes.Once he left she looked at the prisoners,"I'm Miss Fugiku and I'm the head warden here.Allow me to make some things clear to you.First off...don't think that just because I'm woman that I'm weak."She says then pauses to glare the few cocky males.Then she continues,"I can guarantee you now...that the moment you cross me you will regret it.If any of you mess had better pray that you have to face me instead of the Undertakers."She says sternly.Then she folds her arms,"Also I won't tolerate anyone stealing.I don't care what it is.That goes for candy too.If someone shares something with you that's fine or if the owner of the item is dead I could care less."She says coldly.She raises her left hand and puts some of her dark green locks behind her left ear,"Just do as you're told and there won't be any problems.That's all."She says then turns and follows Mr. Osamu down the hall.~

    While cutting her steak up she couldn't but feel that things had gone well earlier.At the same time she remembered how Dr. Nakamura had interrupted her then on top of it he left her more paper work to deal with.She sighs,'If he brings anymore paper work to me...I'm going to shove it up his ass!'She thought annoyed as she put steak in her mouth and chewed it.The steak was perfectly cooked just the way she liked it so it lightened her mood some as she enjoyed it.She swallowed then opened her cherry coke"I shouldn't be mad at him...he's just doing his job.Although he and I need to have a word about him interrupting me."She thought out loud then then sipped her soda.
  17. Makoto Osamu
    Makoto sat at his desk, his office decorated in hues of pink and white and gold, the pastels all matching his rather eccentric style of dress. He had finished the bulk of his paper work, and was holding banana strawberry lollipop in the cheek out his mouth, sucking and periodically twirling it around as he typed. Makoto was coming up with the Carnival corpse schedule, and he wanted to get all of his newbies involved--oh the fun they were going to have, he and his little birds. After the deliberation of monikers and pairings, the finished schedule looking something like this;
    {td}The Painted Bunting VS The Golden Crest{/td}
    {td}The Vulture VS The Hawk{/td}
    {td}The Raven VS UnderTaker{/td}
    {td=left}*Place All bets before 7:00pm{/td}
    {td=left}*Tune in to Channel 212{/td}

    Makoto found himself very pleased with the pairings, and UnderTaker VS a Deadman, oh this should be very entertaining indeed. Makoto snickered around his lollipop, apparently the Director had some sort of strange oral fixation, he pulled the candy from his lips with a wet plop, before thumping his fingers along the desk. The big question was--which Under taker? Perhaps Alastor, but he didn't want to trouble the man with Idle things. Makoto snorted--it'd be borderline offensive if he dared to instruct the man with such a menial task. What he wanted was a show, so Kasumi and Nathaniel were out of the question--they often got straight to the point, with them in the ring it wouldn't be much of a show, besides he didn't trust them not to kill the Deadman. Akasa was too arrogant, don't get me wrong--he was a decent Undertaker, however his head was so far up his ass that the Dead Man may actually win. He was too over confident and not nearly cautious enough to be put in that type of situation. Monoko was always a suggestion--she was a deadman, a mole in the prisoners society. She walked on both sides, and the pure glee he'd experience from seeing their betrayed faces as she stepped into the ring wielding a Undertaker weapon would be too much.
    So Makoto decided against it, he wanted her to be his little secret for just a while longer.
    Yoshikazu. He would be perfect, despite being over qualified for the job Makoto found himself trusting the man to put on a good show. Why hadn't he thought of Yoshikazu before? A laugh was torn from Makoto as he requested the Undertaker's presence over the intercom. Oh, Ickle Yoshi, the man was his second favorite--behind Alastor of course. Makoto emailed the schedule to the sponsors--it was for their eyes only. The Dead Men never knew who they were fighting until they got into the ring.
  18. Nicolai Mashami
    Nicolai sniffed running nimble fingers through his ash brown hair, the movement halting when question of his hands came up. Nicolai, gave a half dimpled smile, his hair obscuring his eyes from view. "I have a nervous habit of biting my nails--" Nick gave a small shrug. "This is my vain attempt at getting rid of the nasty habit." Nicolai snorted at her half hearted joke one of her vain attempts at alleviating the tension at hand. He felt a bit bad for the girl, and with a sniff he leaned off the door frame, deciding to be friendly. "I'm going to go workout in the training room--to see if I can get a handle on this branch of sin or whatever. Do you want to come along?"
    For a man that lost everything--his wife, his children-- he was a pretty decent guy. An anomaly in the world of Deadmen.
    Lets see how long that lasts once the sun goes down, eh? When he's alone with his thoughts, with no distractions, or idle things to take his mind of the hollow pain in his chest, and the constant dryness of his mouth.
    Who was Nicolai really fooling here? People around him, or himself?
  19. Yoshikazu Hiroyuki aka Izo Saitama

    Izo was in his room eating and watching the man on tv screaming while getting his liver removed.Strangely seeing violence like that never bothered him not even while he was eating.He finished chewing his pizza and swallowed then he picked up his Mountain Dew Code Red and sipped it.For the moment he was content and enjoying his alone time even though he could hear screaming down the hall.His guess was that some fool had done something dumb which had lead to Kasumi and Nathaniel torturing them.He let out a faint sigh then sipped his soda again before noticing that it had became silent once more.He glanced up at the tv again as the broadcast concluded.He knew that the next Carnival Corpse was about to be announced.He curiously watched as the names were shown along with their mugshots. "Hm...Raven huh? I almost feel sorry for whoever she has to fight."He says nonchalantly.He takes another sip of his soda then as soon as he see's his mugshot on the screen he spits it out and coughs a little.

    He stares at the screen in disbelief,"What the heck? Why am I up there?!"He says confused and beginning to feel annoyed.Just then he hears the intercom come on and Mr. Osamu requests for him to come to his office.Izo finishes his soda then crushes the can with his hand and throws it on floor.He cuts his tv off and stands up,"I should've known...he did this.That bastard... I'm so gonna kill him the first chance I get."He says under his breath.Then he puts his mask on and leaves his room heading for the directors office while trying to keep his cool.As he walked down the hall different prisoners ran or put their backs against the wall as soon as they saw him.A few were bold enough to speak,"Go kick some ass Izo!"One shouted.Another clapped,"My CPs are on you Izo!"He said.Another started fist pumping,"There's no way you'll lose!"He said excited.Izo looked away and kept walking as a few of them chanted his self proclaimed named.Finally he arrived at the directors office,opened the door and walked in letting the door shut behind him.He walked past the secretary and went straight to the directors personal office.He knocked on the door,"It's were wanting to see me?"He said trying not to sound annoyed.
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  20. Akasa & Dr Nakamura

    Akasa enters the prison clinic dragging a random Deadman that looked beaten . He tosses him onto one of the patient beds. Dr. Nakamura shakes his head as he looks at the prisoner " come on akasa , look at him he is almost dead" Akasa shrugs his shoulder as he takes a seat . " he was breaking the rules" Akasa says with no sympathy. The doctor sighns as he examines the prisoner. " well it looks like you manage to do more than enouph to punish him" the DR says fixing his glasses . " honestly .... you undertakers are out of control sometimes" Akasa starts to spin around in the chair he sat on " he was a rapist that was guilty" Akasa says as he looks at the doctor while he spins around. Dr nakamura shakes his head again " well take it easy next time" He says as he begins to rap clean the mans face. The doctor also knew that Akasas hate for guilty prisoners but he did not like it that he would go a little overboard sometimes.

    Akasa stands to his feet and turns the tv that was on the wall on. He listens to the announcement of the carnival corpse . " hmm" Akasa turns his head towards the doctor " do enjoy the penalty round doc?" He says with a blank face. The doctor glares at Akasa " of course not " the doctor says as he works on the prisoner. Akasa turns around "dont worry doc...if enter ill just kill my opponent " He says before exiting the room. " wait Akasa .... darn kid" He says shaking his head. He continues his work but stops when he sees the mans knee caps where both shot. He sighs " well it looks like you might not be able to walk again" He says to the passed out man. With out hesitation he digs a small surgical knife into the mans neck causing some blood to splat on his face. Dr nakamurs fixes his glasses covering the wide grin he had on his face with his hand . " your just dead weight ... we cant have that at wonderland" He whispers